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  1. Wraithhunter


    Figures Can we no longer purchase any of the 3D printed ark Dino figures, I’ve been looking everywhere for them, they used to have them on here for sale but I can’t find them anymore, anyone know of a way to buy them?
  2. That fact that you say that shows me your one of those people that only cares about yourself getting an advantage rather than the game being fair, or you’re just stupid. some people don’t have extinction (and yes I have it before you start saying go get it) and when people are allowed to transfer Dino’s back to other maps those people that don’t have extinction are at a big disadvantage, making the game basically pay to win. So quit assuming I’m to lazy to put the effort in to play this game, been doing solo on official for almost a year unlike most of you people who think your hot shot in big tribes.
  3. I agree bp would be worse but it’s still bad if you play pvp
  4. The gacha dropping such good ascended loot and so damn often like flak at such high dura and ascended shotguns with like 300 to 400 damage is completely destroying the balance of the pvp world and needs to be fixed and somehow take those items away from players that got them already, I’m talking about official pvp mostly, I can’t believe the devs even let this in the game, I could understand if it was a super rare thing but it’s so frequent. And also drops and loot crates haven’t been spewning on any maps on small tribes that I’ve been on
  5. Does anyone know if wild card will increase the amount of points we get so that solo players won’t have to worry even more about what to spend points on
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