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  1. This happens maybe 1/3rd of the time when I'm running on/off a foundation, a rock or a mount. My character just freezes in place with the floating animation, while I get chomped to death by dinosaurs or lose my time. This has only happened since one of the recent patches. This is incredibly frustrating, please fix this ASAP and don't let it become another glitch on your "not to do" list WC.
  2. No, they are not useless by definition because they provide kibble. If you implement the new kibble system, then they will become useless, by definition. People have discussed numerous times in this thread how terrible the "freedom to tame anything they want" argument is. Go back and do some reading. Yes, a HUGE part of gameplay is being taken away from PvE players. If you actually cared about letting people enjoy the game they want, you'd support the option to keep the old kibble system because it caters to both sides of this argument and literally takes away nothing from people who want a kibble rework. The fact that you're arguing against an option to keep the old kibble system tells me you are either insane or trolling. Everything you have discussed has been beaten to death on the forum. No point arguing with you.
  3. False. It's really only a vocal minority. Thousands of people play the game and enjoy/utilize the current kibble system. The kibble tree just needs some restructuring. It's definitely not a "waste of everyone's time", lots of people enjoy the kibble progression. As I mentioned in the main kibble feedback thread, the new kibble system will cut out about half of PvE content. As for the tame cap, this has been addressed numerous times in this thread. If people can free up 50 dinosaur slots by needing less for kibble, they're just going to replace it with 50 other dinosaurs. This again has been discussed. Nobody is going to tame a bunch of useless dinosaurs "for the heck of it", that's not how video games, or people work. There has to be some sort o incentive even in open world games. Kibble gives otherwise useless dinosaurs a purpose, at least as a stepping stone for kibble progression. I mean who tames female megaloceros or diplodocus right now? Nobody. And that's what half the dinosaur species will be relegated to if Wildcard goes through with this kibble rehaul. Regardless we've strayed too far from the OP; who simply wants an option to keep the old kibble system. That way everyone can enjoy the game however they want. Please consider this WC.
  4. girlygirlgamer322

    water tames derping out single player

    I have had this happen a lot and it's really game breaking for water tames. It has something to do with sprinting. Even if your dino is stopped in the water, it loses stamina. Please fix this WC.
  5. girlygirlgamer322

    Getting stuck on foundations and rocks

    Super annoying and game breaking. Nice "fix", I wonder if this will get fixed this year.
  6. It is though. It's the only reason you explore half the map and interact with more than half the species in the game. I mean after you set up a base what else is there to do in PVE? Just resource gathering, breeding and bossing. The old kibble system-as poorly designed as the kibble tree is-gives a good sense of progression and a lot to do in PvE.
  7. This isn't going to change a single thing. If people can save space on 50 kibble farming dinos they're just going to replace it with 50 gigas. Guaranteed. A restructuring of the kibble tree would have been much, much better for the game.
  8. Please give an option to keep the old kibble system. The new kibble system is going to kill off more than half of PvE content.
  9. Currently Singleplayer/non-dedicated bosses are reduced in damage and effective-HP by 67%., even if "single player settings" are disabled. This is an annoying and unecessary handicap. Please give an option to fight against bosses with normal stats on single player mode.
  10. girlygirlgamer322

    We need a TLC for all baby models.

    My point being that dinosaur growth looks and feels way better the way PK did it, and Ark developers could learn from that. It's not adding any new models more than the current babies are. If you look at baby ankylosaurs, they are just the adult model that's shrunken down, but the tail is a lot stubber. The model essentially morphs until it reaches the adult ankylosaur model-this is the same for every single animal in Ark and is already implemented in game. So if you consider that a different model then sure, it would require adding a few more models. Regardless, I'm not sure why you're so fixated on that. All it would take is some effort on the part of the devs and it would make give breeding a much nicer look and feel to it.
  11. girlygirlgamer322

    Kibble Rework Beta Feedback

    It's called "convenience" and "Quality of life". As it turns out, humans beings like things like automatic drills, screwdrivers, cars and smart phones. If everyone were like you, we'd be peddling stone cars like the flintstones and manually digging up roads and house foundations with our hands. Maybe you'd prefer having to manually force-feed dinosaurs too, instead of having them automatically feed themselves when they have food in their inventory. You're completely wrong about the new kibble's being "easy as picking up stone" too. Either you're a troll or you are very young, in the latter case I don't blame you for having an infantile mind. Just try to think for once.
  12. girlygirlgamer322

    Kibble Rework Beta Feedback

    Cant we get some actual QOL integration? This is hardly s+ integration so far. We need things like automatic doors and an option for torches to turn off during the day. Also, please let us disable snapping for structures like stone pillars. It's absolutely infuriating trying to build a trap with stone pillars with the current games terrible snapping mechanism.
  13. girlygirlgamer322

    We need a TLC for all baby models.

    It's not adding any models, it's just changing the original baby models-there are a few baby models in Ark that are fine (rex for example), they just need to fix the rest of the cast. In prehistoric kingdom, the model of the dinosaur dynamically changes as the dinosaur matures, just like in Ark. The only difference is that in PK the models are top knotch, you'll have baby trikes/mammoths start with no tusks and gradually grow them and have their body proportions change as they mature. Most of arks' baby models are a complete joke.
  14. girlygirlgamer322

    We need a TLC for all baby models.

    When you think of TLC, you think of remaking a certain dinosaur's model or attributes. But there's one major problem that hasn't been fixed since Ark's inception, and that is baby models. For most species, it's simply a scaled down version of the adult model and looks completely atrocious. It really kills game immersion and makes breeding less rewarding. Like how are baby models like this acceptable? Look at games like Prehistoric Kingdom with smooth transitions from a baby to an adult dinosaur.
  15. girlygirlgamer322

    TLC Phase 3 Suggestions

    What are you guy insane? Mosasaurus model looks awesome. Carno obviously needs a remodel, liopleurodon needs to be a permanent tame.