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  1. I can't get back to to my other server and I have tame breeding seriously you disable transfers without warning!!! 3days of playing none stop gone to waste...
  2. they fixed so you can now include the items into the forge for Primitive plus but now the forge doesnt work... like why do i still even play this game its frustrating 1 step forward 2 steps back! dont people test the stuff as well cumon ark team get it right!!!!
  3. im really disappointed that more new content is being launched despite all the bugs and server issues in the current game...cant you guys fix all the current issues in the game and get a more stable game running then just adding more content into the game...this is one of my favourite games been playing it for 2years now and im about done with this game.
  4. hi can we please have fix asap for the forges on primitive plus as the carbon, coal and clay does not go into the forges and it does stop progression in the game as you need steel for a lot of things Thanks
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