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  1. Oh my god!!!!! You made my day!!!! since valguero came out I wasn’t able to play it and I didn’t even know that this is a Mac related problem! No one was able to help me out. the map is working for me now, I’m so excited thank you so much
  2. Could you explain that to me? Maybe I’m getting it wrong Because like I’ve said, if I try to download the map, it just starts the game, like it is already installed, tried this on the dlc page. it IS installing valguero after I unmark valguero under dlc‘s and mark it again. But I have still the same issue, like it is installing something that isn’t even downloaded lol!!! I’ve tried to ignore valguero and started on aberration but I really wanna play it and it’s getting a pain in the ***for me. I haven’t contacted Wildcard yet because I still have an unanswered ticket from a few weeks ago going. I doubt that they are going to help with this? what else could I do?
  3. KCat

    Fear Evolved 3

    No Dodorex for me on the island. I had countless 3rd nights there at midnight and he won’t spawn. Event is active though
  4. Still can’t play valguero Hey guys, a few days ago I downloaded valguero. i thought so... because everytime I try to play the map, the game won’t even load, instead it crashes instantly. steam tells me that valguero is installed and in my library. Installed is marked A recommend solution is to just download valguero again but if I try so and tap the download button, it just opens the game, I can’t see any download I just deinstalled the game, deinstalled steam too. It should work now but it still won’t open valguero.... i dunno what to do, could anyone help me with that? I’m extremely desperate atm
  5. Is there really no idea how to fix this or what could cause this issue ?
  6. Summer bash won’t start Hey guys, like the titel says, I’m playing on pc in singelplayer and the event isn’t active for me. I’ve tried to start it manually with -activeevent=summer and I’ve built new s plus cooking pots, also new cooking pots but I can’t see any skins or event colored dinos. Every event before got activated by itself, summer bash won’t. I am running the acm mod since 1 week, can this cause any known problems? Please i need help
  7. Jurassic Park Expansion mod Boss Arena Access Hey there! Is anyone using this great mod? I really need to know which of the jp dinos are able to enter the boss arenas. there is really no information to be found about this and I’m hoping for experienced players
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