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  1. BUMP! All of our DLC servers have been wiped. Rag will be wiped next week.
  2. We need to remove old structures/dinos from players that haven't returned and sort out some server bugs. As such, the PVP servers (Aberration, Valguero and TheIsland) will be wiped on DECEMBER 3RD. Ragnarok will be wiped on JAN 1ST.
  3. Bump! The servers will be wiped soon. We'll be phasing out the Island and adding Extinction. So if you haven't faced the Overseer yet, do so soon!! Rag will be wiped in Jan. Players will be able to transfer all of their things to the other servers as servers will be wiped one at a time, to ensure that players can keep what they want/need to. If you have any questions, message me on Discord at velikaUnleashed#1211
  4. Glorious! We'll see you there! We've got a handful of other tribes there as well, that I'm aware of, and more appearing every day. Einherjar is gearing up to face the Island's bosses. o.o
  5. bump! We're now offering rewards for donations! We have also added the Island to our server cluster.
  6. Completely understandable, and thank you! If you change your mind, it's faster to reach me on discord as VelikaUnleashed#1211 Enjoy your gaming!
  7. I'm only the Community Admin, I don't own the servers. I've been trying to convince the admin to add the Island map solely for Ascension, even if I have to pay for it. So it's a work in progress. Also worth noting that once Genesis is released, we'll have that too. Also, I apologize for the late response, @ISeeYouLikeDrama. Didn't get a notification
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