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  1. Thank you for the obvious about their error message that pops up but the question is - have other server owners had their access to control the roll back of their server removed? Or their WebInterface locked? And Nitrado customer service is not the best. I’ve also stated the issue of the server constantly stopping to Nitrado on a ticket that’s been open since January 1, 2021. With no resolution. So by the time they reply to the request to allow my server access, the roll back may not even be available. Thanks for the response though.
  2. Has anyone had their ability to roll back their Ark Mobile Unofficial server to fix an issue removed by Nitrado? I found that my server constantly crashes and my players couldn’t get in game. Now many have lost tames due to the auto unclaim setting that I thought was not active. It caused a lot of players tames to disappear and I’ve also lost some even though I signed in at my base one day ago. I chose to roll back the server a day to allow players to have their tames back and to make sure the setting was fixed to not unclaim dinos. To my surprise, I get a message that rolling back (goi
  3. Lost connection/timed out onto Ragnarok but can any other map. I've entered a support ticket but no response yet. Since the update, when I try to come online (PS4 Unofficial PC - Saints and Sinners cluster) on Ragnarok, I receive the 'Lost connection/timed out' error message every time. I glitched transfering to Ragnarok from Genesis and attached a screenshot of what I saw when I did. Ever since, I have not been able to log into Ragnarok. I can log into any server map from the list, except for Ragnarok. My PS4 is Nat2, it's getting good ping, and no issue on any other map. And I'm
  4. I am also stuck in this glitch using PS4. The only way I can get on the unoff pc cluster I play, Saints and Sinners, is for me to dump my inventory and kill my character when I log off. Then I can come back in with the message my player was killed and pick to spawn at my base. I've tried all the fixes like always and none have worked. I sent the server owner the fix about the 'disable rawsocket' but nothing has happened yet. It's so frustrating!
  5. I used a transfer ticket at the end of the mobile Eerie server event 04/12 and lost the implants due to expiration. It was supposed to freeze anything within the cloud until I was able to download my character onto my home server 7 days later! It didnt save most of my inventory including 2 implants that were carried after being Chronicled. Guess that's why they are doing 'maintenance' now. I sent a ticket in requesting compensation for the purchased transfer ticket that obviously didnt work. It will probably go unanswered. Beware about buying and using transfer tickets.
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