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  1. EVO event should be a regular, just like few years ago. Why the change????/
  2. All maps, it's confirm by one of the youtuber. impossible mission to do it
  3. Usually 3 months from the start of DLC. It's been always like that to all new DLC.
  4. Abecy

    Lost all interaction

    New bug, if you charge battery on Stryder, you will lost all interaction. can't press E or F. Only fix is to hold "E" to get it back.
  5. Please make giga and mana able to carry by Maewing. It SAVE a lot of space, less lag, small base, to raise it. Please!!!!
  6. it only give 4 or 6 using chainsaw on x2. Must be joking
  7. All the drops and crate are bugged on all map, except gen 2? everything in the drop or crate are Primitive
  8. I tried, Federation Exo suit become normal tek suit, need elements to run on other server
  9. It is working now oh so when they are about to reboot, they turn off transfer
  10. Is it bugged? I remember you can transfer naked character in, on DLC
  11. EU-PVE-Official-Valguero512, My big tek base still gone, after yesterday patch. Was it rollback on this map? other map got their cave base back after rollback, but not this map. What's going on. Please help
  12. EU-PVE-Official-Valguero512 cave gone, didn't get rollback or didn't fix it on rollback. Please fix it, It is a very big tek base.
  13. Unconscious dinos can be move using whistle, they move like zombie. It's like few years ago, when cryopod was introduce.
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