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  1. ForgeMaster92

    pvp PS4 Custom PVP Boosted Ragnarok-Abberation

    So apparently the server has had damage numbers enabled for the past few days. I've tried a few times to disable them but it hasn't been working for some reason. I've tried something else, so hopefully it works properly now. I also got a few messages about the XP curve. I've increased XP by 12.5%. So a small bump but nothing major.
  2. ForgeMaster92

    pvp PS4 Custom PVP Boosted Ragnarok-Abberation

    The server should be up tonight at 6:30PM central time or a few minutes after. Sometimes the servers take a few minutes to show up in the PS4 server list. The server name is: ForgeWorks Public PVP Ragnarok-Abberation It's got 20 slots for now. I may up this later if we have lots of players. Good luck everyone!
  3. ForgeMaster92

    pvp PS4 Custom PVP Boosted Ragnarok-Abberation

    I'm planning on going live with the server this Monday on 09/17/2018 at probably 6pm central time, after I get off work. If you have any friends that play, let them know about the server!
  4. ForgeMaster92

    pvp PS4 Custom PVP Boosted Ragnarok-Abberation

    Great! Thanks for replying, I'll mark you down. That's the reason I built the server. I'm still testing and tweaking a few things to find a good balance. So the settings I have aren't set in stone yet, but my goal was to make the game not such a drag but still keep it feel like a survival game. Do you have a tribe or are you currently solo? If you have a tribe that would like to join, how many players? I'm just trying to figure out how many player slots I need on the server.
  5. ForgeMaster92

    pvp PS4 Custom PVP Boosted Ragnarok-Abberation

    Basically the loot beacon system is made of a bunch of loot tables where each beacon is made up of 1 or more loot packages and each package can contain 1 or more items. The default drops made by wildcard are pretty terrible / lazy because there isn't a good range of packages and items in those packages. This leaves you with a lot of the same gear over and over. I've made the loot tables for ragnarok from scratch by adding a ton of loot packages with different levels of quality the higher up the beacon is. So packages like farming, hunting, structures, guns, consumables, kibble, etc, etc. So essentially no more always getting medium crop plot blueprint. You can still get crappy drops but you can also get super good drops, from the same style of beacon. The randomness seems a lot better and makes it more exiting going after drops as even lower quality drops you'd normally skip over can still contain some decent gear.
  6. Play a custom ark experience that you've never seen before! I've setup a new PS4 PVP dedicated server on the Ragnarok map with Aberration dinos, resources, and engrams. This is a boosted server with lots of tweaks and custom settings to make the game more balanced and enjoyable. This includes custom XP curves and from-scratch rebuilt loot system. It's also a 6-man tribe server. I've written out all the changes in detail below. These configurations are subject to change. I'm planning on going live with the server on 09/17/2018. As we get closer I'll provide a more specific time. The server name is: ForgeWorks Public PVP Ragnarok-Abberation. The server is currently password protected while I'm doing testing. The server will be wiped and probably set to public after going live. If you are interested in joining the server, please let me know so I can get an idea of the amount of interest which will determine the size of the server. I don't plan on doing admin things like helping people get unstuck so you'll be on your own. I'll be busy with work, life, or playing the game! I'll answer questions or suggestions if anyone has any. Thanks, ForgeMaster SERVER CONFIGURATION: