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  1. Moordenaar

    pvp Alpha tribe owns 7 total servers

    if your calling it a sissy move who are you to talk about it
  2. Moordenaar

    pvp Alpha tribe owns 7 total servers

    im in a mega tribe called the annihilators and we got foundation wiped from them because of a stupid argument with another mega tribe baron of the badlands but they got wiped as well for causing the drama im just getting the point out that they're controlling 6 other servers and wiping everyone who builds up on those servers and i want them to fall for what they're doing to other tribes and people
  3. There is an alpha tribe named "Genuines #OP" the server i know they own is Ragnarok 344 and 6 other servers but I do not know the server numbers or if they're rag scorch ab the center or the island. The place they're are located at the Vengur's Chasm by the ruined bridge towards green obelisk and the sea they control the spiral there and the mountain next to it. Hope people will respond to help i believe they can wipe "99 problems"