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  1. EU-PVE-Official-Valguero512, My big tek base still gone, after yesterday patch. Was it rollback on this map? other map got their cave base back after rollback, but not this map. What's going on. Please help
  2. EU-PVE-Official-Valguero512 cave gone, didn't get rollback or didn't fix it on rollback. Please fix it, It is a very big tek base.
  3. Unconscious dinos can be move using whistle, they move like zombie. It's like few years ago, when cryopod was introduce.
  4. Can you anyone check please? I feel like we are back to the old base 1. It is not the new base 1.
  5. EU-PVE-Official-GenOne655, "Invalid attempt, already authenticating" FIX IT!!!!!
  6. that's very annoying, if have 20 babies looking at that icon. why can't they make it simple, like remove the stupid icon after 100%?
  7. same, already try it. cryopod it, then un cryopod it
  8. "Pacifier only displays above dinos when imprinting is NOT at 100%, and will pulse when a baby is ready to be cuddled" all babies are now showing up the imprint icon, even my imprint is 4 hours.
  9. it's this update they F up " Structure stasis code optimized (Official only for now whilst we continue to investigate impact) I got stuck everytime i log in or tp. water babies all went out the walls, lost few of them.
  10. cuz they F up everytime they update, so they need to fix the previous update with this update.
  11. This is not a bug. they did it for security measurements. It's around 5min. timer
  12. now you just notice, it's been remove 2 weeks ago. i posted long ago. guess no one cares anyway. See no one cares
  13. Construction Area is Obstructed? anyone have this problem crafting skiff? I try 2 tek rep, same problem. one 1 inside and outside. Anyone know how to fix it?
  14. Pin code removed? Did they removed pin code on Forge, Transmitter, Cloner, Tek rep on last patch? I can't seem to find it. Can anyone check? Thank you
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