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  1. There will be more details to come later this week! Are we Later this week now?
  2. I love this answer But keep in mind that prisoner can eat their poop.. and die / respawn
  3. It just trigger on the subject, you can put anything in the subject with 724EA9458ED40FBF it will also work
  4. Yes, if you follow the original poster on this post. you will see he post another one. On the other one, all code have been decoded. ( mostly) and more, i mean, outguess picture, pgp signature, code sent to helena walker email. Two only things havent been decoded, the DNA picture and the reason there is an uplink terminal into our profile now....
  5. Look at that... i pass the image into a stenography decoder process... Look at ALL the details into the image, its crazy Pass it into that place : https://osric.com/chris/steganography/decode.html
  6. ho another infos, from the timer source code var deadline = 'August 8 2019 10:00:00 GMT-0700'; Wait for it at 10 am (gmt-7) august 8
  7. The finger print is : 724EA9458ED40FBF and it is equivalent at the PGP signature of an email send by Helena Walker More more more infos over here :
  8. Do someone remark there is a reminecence of a code i the background of the pillar? I just dont know if its a new on or a reflection of the others. Another tough ... The message is not encrypted, just letters being replaced, is there any way to decode it back? The first line into the red circle is from the Helena reply
  9. It is maybe the passphrase? gpg: Signature done 07/31/19 01:13:51 Est (heure dÆÚtÚ) gpg: with RSA KEY 724EA9458ED40FBF Coincidence? The botom of the email is just a PGP signature nothing more. BUT it tell us that the FINGERPRINTS from today encrypted message is from 724EA9458ED40FBF, ho look its the same ID that Helena Walker signed her message with Ho it tell us too that she respawn the 26 of jully too lol
  10. Is it possible there is a link with the : Verify UID fingerprint 724EA9458ED40fbf ?? This look like an exadecimal string anyway. 72 4E A9 45 8E D4 0f bf From a post before : 724EA9458ED40FBF
  11. Hello Ark developper, You find this picture hilarious "We would like to give a special shoutout this week to artist Mysterious Mandrill for their hilarious ARK comic!" Us as players, we payed for a game, that look like beautifull and we ask you to fix bugs, because 1- they are unestetics or 2- game breaking, and you, you find them hilarious and you do nothing for it? This is a great way to treat is player base thank you, i will know what to do next time you sell something.
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