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  1. Yeah, they really cut out a lot of content and and removed any progression. I just wish they had given us the option to keep the old kibble system.
  2. Seriously? That's such a shame. Leedsicthys has some of the nicest in game models, why can't they be added back?
  3. Where are the automatic s+ torches that turn off during the day? Where are doors that automatically close behind you? Devs are forgetting so many of the reasons people used s+, because of the QoL features. Please implement these, it's ridiculous that you haven't already.
  4. Where are all the QoL features from S+? S+ had torches that can be set to automatically go off during the day. Doors that automatically close behind you, etc etc. Why were these not implemented? Can you give your players some quality of life updates for once instead of pumping out new maps or DLCs?
  5. Bump. PLEASE fix this WC, it's incredibly annoying having water tames constantly lose stamina for no reason.
  6. OPs's post is kinda a mess but I can't say I disagree. What was the point of putting all these exotic ingredients like fish meat, honey, mushrooms etc into kibbles? Plus WC doubled the amount of crops needed. It makes creating kibble very tedious and annoying and it adds nothing to the gameplay. This is to speak nothing about how awful the tier system is and how it has zero progression anymore.
  7. Can we have a server option to keep the old kibble system? I really enjoyed the progression mechanic and it gives a lot to do, especially on PvE.
  8. It's supposed to be StructurePickupTimeAfterPlacement=X but it doesn't work for me
  9. No kidding. Yeah, let's just make it require 50 of each crop while we're at it if it really doesn't matter. It's small but it adds up. There's literally zero reason to require duplicates of a single crop species. It doesn't add anything challenging or interesting, it just makes kibble more tedious to make. Those clicks add up as you make hundreds or thousands of kibble.
  10. I fully agree with removing recipes altogether from kibble. They have no place there and make kibble farming extremely tedious. Just replace them with prime meat jerky, otherwise prime meat jerky is going to be near useless. Can we also please halve the amount of each crop for the kibble recipes? There isn't any point in requiring 2 longrass and 2 savoroot for regular kibble, or 2 citronal for superior. The point of crops is to spend some time raising the plants and doing so ahead of time. Either way we gotta go pick up the crop and put it into our cooking pot. Requiring two instead of one of the same type does nothing but waste time and add frustration. I'm real happy that water is no longer required though. It was pointlessly tedious to have to refill water containers each and every time.
  11. You said Also, myself and others have already outlined at considerable length why content is not being cut from the game. And you never bothered to link a post. Instead you edited your original post and removed that quote since you got called out for it. Either way this is going nowhere, let's just continue with the rest of the debate. You obviously didn't read my post, so I'll just bring back a quote. Since I'm taking the time to read and respond to your entire post, you should do the same next time. If you keep picking and choosing I won't respond. Again, just because the dinosaurs didn't actually have their NPCs removed from the game doesn't mean that content wasn't removed. It was part of the content that was removed, as I explained previously. There's no reason to interact with half the dinosaurs in the game anymore. And yes, it is the kibble system's entire purpose to make people want to tame animals. What the hell else do you think kibble is for? Just because you tame creatures that aren't meta doesn't mean everyone else does. No, what it comes down to is "If have no reason to tame 90% of the animal species, I'm not gonna do it". I get exactly what you're saying about the many dinosaurs that even with the old kibble system were only used for their kibble. However, the old kibble tree made these dinosaurs useful by definition. In the new kibble system, they will become useless by definition. One point where I agree with you is that it's Wildcard's duty to update these dozens of species so they become useful. The problem is, they will never do it. Anyone with eyes can see what kind of job WildCard did with Ark. To expect them to do functional TLCs for over two dozen species is unfortunately unrealistic. It's never going to happen (as much as I wish to be proved wrong). The old kibble system gave them purpose as egg layers-and who knows, if you have a few for egg laying you might as well try riding them or something. I never said that, you're taking my examples way out of context. I'm glad you agree-I'm sure anybody in the right mind-on either side of the debate-can agree here. It's just stupid to not be able to progress from lower tier dinosaurs to the higher ones, and the only way to enter a new tier is to berry/meat tame a dino that takes hours. Now, you'll begin to see why so many people hate the new kibble system-which for the record I'm all for it if WildCard gives us an option to choose between the two. It removes a huge sense of progression from the game. Sure, the first kibble system was far from perfect-but it gave a huge sense of progression and in a sense, a story line to follow. You started by taming dilos, ankylosaurs, and stegos, and as you amassed them