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  1. Looks like you have a out dated string! This will help https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/527966-procedurally-generated-map-npc-spawn-entries-guide/
  2. Procedurally Generated Map - NPC Spawn Entries - Guide ARK Dev Kit Spawn Entries Last Verified: 4/24/2020 DinoSpawnEntriesBeach_PGM_C DinoSpawnEntriesGrassland_PGM_C DinoSpawnEntriesJungle_PGM_C DinoSpawnEntriesMountain_PGM_C DinoSpawnEntriesRedwoodsPGM_C DinoSpawnEntriesSnow_PGM_C DinoSpawnEntriesSnowMountain_PGM_C DinoSpawnEntriesSnowShoreline_PGM_C DinoSpawnEntries_InlandWater_PGM_C DinoSpawnEntries_TheOcean_PGM_C DinoSpawnEntries_TheDeepwater_PGM_C You can edit these entries in 3 different ways.
  3. PGmap Player Start Loaction ini help? Is there a ini code to edit player start locations? When I make my map and go to spawn the new player in it shows the spawn region tabs but when I click on them the white spot on the map dont move it just stays in the very left top corner and my guy always spawns in same place no matter what tab I pick.
  4. I have noticed if I turn off high detail mode in the game menu its a little less dark on the bottom half but the look of everything is much worse.
  5. Screen Bug! Need Help. I have a server at Nitrado and edit all my ini files. I have tried everything in the ini files to get this to go away but with no luck. As you can see in the image the bottom half of the screen has black boxs. I took the screenshot on the beach so you can see it better. It is there all the time my screen is like that no matter witch way i look it moves with me. It's like the bottom half of the screen has this shadowing thing going on but the top half is fine. Can anyone help me fix this?
  6. I rent a server for ps4 used to be the bloom and light shafts command worked in the ini files but they dont work anymore and it be nice to get them back I mean half the time the sun Ray's are just to much even with my gamma all the way down it's just stupid. Can you please give us a way to edit please
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