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  1. I wouldn't mind a permanent 2x change on official (this would defeat the point of evo events) but keep coloured dinos for larger events because things at first are awesome but when you see it more and more often then it becomes stale. For example the dodo in ARK, at first it is amazing but after you play the game more and more than you move onto other things and the dodo becomes just another creature/ tame.
  2. Why can't I see the flexible electric cable engram? I was crafting cables but than saw that the flexible cable engram wasn't present. I mind wiped a couple weeks ago so i thought that I didn't have the engram or forgot to learn it previously but the engram wasn't present either. Did i miss something in a patch or is this simply a bug that requires a computer restart?
  3. It seems that many people want a wipe for PvP but not PvE and personally i don't really care what happens on PvP as long as PvE (what i play on) doesn't suffer from it
  4. Mate first things first make sure you are giving constructive criticism otherwise it is just not necessary. This game has its ups and downs which is the same as any game, some people who play this game (me included) get a real sense of achievement throughout it. yes the devs are a bit iffy on some terms but given time they can fix it instead of just saying their game as whole is trash because it's not. oh and just so you know Epic Card is not actually a thing, it is either the company Studio Wildcard (ARK devs) or Epic Games (fortnite devs)
  5. I believe stamina does recover while it does not have a rider even when flying on any flyer but as soon as the rider dismounts than the flyer will automatically land (im not sure about a Griffin but every other flyer does this as far as i know). For example in your case a wyvern will land as soon as someone dismounts it, I would think this is in case someone has bumped the dismount button (E by default on pc) so it is not too difficult to find them again but this what i've seen and idk if this is true or false.
  6. Interesting can not be tranqed and fed but needs to be raised to be tamed similar to Wyvern or Drake
  7. Wyvern TLC and Tek Saddle Ideas Wyverns are a part of the Scorched DLC, Ragnarok Expansion and a new Corrupted, and Forest Fire type in Extinction which are untameable by the player. Making a wyvern TLC is unlikely but still possible because they are a part of a DLC. The ice wyvern should also have a reason for taming instead of the sake of having it / bragging rights because it is a lot easier to find a fire, lightning and poison which in most situations are more useful for examaple an ice wyvern will take damage from fire, lightning and poison in scar however in a PvE environment a poison wyvern will be worse than an ice wyvern but a lightning wyvern or fire wyvern would still be better for flying through scar. An ice wyvern egg is difficult to find especially when the area is extremely dangerous with a high level parent spawn being even rarer a high level ice egg can be a very good trophy dino or a good transport dino. Skin remakes: I think each wyvern should look dramatically different instead of every wyvern having the same body with a slightly different head and breath attack but at the end of the day it is up to Wildcard on what is added and what is not. Poison Wyvern: - Has twin sails going down the wyverns back protecting the player from projectiles - Has spikes going down tail, small space between back legs and where spikes start (these spikes can detach and blind creatures/ humans) - Has a sail from the back of its head to its neck which splits into two and separate, meeting again above the back legs and going down the tail Lightning Wyvern: - Have a form of thick hide/ natural armour on his back similar to an ankylosaurus - Has a barb on the end of its tail to conduct electricity (for a possible tail attack) - Does not look down when looking someone is nearby, that feature is annoying!!! - Lightning wyvern has large spikes going down its back but is more vertical than the current wyverns which players can hold onto while riding helping with a passenger - When breatch attack is active it's bottom jaw splits in half increases mouth size - When Lightning storm active has zaps/ sparks going from back spike to back spike Fire Wyvern: - Large Talons on both feet and on wings which can give a bleed effect but only at close range it can be used. - Has a second set of small wings above its normal ones that can either be there for flight or are there for looks/ to make look larger/ used in a wing attack - Has two spikes on either side of its nose pointing diagonal to the sky with spikes going down its face to the back of the neck however these spikes decrease in size and stop a small space from the shoulder blades leaving room for 2nd wings Ice Wyvern: - Has chunks of solid ice on the wyvern (similar to corruption). - Instead of a wing attack the ice wyvern can increase their claw size using ice and can harvest resources such as wood, thatch and flint but not as much as theri, mammoth, etc. more for a short quick trip to get resources. Abilities: All 4 Types: - has a roar - Tek Saddle that lets them be resistant to sand storms but costs 1% element every 30-60secs (element % only decreases when wyvern is mounted), Tek saddle allows them to have slightly reduced weight, can carry slightly larger creatures than without saddle but still can not pickup large - Extra large creatures. Instead of firing lasers it can give breath attacks a boost but change the colour to have cyan particles around it (for fire and poison) but does not require element to fire. Tek saddle can protect the player from poison wyvern breath attacks but costs 2% element with every blast taken. With the tek saddle when the player presses control than a small top wraps around the rider(s) which protects them from either a sand storm, regenerates player stats and/ or shields them from projectiles and poisonous gases. - Normal saddle that can have better quality found in desert/ cave drops only unlike mantis saddles - Can dive like Griffin but is not really needed just would make life easier Poison Wyvern: - Can have spines/ sails on either side of where the rider would mount protecting the rider from turrets set to 'player only' (for pvp as well would look cool) - Can also have spines on its wings/ tail that can be fired at a person/ creature and blind them similar to Dilophosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus but doesn't