and bred them you were able to work your way up. That's what we will be missing. That is what is being removed by changing the kibble system. Fair enough, I think we'll just have to respectfully disagree here. Personally I think you are cherrypicking, but who knows, maybe I'll be wrong. We'll just have to see how many dinosaur species are being ignored once the new patch kicks in. My argument isn't damning, it's compelling and fact based. I wrote this before but to reiterate: The old kibble tree made these dinosaurs useful by definition. In the new kibble system, they will become useless by definition. If forcing people to tame dinosaurs isn't good gameplay, why don't we let dodos create kibble for every single dinosaur? Why even have kibble in the first place if you can't be arsed to tame a steppingstone species to tame the next? You might as well just go play The Isle or Saurian. The kibble system is not used to cover for bad design-although I certainly agree many dinosaurs are poorly functionally designed-the kibble system is there because people want progression and a challenge. If you read my post closely you will see my response about WC doing TLCs at this point. I'll reiterate why removing the need to tame many species indirectly removes a ton of content from the game; In short there is little to no incentive to explore most of the map (this was provided by taming many species necessary for kibble), and plainly and flatly the kibble chain progression is removed. Many people had fun following the kibble chain, it always gave something to work on or to do. It is very much game content. Nobody is going to explore the map for pointless easter eggs. Sure, things like caves and loot drops still exist, but that doesn't change the fact that 90% of the need to explore the map is gone. This is simply not true. WildCard is cutting out the content by deincentivizing players. I have explored the entire map in search of sarcos, kentrosaurs, pachies etc. Now I have no reason to do that anymore because these animals kibbles don't serve any purpose (same tier as ankylo, which is a must tame). Ankylosaurus does literally everything better than other dinos it its tier exept doed-why tame a kentro or a pachy? Their kibble is even completely useless now. This is actually exactly how sandbox games SHOULD NOT work-everything has to have a purpose. Sandbox games are simply normal video games that have less rigid structure, allowing a gamer to roam a virtual world at will. A sandbox game emphasizes roaming and allows a gamer to select meaningful tasks. Minecraft is a sandbox game but most of it's content has purpose. There are difficult resources to find that you have to grind and risk your life for. Spore is a sandbox game, yet killing every type of creature yields you a reward, as does colonizing new planets. Dinosaurs are a huge part of Ark-no they are the one factor the entire game revolves around. Making over half the species completely and utterly useless is not making for a good sandbox game. You don't add lifeless planets in No Man's Sky. You don't make half the weapons in Far Cry 3 useless. You don't fill MineCraft with meaningless background NPCs and meaningless resources. The whole point of that discussion was to show you that you don't have to outright remove dinosaurs/guns/NPCs to remove content from a game. Wildcard is removing game content by making a bunch of game content useless. You're right, making half the dinosaurs useless is more like making half the mounts and dungeons in WoW provide zero reward. Or removing skill trees from MMOs. Then going and claiming that "content isn't removed" is insane. By different "builds" I assume you mean different dinosaurs? If you're hitting a tame cap just from kibble farming, alone then you're doing something severely wrong. The kibble system will not do a single thing to alleviate server loads for multiplayer servers (as has been done do death) if that is what you are saying. I've discussed multiple times why content just being there isn't a reason to explore it. To reiterate: No, what it comes down to is "If have zero reason to tame 90% of the animal species, or explore half the map, I'm not gonna do it". Nobody ever forced anyone to do anything in Ark, you can just put down the game and play something else. People do things because they want to. Even if it's something frustrating like taming 20 pulmonoscorpius for rex kibble-you do it because you want to tame a high level, powerful T rex. I won't tame over two dozen species and likely neither will 99% of the player base because they have no reason to do it. So just because there is still some content in the game, nobody should complain when huge chunks of other content are being removed? I never said there was nothing to do in PvE under the new kibble changes I said there will be very little to do. No, it's actually a completely apt analogy. I've played WoW for 6 years and I know the playerbase would throw a fit if blizzard pulled something like WC is pulling now. This is a completely meaningless statement. Whether or not something was "designed with a use in mind" doesn't mean jack. It's what the creatures actually do that matters, and yes, after the kibble rework, we will have dozens of dinosaurs relegated to female Megaloceros status. Thanks for being level headed and responding to my actual arguments. I just ask that you read my entire post (as I did yours) and next time please write out each part of my post you are responding to, otherwise I can't make sense of your paragraphs.
