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  1. Official PVP servers are in a bad need of a wipe especially it going through phases of over powered metas like the mek cannon abuse and original titans a lot of tribes have been wiped and eliminated through time now that it has broken down to 7-8 tribes fighting each other tames and dinos have become insanely over powered through a course of breeding them for 3 years you have therizinos hatching at 1k dmg now with alot of the metas reworked people need a fresh start knowing the new patches dlc's and such now that meshing is gone the biggest issue with main officials is DDOSing it is ridiculous in some cases you do a massive attack on a server and you have a 50v20 you start pushing close to there main base suddenly server starts lagging badly goes down suddenly enemy can get players ready to join now they have a 60v10 not to mention i have seen servers go down for 12 hours at a time eliminating a entire timezone from attacking not naming specific cases but yes if you manage to fix ddosing before new officials which are badly needed you would have a massive community joining you I know a lot of people who want to start officals but it has become such a daunting task compared to everyone else who has a massive jump on them. It would also be nice having alot of more ragnarok style pvp without titans beign a factor for example making titan caves buildable on extinction such as desert titan cave that would be extremly fun pvp in large attacks and it would be a popular build spot. Extinction titans have also made pvp more bland as people are alot more hesitant of building on land.
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