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  1. Skeletoes

    Private servers

    Exactly. Not to mention rental servers for say 6-12 people are CHEAP. You can't expect the devs to provide free private servers.
  2. All of the above is right! Just wanted to add Brutal info. Max wild is 450, max tamed is 600.
  3. Then when it comes to taming your only option is to use the soothing balms for speeding it up. As for other rates ie: xp gain, harvesting, and breeding, you can look for an unofficial server with boosted rates.
  4. If it's official you can email the devs to appeal your ban, but as to the rest of your statement, I'm not sure what you are saying.
  5. We usually run caves on foot, but if we need to we'll bring wolves to Yeti, you can also use wolves for the other caves excepting Skylord. I wouldn't advise a tame for lava cave tho. Another good one for swamp is the bigfoot.
  6. This legitimately made me chuckle.
  7. ~Animal House Brutal ~ ~ Server has been open since Unofficial Servers were released! Great group of core players, looking to add more! This is definitely for experienced players who don't mind putting some effort into the game, this is a Brutal Difficulty Server with Survivor (not Hardcore) settings. -Weekend PVP & PVE Events! -PVE Weekend Max Boosts -Starter Pack for new players * Automatic Level 40 * Basic gear and tools -Boosted Harvesting -2x XP gain -Boosted Breeding/Maturation -Tribe Imprinting -Slower Days/Normal Nights *No Trolling *No Toxicity - Discord is a must - Admins are active and responsive, if offline you can reach them on discord. https://discord.gg/u63AQcw ~Animal House Medium~ PVE > NA > Medium~ Brand new server open! Some same players from our Brutal server and the same admins! -Eventual PVP & PVE Events! -PVE Weekend Max Boosts -Boosted Harvesting -Boosted Breeding/Maturation -Tribe Imprinting -Slower Days/Normal Nights *No Trolling *No Toxicity - Discord is a must - Admins are active and responsive, if offline you can reach them on discord. https://discord.gg/HtfguFt
  8. I believe they did just release a couple of new severs after closing dead servers. You can always check the unofficial servers. The smaller ones usually have good admins & core players.
  9. Animals glitching out of pens is pretty common. As for what happened with the torpor, you won't really know since you got offline. In the future, try using a soothing balm as it speeds up the taming time quite a bit.
  10. They are releasing dungeons & bosses. The dungeon itself is a new map. Also remember to take into account that a lot of people (complain) say that their phones can't handle the Island map. I doubt they'd be able to handle more/other maps.
  11. So what I gathered from this thread, is that this issue has been going on for more than a year, and WC doesn't care at all. I caught a thread about these issues on another site, where WC responded this past year saying "Havent heard of this issue, we will look into it" and the OP ripped him to shreds pointing out threads both on there and here that bring it to their attention. I'm just upset since I was stupid enough to shell out for the other maps since I loved the island on xbox one so much and also love the mobile port (The devs there respond quickly, we often point to WC not caring about its console players and all the bugs here when people complain about a simple glitch like a force close when they're flying). Its like I just threw my money away. Have the devs given any kind of response recently?
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