  12. First we've established that this was an outright lie. Second, you're just getting into semantics about who likes the new kibble system and who doesn't. Obviously people on this forum represent a vocal minority, that goes for both sides of the argument. We don't have any definite numbers for either side of the argument. The bottom line is that there are a lot of people who strongly dislike the new kibble system, and wildcard can appeal to both sides by simply giving a server option to retain the old kibble system. That's not what game content its. Game content can be anywhere from extra NPCs and new maps, to different crafting systems, or new ways to craft armor/weapons/food. It could even be skill trees or progression mechanics like Skyrim's skill/shout system. I definitely agree that the kibble system itself is content-imagine what the game would be like without kibble. We'd be lacking a lot of game content. I'm going to explain to you why, in this case, removing game content is a terrible direction for this game and is a terribly shady way of patching content out of a game that people paid for, years ago. First, why do we have kibble at all? Why not just let us tame everything in 30 minutes with raw meat and mejoberries? Because it adds interesting, challenging game content and rewards players for doing a bit of work by taming weaker dinosaurs, breeding them, and then allowing us to tame strong dinosaurs-otherwise difficult to tame-easily with the kibble we worked so hard to make. That's much better than letting everyone insta-tame gigas and run around them. Anyone will agree with that. The new kibble system A) destroys any type of progression in taming animals whatsoever and B) Directly and indirectly cuts out the incentive to explore more than half the entire map and interact with most of it's content. This is the main gripe I and others have about it. A) New kibble system destroys any type of progression in taming animals whatsoever Before if you wanted to tame a difficult tame like Spinosaurus, you could start by taming Stegosaurus (a very easy tame), breed them for kibble used for Argentavis, then easily tame an few argies, breed them for kibble, and then easily tame a high stat spinosaurus. Alternatively of course you could try to tame a spinosaurus with raw meat. With the new kibble system, say you are new to the game or you are on a new server, or you don't have any Spino-tier dinosaurs. If you want to kibble tame a spino now, you now must tame multiple brontosaurus, rex, gigas, or therizinosarus without kibble. This is because dinosaurs now only accept kibble from their own tier dinosaurs! It doesn't matter how many lower tier dinosaurs you put effort into taming-there is now zero progression through the kibble system. There are no interconnecting steps. We're going to have to tame multiple high tier species with berries or raw meat in order to effectively tame anything in their tier. This is a terribly thought out game mechanic, nobody wants to have to berry tame a therizinosaurus or tame a giga with raw meat. And now you have extra high tier dinosaurs with poopty stats that you only use for breeding until you tame about 5-10 high tier dinosaurs. Again, any sense of progression is lost with the new kibble system. Another example is that now you have to tame Megalania to get kibble for thylacoleo or griffin-and the catch is that you will have to tame multiple megalania without kibble in order to do so. In the first kibble system, you could work your way up by taming low level quickly-tamed creatures which provided kibble generally for higher level creatures. This is no longer possible with the kibble tier system-you now are forced to spend hours taming brontos/therizinos/gigas without kibble. B) New kibble system cuts out the incentive to explore more than half the entire map and interact with most of it's content. As it stands according to https://ark.gamepedia.com/Kibble#Kibble_Rework once I tame a Dodo, a Trike, an Anky, an Argie a Rex and a Megalania (all hilariously easy to tame) I have kibble to tame every single creature in the entire game. Some people may enjoy that, which is just fine, and again why WildCard needs to give us the option to choose between kibble systems. The problem that many people have is that there is now no reason to tame anything else-other than a small handful of useful dinosaurs (giga, doed, mosa). There is no reason to tame over 90% of the species anymore-dilos, kaplos, diplodocus, ichthyornis, kentrosaurus, pelagornis, terror birds, tapejara, pachycephalosaurus, pachyrhinosaurus, so on and so forth. What little use these animals previously had will be erased with the new kibble system. They will become useless background NPCs, just like female megaloceros are. I've heard people say, numerous times that "you can still tame whatever you want"-this is not an argument, and nobody tames useless animals (case in point-female megaloceras, diplodocus etc) "You can still follow the kibble tree however you like" which has been demonstrated to be patently false three paragraphs up. On ragnarok I need to take one or two quick trips out of my house in Viking Bay to find megalania, and then the rest can be found within walking distance. That's it, I've tamed everything I need to. There is no reason to go to the snow biome (other than one minor cave), put myself through the swamps, or explore more than