last as long Fire Wyvern: -During a Heat Storm the fire wyvern breath attack gets a buff - Can fire a ball of lava similar to a poison wyvern blast that can damage stone and set wood + thatch on fire but requires more stamina to use than the current attack - Can pick up slightly larger creatures because of spare set of wings Lightning Wyvern: - The lightning wyvern can coat itself in lightning making everything within a certain radius take damage from the lightning but costs stamina with a 120sec cool down if used again within 120secs the creature becomes stunned similar to eels/ jellyfish - Can have a second rider/ passenger but only a tribe mate or ally can be a passenger. - When breath attack is active it's bottom jaw splits in half increases mouth size (this can also be active when biting) Ice Wyvern (not really needed but would be nice) - Can freeze itself to act like a tank (primarily for turrets), with the ice coat surrounding the wyvern it could have 80% damage reduction (this % can change) but it requires stamina to use and when stamina runs out the ice will melt losing the buff and can not fly away making it a sitting duck/ open target - Can freeze dinos similar to Managarmr - Ice projectiles can be shot and freeze creatures but only within a small radius similar to owl right click dive but they dont take damage or heal from the attack. Aswell as have a 45% damage reduction because of stun effect and can not be ridden but riders will not be dismounted. - When a button is pressed the ice wyvern can breath ice on its tail and turn it into a harvesting tool for wood, thatch and flint but won't gather as much as other dinos, more aimed towards quick resource runs These are just ideas and don't need to be added but i thought Wildcard might need these ideas (i don't know if they do or don't) but either way. These ideas could also be used for a new type of wyvern and/ or dragon. Again these are just ideas and it is fine if it is not used in the actual game! Have a nice day
  8. I wish to rename my character on official (it is level 129 and has killed every boss except for Alpha Dragon and Extinction bosses) because i had made a new youtube channel because the old one was difficult to find in amongst all of the similar names, if you did not spell it exactly right than you would get spammed with other random channels and videos. It would be nice to rename your character (or in your case to change the look of it) but i can understand why you can not. If you could change your name than griefing/ trolling would get worse because the troll can not be caught if no one knows his/ her name(s).
  9. From what im told when Extinction released there was a bug which wiped every Rock Drake saddle (crafted and engram) in the game while it has been patched the only way to get it back is to redo Beta Rockwell. This is what i was told i do not know if it is true or false but hope it helped in some way
  10. I would say either a Deinonychus, future DLC first creature (doubt it but possible) or a TLC for something such as the Microraptor leading into TLC patch 3
  11. This rarely but does occur to me and it's always when i need to leave home in hurry so have everything on my body. A bout a month ago i lost 3 sets of hazmat, jm-asc tools, asc shotgun, 40 Z seeds (for glow pets), some shotguns bullets and more (but not fussed about the rest). I had gotten home and seen i was attacked by a nameless and had somehow gotten inside the outpost building we had next to the radiation (but not in the radiation) for reaper farming. The only thing i could think of was my glow pets charge had run out of charge, nameless spawned and the offline hadn't activated in time. (I also lost a level 250 Rock Drake, level 190 egg and on official to seekers while i was in the blue biome healing and afk but that's irrelevant). As well as on Scorched Earth stuff frequently spawns inside our base what i would recommend is log out naked with absolutely nothing (on Ab i chuck everything onto my glow pet, SE Jerboa, Ext Vault next to cryopod, etc.) and have turrets set up inside the building in case this does occur and if the turrets somehow don't work than if your naked you won't lose much if anything. If offline damage had activated with for example a wolf but hadn't killed you than when you log on again yes you will die but you will know the wolf is there (because you died from it) and will be able to kill it with a Dino or weapon before it does any real damage. I would also recommend logging out while laying on a bed, bunk bed or sleeping pod because the intruder will need to break the bed before it can reach you which gives the offline damage some time to activate, if the offline damage is already active than the intruder can not hurt the bed meaning it can not touch you.
  12. Yes i think the transmitter on official should be the same as the S+ one in that respect, making it an obelisk will make life much easier for larger tribes who have earned the transmitter. Don't get me wrong i frequently use the transmitter on every map especially aberration and being able to upload is incredibly helpful but on The Island, Ragnarok, The Center and Scorched earth there are always either dinosaurs or structures on the platform preventing our and other tribes dinos from entering the arena with more rexes because in boss battles such as the dragon every rex counts! The amount of times i have entered the Alpha Manticore boss battle and someone has left 2-3 jerboas and a couple other things on the platform meaning we are low on dinos and old mate who left it there is going to lose his dinos. The transmitter will help this problem
  13. (this is day after last post) I was trying to get another reaper on my hunt for a new blue one but i was hungry and went afk but when i got back my lvl 250 Drake (190 egg on official) was killed by seekers while my drake was healing and no where near the red biome. While this sucks im currently raising more Drakes so hopefully it'll work out in the end but ive got some leveling to do until i can get another reaper king
  14. I don't know about you guys but when the easter event broke out i went through atleast 4 taxidermy tools on ab alone
  15. Got a blue 210 reaper, it died as a juvy because i left it over night and had something to go to early in the morning so i filled the troughs, and left it. came back late in the morning to imprint on it and it had starved! Tamed an all black 220 the next day... Gonna be used to kill Drakes in the trench!
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