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  1. Yeah the without warning thing is what bothers me. At least give someone a chance to fix it since the rules have changed. Not really sure what's ok and what's not anymore. And thanks for the reply.
  2. Protecting Resources I have a question that I hope the devs will see so I can take care of this before I get wiped. I don't want to get in trouble, but I've had some many people thank me for saving these spawns for all to use. I am on the Center and have a base on N Trop. I have been on the server since the game went to release. I waited out many other tribes to claim a nice spot for my base. I have also waited them out to put pillars out to protect the metal spawns on the island that they were blocking. Im just wondering if after the rule changes that have come down recently, will I get all my stuff wiped for putting pillars out for this reason? Thanks for any help. PS I have no problem removing the pillars if that's a bad thing now. I did have a GM come and talk to me a few months ago and he looked around and said that it was ok, but want to be sure before something bad happens.
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