half the map. I don't have to explore the redwoods and get ganked by a thylacoleo and die. I don't have to run through the dangerous swamps avoiding leeches and venomous snakes, nor do I have any reason to ever touch the bottom right 25% of the map which is desert. I just breed my dinosaurs and go look for caves, while maybe occasionally chasing supply drops. I can also play sims and build a cute little house. And that's literally all there is left to do in PvE. The old kibble system provided a necessity to explore every bit of the map in search for new species to tame. In doing so, you had a lot of experiences-you were mauled by predators, you froze to death, or you lost yourself in an enormous jungle. That is content. How is this cutting out game content? The dinosaurs are all still there! Think about it this way. What if Fornite nerfed every single gun to the point that they had to reload after one bullet-now rendered completely useless-except the Pistol? "Well" people in this thread will say "All those weapons are still in the game, so they didn't actually remove any content right?" Wrong! They removed content by making so much of the content useless and pointless to interact with. What if every single FPS game had all weapons do .0001 damage-except for one pistol-but still keep them in the game? What if minecraft made it so you could craft everything you want out of one basic resource, rendering everything else existing-but useless? They just made it easier and less of a time waste though.....right? What if world of warcraft let you craft armor at any level you wanted? Sure it makes everything easy and you don't have to spend time on anything-but then nobody bothers leveling up (which involved exploring the map, doing quests, interacting with the world-content.) Removing kibble progression is the exact same thing. Wildcard is gutting a core mechanic of the game. The people who like the first kibble system like it because it always gave them something to do and a way to progress. For PvE the new system leaves very little to do. It's more of an appropriate change for PvP. Of course, Wildcard should balance PvP and PvE separately-many game aspects have been ruined for PvE players because of their diametrically opposite power in PvP (e.g. flyer nerf, rocket launchers, fishing). Of course this would take work and effort on part of WildCard. Now that they have the better devs as the other ones left for Atlas, I'm confident they have the brains to do it. I hope by reading this all you now begin to see my point. If you read my post-particularly what I wrote about Fornite-you will see that this notion is faker than the flat earth theory. This is a false dichotomy. This means that you simplified the whole thing into an "either/or" situation when there are multiple other options. Again read my post and I know you will change your mind.
  13. I'm not in the minority, there are thousands of people who don't post on these forums and play the game, and have been enjoying the current kibble system for years. There have been a number of people who dislike the new changes and are voicing there dissatisfaction on the forums. I never raged at anybody for liking the new kibble system. You're putting words in my mouth in an attempt to make me look bad just because you disagree with me. I, and others will continue debating and discussing the new kibble system right here because it's the correct place to do so. Still waiting for you to show me this, unless you were just fabricating a lie.
  14. I wasn't arguing for more content to be added. My point again was that the new kibble recipies aren't about being "difficult" but rather that they are even more tedious and time consuming-that's how Ark works. Making it even more tedious to make kibble is just frustrating. The species you need to tame is irrelevant-at some point you will have every vdinosaur you need to make eggs for kibble, and the process becomes bottlenecked by crops and jerky. Now that we have extra ingredients and recipes involved, even when you get to the point of having all dinosaurs, kibble farming is going to be even more tedious and time consuming. Please show me the posts that discuss this and I'll be happy to prove you wrong. There has been plenty of discussion that has proved otherwise.
  15. Great. I already knew that. I also knew that. Now in addition to that it takes rare mushroom and sap. Look, there's literally nothing difficult about this game. All you need is time, patience and grinding. If anything at all, PvP takes some skill. But for PvE, it's an easy, low skill game that just requires a lot of time and some learning. The point is that it doesn't matter that mushrooms or sap aren't "difficult" to obtain, it's that they are a pain in the butt to have to harvest over and over again just for kibble. I think the current recipes for kibble are perfect-1 crop, prime meat jerky, egg water fiber/berry. That's plenty. There is zero good reason to add things like sap, mushroom, and recipes to that. I have no idea why the devs think making kibble harder and more strenuous to take is a good idea. Nobody asked for it and people aren't going to enjoy it. Is the logic "We just made kibble farms smaller by cutting content out of the game, let's make it up by making a kibble a pain in the butt to craft"? Sad, but not surprising I suppose.
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