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  1. Connection Failure again!!! DILO when will you guys learn
  2. Current Version: 306.83 - 3/4/2020 - PVE caves on genesis mare now arked non-buildable - The ice cave on genesis is now marked non-buildable on PvP - Fixed incorrect damage for building in Arctic and Ocean biome
  3. wait there's a patch note now?
  4. build disable @ moon cave? did the last patch kill the building on moon cave? you can't build anymore. is it a bug? anyone know?
  5. what do you expect, free weekend. lots of new people, server can't handle. it's not just you man, all island server
  6. what happen to the normal update every Tuesday go? schedule time and date, not some random update, very not organize.
  7. i get what you saying. It was not like this, few years ago. only these few events. I don't know if they have new staff or a noob in their team. and he or she doesn't sleep.
  8. 3 update per day? Why there's so many update during event not on the normal day? You must be joking, can't we have a relax and enjoy able event. Not your stupid restart every few hours. I just took out about 20 babies, after 10min. i have to put them back in the pods again. NOT A EVENT FOR UPDATE. DO IT ON NORMAL DAY
  9. haha someone started a petition on mana "http://chng.it/KRyyXFDNV7 please sign our clan's change.org's petition to protest wild card's mana nerf. It is 10000% unfair how tens of thousands of hours of work and years of breeding can be undone with an arbitrary whim of an update!"
  10. why are you attacking me, when i trying to help. If it show on your artifact +1 lv, that means it work. if not that's the bug.
  11. check my picture man, 2 post up. god just read before post
  12. make sure you guys know, it doesn't add lv to you right now, it will add to your cap lv. go check your Artifact
  13. Why not just remove the mana from the game? what's the point putting a useless mana there with 1 DASH. idiot change. I USE IT FOR TRAVEL NOT ATTACKING poop OR Separate PVP and PVE, from the game. leave pve alone.
  14. LOL lock is bACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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