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  1. i wish that could be a thing on official PvE but that would be incredibly op especially for PvP because you can just build your just below the top world border making it incredibly hard to raid other people and really unfair. Also incase your gonna ask you can store land based creatures with cryopods so again you will have no need to even have a pillar on the ground.
  2. When you transfer your character will be automatically uploaded so in case something happens it will still be there. When i'm transfering my char to another map/ server sometimes my game will freeze and crash but all you need to do i relog into a server and it will still be there.
  3. I actually think the dodo and giga shouldn't get a new look as well some dinos shouldn't have other dino abilities like the ptera having the glide and grab onto walls because then it makes snow owls, Griffins and tapejaras less useful
  4. I played Scorched Earth solo for a pretty long time on Legacy before I was brought into a tribe by another solo player. I would not recommend Aberration or Scorched Earth because it they are very aggressive maps, Extinction is a bit easier in the city (craft a bow with some arrows and you should be able to defend yourself against most things, i've killed corrupted rexes with bows), although drops and veins are easier with multiple people. The Island, Ragnarok, Valgeuro and other maps that are less aimed at multiple people are a recommendation.
  5. Yes the same thing happens to me, i primarily play on Scorched Earth (but play on every other map) but it has the Aberration theme. Honestly it doesn't really bother me though
  6. It depends on the boss, difficulty, dino and stats but using primitive saddles for any alpha boss is extremely risky and is strongly discouraged.
  7. I think making crafted element cheaper is way too op and it should stay the way it is although an extinction dino should be reworked or added to get increased element from veins and city structures
  8. Sorry i missed your message last night, i keep most of my event drakes in cryopods so i don't have to feed them and so they don't get in the way. I don't have screenshots of most of my event drakes although my first drake on the new Official servers (not legacy) was a Christmas event which i have screenshot here of it from a long while ago as well as an event reaper from a while ago, I've been trying to get event reapers since with no luck. I had to make the videos low res to make them fit but hope they are an alright size! The drake is a 185 in case you were wondering
  9. If you play on Official PvE than i can sell you a good level Rock Drake, already grown, for whatever you can afford. I fine to be flexible on any offers! in the event just gone i got 40+ high level drake eggs with about 3/5 of them being event so i have many norm drakes left over that my tribe won't use. I'm not at home but msg me if ur interested, been wanting to sell the drakes but don't know anyone who would want them! My steam account is Rock Drake Gaming YT and my pic is a deino eye: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198380792270/
  10. Yes, Aberration is my absolute favourite map, i would strongly recommend getting it because of the creatures, farming and its just an overall good map! If your a bit short on cash atm wait until the season pass goes on sail or just buy them individually again on sale. I have seen some really good prices like Grumpy Bear said he got all 3 DLCs for only $20
  11. Even on the trailer it is said that there is 2 parts to Genesis so there is possibly 2 maps but guaranteed more than 3 creatures (plus the pet). I'm with Wildcard on the price because don't forget this game is the primary income for many families so don't expect a full season pass to be $5.
  12. I wouldn't mind a permanent 2x change on official (this would defeat the point of evo events) but keep coloured dinos for larger events because things at first are awesome but when you see it more and more often then it becomes stale. For example the dodo in ARK, at first it is amazing but after you play the game more and more than you move onto other things and the dodo becomes just another creature/ tame.
  13. It seems that many people want a wipe for PvP but not PvE and personally i don't really care what happens on PvP as long as PvE (what i play on) doesn't suffer from it
  14. Interesting can not be tranqed and fed but needs to be raised to be tamed similar to Wyvern or Drake
  15. I would say either a Deinonychus, future DLC first creature (doubt it but possible) or a TLC for something such as the Microraptor leading into TLC patch 3
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