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  1. OCE six man clusters Please release OCE Small tribe clusters.
  2. I agree they need to have wipes for the servers but also thing having servers for different regions will help with game pop. If I have to play NA the first thing I do is wipe everything and everyone so I can play on 6 man lol that not healthy for the pop either
  3. People can’t play because of lag. What’s the point of having dead EU servers empty or only with farming bases on them and not few Oce servers? Yes there would be an all out war for them but at least it would add to the game not take away...
  4. 10 man Servers Classic I think keeping it simple is key with seasonal play so a yearly wipe for server health. I think maps (Island, Center and Scorched). Bring classic pvp back. No Griffins, No Titans from extinction and nothing from the new maps Simple Tek gear such as saddles, turrets , tek feeding troughs, tek force fields transmitter, and replicator. I think industrial forges and chem benches are a must as well. I think cyro fridges are ok but maybe having a cast time to release Dino would be advantages to pvp. Normal Tek boss items from these maps. I think a tribe limit of 10 will work great with a 2-3 day timer after kick before a new member can join to stop people rotating members threw to keep their base fully defended at all times like normal offical. Also I think Oce servers would be a must as even on 6 man it’s hard to defend on larger maps like center/rag for anyone in Oce area. I can continue on but I think this will give you an idea of the classic pvp that we miss.
  5. OCE small tribe servers needed! Oce players want a servers we can play on and defend. NA is ok if we wipe server clean of other tribes but if you are getting raided it’s so hard to defend as 300 ping difference maters in pvp. Also players wiping servers is not a healthy for ark player base in general. There are many OCE players waiting for this to happen and servers will be populated.
  6. It would end if they listened to there community and or played the game themselves
  7. Agreed. I think this needs to happen. There is a full oce community waiting to play if this happens.
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