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  1. Well I got my tapejara finnaly Got stuck in a tree so easy catch and highish level as well. Now started building a cage for a to tame quetz. My base is starting to look like an entire city on a mountain now
  2. I was looking for the best way to solo tame a quetz... turns out I need a tapajara for this. So I set out to find myself a tapajara and while it looks simple to get, in the place I am right now it looks impossible due to all the troodons, raptors and other not so funny dinos. so this was not such a succes yet... so I have been working on my base again, its massive now. This was last week or so:
  3. At this moment I have a small 900 hours in the game which is a lot for me. Still I have friends that are exceeding the 6000 hours in the game. Together with friends I bought the game and it was addiction from the start. My friends started a bit earlier than me and I heard stories of angry bronto's which flatend entire bases, so I had to see what the fuzz was about. Also I seen videos of angry joe playing the game which triggered me to try it. Well just when I joined my friends decided to move their base to another location, they called it the big migration because of all the dino's they owned back then. This was on the island map and from the coast we moved land inwards to a location on a rock overlooking a valley. The first night I decided to tame a trike, just so I could contribute to the new base. this actually helped a lot and went pretty good. next day we decided to go out on a hike with the dilo's, that was less a succes. The dilos agro'd on something and run of a cliff into some lake... my friend jumped right after them to the resque.... I had to get a pteradon to get them all out... After played a while on this server they were doing a reset( I think because a big update of the game). we all decided to start somewhere else now on the east side of the island above a river. We thought a base on a river, what can go wrong.... well first of all, at nights it was so cold that we froze solid. We died like 30 times that first night in our thatch hut in the middle of the river trying to keep the fire burning. Everytime we died we had to spawn on the east beach which was partically exciting because of all the t-rexes that were smiling at us when we spawned there. Well we managed to get the base going and more and more people joined the group, at the top I think we were with 15 or so. Next new big patch was resulting in the new ice biome... ok so were were situated just in between the ice biome and the jungle biome, one side of the base was 40C and other side was -30C. We became all powerfull after we caught some giga's and decided to start all over on a different center server where we went all for ourselves but still in one tribe called (plasmacannondiscounter). My base as of now. I still need to make the base itself beautifull again but the idea is there and the views are amazing My daughter(9) is now playing Ark with the daughter of one of my friends and also with her brother(6) on the PS4. Its funny to see them interact via the teamspeak with eachother. Also funny is that we (grown man) from time to time scream like little girls when running away from a t-rex or any big man eating thing but these little girls themselfs are actually kinda fearless.
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