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  1. Hmmm. I might try that on PS4 where I can spawn one in... though I doubt that it would be anything special
  2. Yeah, or make an easier one?
  3. I wonder if you can 'clone' a dino by resurrecting one with its implant if it's still alive... I would love to have a clone of my fully imprinted level 216 rex, just in case I lose my original to fall damage... I know you should dismount before you hit the ground but it's hard
  4. I'll check if I have the dossier and let you know as soon as possible If I can't find them, Try checking the wiki
  5. I doubt it does, but the ark devs said there would be a tlc for it or at least an improvement, where it would be given a better use
  6. PEOPLE I JUST TAMED ONE!!!!! I mean she's gone now, but she did give me a buff which said I felt lucky... I hope she didn't mean it that way! Otherwise, my small, furry t rex ass would be filled with glitter for days... But other than that I didn't see any other use for the buff except maybe for an artifact? I'm not sure. I found her by the little island next to the Footpaw... that place is crammed with rare dinos! I've seen multiple Quetzals and a titanosaur there, and now this! I'm pretty sure it will be the place I find the unicorn! So yeah, that's my opinion/advice, good luck!
  7. I just tamed a lio... real shame I didn't take her implant and resurrect her in the sea with one of those platforms... I named her clover and got her up to level fifty-two by having her follow my level 300 mosa and finishing her prey off... one was an alpha mosa. Just kidding, I used God Console...
  8. YES! I mean, troodons are pretty cool but thylas are freaking EPIC! For some reason, WarDrum like to add useless dinos to ark (and who can blame them, after all, i am the one hoping they add lymantria) but they should definitely add thyla (and lymantria) to mobile.
  9. same. Ark should add a giant gecko which kinda looks like a crested gecko.
  10. I saw a salmon so big, it died because the water was too shallow
  11. YEAH THAT TOO!!!!!! Now i’m Scared to even set foot in the swamp. I nearly even lost a level 200 fully imprinted Rex to a couple of terror birds, and she has nearly 1000 percent damage! And a few thousand health! I am hoping that they fix it, as it’s driving me to the brink of a mental breakdown! I hope that they fix this!
  12. I totally agree with you fellow single player. It’s just too crazy! I think that the only way to complete it is with friends, because otherwise it’s impossible. I play single player, and I haven’t even gotten past threat two! AND I HAVE GOD CONSOLE!!!!!! Yeah, it’s a pain. I hope they fix it. Good luck!
  13. Yeah, I guess. But maybe they have reasons why they haven’t added them to mobile. Megalania would be cool but it doesn’t really add much effect to the game, as it’s not a majestic sight. I still hope they add it one day though. Yutyrannus would be awesome and it is a popular Dino, but there are already Rexes in the Arctic biome on mobile, and yutys are basically rexes but fluffy. Kentrosaurus is the same. They are basically stegos with the abilities that megalosaurus possess, picking up things. Also, they look very similar to stegos and would be a bit boring to add now. Still, thanks for the criticism
  14. Yeah I think that would be cool too, but would it add anything to ark? The lymantria would look cool, give the plains on the centre a more finished look AND make a good beginner mount (If they nerf the saddle level.) have you already posted your opinion on adding megalania? If you haven’t, give it a go! good luck
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