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  1. I have adjusted the loot tables a bit so purple, yellow, red, as well as all cave, deep sea, desert, and boss drop will drop more packages which should result in more loot. I've also taken out charge batteries and lanterns as they can't be used on ragnarok. Also, did you ever try and bosses? Manticore/Dragon or Ice queen or Lava golem? If you do come back to this server, please let me know what you think. I've gotten some reports that the loot is good but I guess I got reports of that before also so I think you'd be a better metric. I'll continue to make tweaks or passes on the drops for a bit if needed. As far as the rexes issue goes, I haven't touched any dino stats except for the dino weight and stamina drain multiplier so I don't have any idea why that would be. Unless there are some hidden mechanics that play into how the stats are rolled that I'm not aware of? If you have any ideas on how to tweak the loot table, I'm open for suggestions. Essentially the higher quality the gear (like giga saddle, riot armor, compound bow), the higher tier loot drop you need to be to get the better quality like master craft or ascendant. But as you get higher tier drops, the bottom end of the range of quality moves up so you shouldn't be getting prim flak in a red drop for example. Do you remember what drops you were getting the primitive fur out of? Just wondering if something is off or broken. You shouldn't be getting prim fur out of a red cave drop for example. It would be higher quality minimum.
  2. I'll be doing some tweaks to the loot table so sometime tonight I'll need to bring the server down for a few minutes while I swap out the configurations. Also, we've had lots of new people join the server which is great news!
  3. I'll work on removing charge batteries and charge lanterns as they don't have any use at the moment. What primitive gear are you getting? Riot? I've increased the range and scope of items you can get so you may not always get a weapon, or a piece of armor, or a saddle from like on official. Red deep sea, red desert, and red cave drops all have chances to drop journymen, mastercraft, or rare ascendant gear depending on the type of gear. Your best chances of getting the best gear (like riot) with best quality (like ascendant) would be lava golem, ice worm queen, and higher level bosses. In all my drops, you can still get good drops or not so good drops, but you'll usually get something that's useful. Rare resources, arrows, kibble, structures, etc. All packages have a chance to spawn a blueprint for anything in the package. For example, a package might contain shotgun ammo so it could drop a bunch of shells or a blueprint for shells. A shotgun shell blueprint would be a bad drop but this system applies to all drops. So you could get a blueprint for a weapons or armor or the actual weapon or armor in addition to other useful stuff. Hell if your really lucky, you can get motor boats, industrial forges, etc out of certain drops. The loot system could maybe use a few tweaks, and i'll work on that, but I think the loot system is about where I like it. And I've received a few DMs from other players saying they like were it's at. If you have any suggestions however, I'll definitely think about them. But my biggest recommendation is keep hitting all the drops you can from different sources. Go for regular beacons, deep sea, desert, cave, etc and work your way to beating the ice cave queen, lava golem, bosses etc.
  4. The rock drakes not dropping fertilized eggs should be fixed. There was an issue when I exported the loot config and it was the unfertilized versions. Let me know if anyone is still having issues. I haven't had a lot of time to play yet. Please keep in mind that all the eggs will still be at level 1 with 0 health due to game bugs. Please review my server config on the first post for more details about the limitations of that and how it relates to basilisk tames. I've removed offline raid protection. It can be abused and wasn't intended to be active on this server. It's something that I forgot to disable. There should also be a dino wipe when the server restarts up per request.
  5. So apparently the server has had damage numbers enabled for the past few days. I've tried a few times to disable them but it hasn't been working for some reason. I've tried something else, so hopefully it works properly now. I also got a few messages about the XP curve. I've increased XP by 12.5%. So a small bump but nothing major.
  6. The server should be up tonight at 6:30PM central time or a few minutes after. Sometimes the servers take a few minutes to show up in the PS4 server list. The server name is: ForgeWorks Public PVP Ragnarok-Abberation It's got 20 slots for now. I may up this later if we have lots of players. Good luck everyone!
  7. I'm planning on going live with the server this Monday on 09/17/2018 at probably 6pm central time, after I get off work. If you have any friends that play, let them know about the server!
  8. Great! Thanks for replying, I'll mark you down. That's the reason I built the server. I'm still testing and tweaking a few things to find a good balance. So the settings I have aren't set in stone yet, but my goal was to make the game not such a drag but still keep it feel like a survival game. Do you have a tribe or are you currently solo? If you have a tribe that would like to join, how many players? I'm just trying to figure out how many player slots I need on the server.
  9. Basically the loot beacon system is made of a bunch of loot tables where each beacon is made up of 1 or more loot packages and each package can contain 1 or more items. The default drops made by wildcard are pretty terrible / lazy because there isn't a good range of packages and items in those packages. This leaves you with a lot of the same gear over and over. I've made the loot tables for ragnarok from scratch by adding a ton of loot packages with different levels of quality the higher up the beacon is. So packages like farming, hunting, structures, guns, consumables, kibble, etc, etc. So essentially no more always getting medium crop plot blueprint. You can still get crappy drops but you can also get super good drops, from the same style of beacon. The randomness seems a lot better and makes it more exiting going after drops as even lower quality drops you'd normally skip over can still contain some decent gear.
  10. Play a custom ark experience that you've never seen before! I've setup a new PS4 PVP dedicated server on the Ragnarok map with Aberration dinos, resources, and engrams. This is a boosted server with lots of tweaks and custom settings to make the game more balanced and enjoyable. This includes custom XP curves and from-scratch rebuilt loot system. It's also a 6-man tribe server. I've written out all the changes in detail below. These configurations are subject to change. The server name is: ForgeWorks Public PVP Ragnarok-Abberation. I'll answer questions or suggestions if anyone has any. Thanks, ForgeMaster SERVER CONFIGURATION: