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  1. it's this update they F up " Structure stasis code optimized (Official only for now whilst we continue to investigate impact) I got stuck everytime i log in or tp. water babies all went out the walls, lost few of them.
  2. cuz they F up everytime they update, so they need to fix the previous update with this update.
  3. This is not a bug. they did it for security measurements. It's around 5min. timer
  4. now you just notice, it's been remove 2 weeks ago. i posted long ago. guess no one cares anyway. See no one cares
  5. Construction Area is Obstructed? anyone have this problem crafting skiff? I try 2 tek rep, same problem. one 1 inside and outside. Anyone know how to fix it?
  6. Pin code removed? Did they removed pin code on Forge, Transmitter, Cloner, Tek rep on last patch? I can't seem to find it. Can anyone check? Thank you
  7. is tek bridge really fixed? I still can't place even if it is green. What's going on? after 2 years still like this, so disappointed
  8. i check the x y z using single player. that's what it give me
  9. Anti-meshing kill skiff? How can a skiff Anti-meshing? Is this a joke? all my items in there, lots of dinos and other stuff. This Anti-meshing is dumb.
  10. ocean platform bugged? anyone have this problem? It now give me random "too far". Am i bugged or the game?
  11. again we need to separate pvp and pve game play. pve you can't do anything about it. pvp i can kill him and get it back. This need to be change.
  12. stealing elements on charge station Is there a way to prevent people from stealing your elements on charge station? I got stolen when someone came while the element is processing. I can't cancel or do anything. Why WC can't just make elements making instance, why a timer, so stupid. Not only that he stole my elements. He wait me at the next charge station, hiding at the grass lol. Lucky i saw him
  13. omg i just lost another anky, lag then gone. I lost 3 today, DILO i am running out anky
  14. It is just sad, watching over, over over over again. we need a feature to disable it
  15. how to stop HLNA from intro How do you stop HLNA introduction everytime you transfer in? It is so annoying Anyone know?
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