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  1. RicardoLp21

    PAY TO WIN Is ruining PvP

    @Luciddwe cant do that we have never found implants . But well doesn't matter I quit the game cuz they are raiding everyone in server with some kind of glitch that allow them to get close to tower with birds without getting shoot and boom everything, they wiped our main base on volcano with more then 80 turrets and they not used bronto, trike, or something to drain they only destroyed towers, also ally got wiped too same way.. they only have 1 bronto but they never sed it for raids , they usually have primitive gears cuz they are beginner they appear one day, and also I saw how one tower got destroyed without explosives. Games is broken dud I dont wanna play no more. I dont have nothing against Asian people o any race but I dont like cheaters
  2. RicardoLp21

    PAY TO WIN Is ruining PvP

    Yeah I know that and I understand, but I mean it would be good if they put limitations on reviving the animals or something like that. We've already attacked them twice and one of those times was when they were offline but the problem is that most of the time they are connected, they are only offline between 5 pm to 7 pm eastern time .. We already try with brontos and paracers suicide, but we still have same problem that they ress tames and because they are on the cliff we always have to go same way and we cant destroy revival platforms cuz is in the middle of its base and before we can get close we have to go through many turrets. Last time we tried they were offline we were so close, but when we were draining last 5 turrets towers they got on, they started attacking with tames and even we killed all they ress them back.. And yeah is a cooldown to revive tames between 5 to 10 minutes, for examples for brontos is 10 mins. I guess Last option we have is to tame a titan that is not something easy mobile, because of lag and crashes.
  3. RicardoLp21

    PAY TO WIN Is ruining PvP

    My ally wiped a Chinese metal base with pretty good amount of turrets that suddenly appeared one day, because they had been attacking noobs and this causes the server to become inactive, the day that my ally wiped them the owners of the base were offline and my ally found a members with 8k of amber, which we thought was impressive but that is not what surprised us the most, what surprised us most was that the next day they had already completely rebuilt. So my tribe decided to go and wipe them again, but this time they were online and they started attacking us and we killed their birds and other animals like therizis, brontos, and paracers but the problem is that they revived their tames almost immediately and this happened during 9hrs of continuous attacks, it was always the same we killed their tames and they revived them. Without lying, the 7-8 animals they were using to attack, each one was revived at least 5 times. In my opinion this is a really big problem because is not more fair PvP, this is (pay to win)
  4. RicardoLp21

    From where or how i get long neck rifle bp?

    Thanks guys
  5. from where or how I can get long neck rifle bps?
  6. RicardoLp21


    Yes on large crop, plant start growing but after couple ours die
  7. RicardoLp21


    Does anyone know why plants species x do not grow? They have full fertilizer and constant water, I live in snow biome.