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  1. I actually think the dodo and giga shouldn't get a new look as well some dinos shouldn't have other dino abilities like the ptera having the glide and grab onto walls because then it makes snow owls, Griffins and tapejaras less useful
  2. Yes the same thing happens to me, i primarily play on Scorched Earth (but play on every other map) but it has the Aberration theme. Honestly it doesn't really bother me though
  3. It depends on the boss, difficulty, dino and stats but using primitive saddles for any alpha boss is extremely risky and is strongly discouraged.
  4. I wouldn't mind a permanent 2x change on official (this would defeat the point of evo events) but keep coloured dinos for larger events because things at first are awesome but when you see it more and more often then it becomes stale. For example the dodo in ARK, at first it is amazing but after you play the game more and more than you move onto other things and the dodo becomes just another creature/ tame.
  5. Interesting can not be tranqed and fed but needs to be raised to be tamed similar to Wyvern or Drake
  6. I would say either a Deinonychus, future DLC first creature (doubt it but possible) or a TLC for something such as the Microraptor leading into TLC patch 3
  7. Yes i think the transmitter on official should be the same as the S+ one in that respect, making it an obelisk will make life much easier for larger tribes who have earned the transmitter. Don't get me wrong i frequently use the transmitter on every map especially aberration and being able to upload is incredibly helpful but on The Island, Ragnarok, The Center and Scorched earth there are always either dinosaurs or structures on the platform preventing our and other tribes dinos from entering the arena with more rexes because in boss battles such as the dragon every rex counts! The amount of t
  8. (this is day after last post) I was trying to get another reaper on my hunt for a new blue one but i was hungry and went afk but when i got back my lvl 250 Drake (190 egg on official) was killed by seekers while my drake was healing and no where near the red biome. While this sucks im currently raising more Drakes so hopefully it'll work out in the end but ive got some leveling to do until i can get another reaper king
  9. Got a blue 210 reaper, it died as a juvy because i left it over night and had something to go to early in the morning so i filled the troughs, and left it. came back late in the morning to imprint on it and it had starved! Tamed an all black 220 the next day... Gonna be used to kill Drakes in the trench!
  10. In my opinion the Tek Dinos, added max lvl (which brings added stats) and the event colours to be a really good idea and very nice on WildCard's part. I can see what people mean by "a tek para really?" with the tek raptor being in the same respect but i think WildCard put those 2 in more for new players and players who are less experienced to get their hands on a tek dino or 2 because rexes aren't really a new game dino.
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