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  1. lotusllk

    pve Alpha ragna boss fight

    No thanks i rais new lines at the moment, i think there are no better rexes atm
  2. lotusllk

    Bug game crash painting

    I downloaded some paintings, always when i try to use them, it start painting and than ark crash. Someone else have this problem?
  3. Is any Information out there if all legacy servers will be removed one time? Or if some will stay forever? Is there any possibility to let an removed legacy server be uploaded in the new cluster? Maybe from nitrado? I dont wanna looose hole base and dinos 🙄
  4. lotusllk

    pve Titan Killing which weapon? For xp

    How can i look how much live is left at the titan?
  5. lotusllk

    pve Titan Killing which weapon? For xp

    Did it with rocket louncher after making it red with wyfern, just dont hit ur wyfern, thats a onehit selfkill
  6. Hey guys, i wanna kill some Titans. I already did with me Lightning wyfern solo, but than i dont Rain full XP i Think. Now i wanna try to do the lasthit with an weapon when its Really Red. Therefor i have some questions: Which weapon should i use? Should i fly over it with a Quetzal and the weapon than? How i know when its time to lasthit it with an weapon? I tried to Google which weapon, didnt find something. Thanks me mates!
  7. lotusllk

    Life Span of the Legacy Servers

    I just will buy noThing more of them until i know me legacy server will never be deletet or bring them to new server!
  8. lotusllk

    Ragnarok Dino Cap Increase

    Pve servers cap all the time y... And 21 tribes max on this big map is Nja, to less
  9. Here on offiziell ragnarok pve servers on pc we cant tame something most of the time. Thats so boring. Than flying ofer the map i see some have about 50 rafts just for capping the server. There should be a maximum of rafts everyone could Build, or the dino cap should go up.... Thats rly no playfun without taming any dino on most days
  10. Due to i have to post more to come in the Trading Forum, i write some question to the boss. I did alpha with 19 rexes and 1 yuti, i was successfully due to the borrowed got good saddles and was good rexes. Coming in the arena i bugged in middl of the rexes firsr few mins, until i jumped off and ride a outer one. Than i tried to Whistle them "attack me enemy", the dragon was rly quick down. But than 3/4 of me rexes Stackd into Rock elements end refuse to attack the mantis with me.... It took rly tooo long to kill this Rock elementals, but after this i could easy kill mantis.at least no rex was lost. Next time i try to Run around to no t Stuck in elements..but there for i need to buy some where good rex saddles 🙂
  11. lotusllk

    pve Alpha dragon boss

    19 rexes and one yuti are enough with goood rexes
  12. lotusllk


    I would Like to buy some of this rex sattles, is this possible? Are u on official pve pc server?
  13. lotusllk

    pve Alpha dragon boss

    Ragna 59 pve offi server, i need to write some Thing so i can look in the trading market