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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Maximum Survivor Trophy

    Just for an additional tip, there is a quicker way to spawn in all the tribute items without using the full command string: cheat gfi ArtifactAB 1 0 0 cheat gfi ArtifactAB_2 1 0 0 cheat gfi ArtifactAB_3 1 0 0 cheat gfi claw 1 0 0 cheat gfi barb 1 0 0 cheat gfi basilisk_alpha 1 0 0 cheat gfi drop_rockdrake 7 0 0 cheat gfi gland 7 0 0 cheat gfi drop_basilisk 8 0 0 cheat gfi nameless 20 0 0 Also, for those wanting an easy way to get to the tribute terminal you can use the command setplayerpos -105377 -58144 -102977
  2. Dedicated servers won't save anything Aberration.

    The patch has finally passed cert on Xbox, so just got to wait for it to roll out now. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow at the latest
  3. how's them theri'z on the abberation boss??

    I'm looking forward to taming some megalosaurus, keep hearing repeated praise for them on the Aberration map.
  4. Dedicated servers won't save anything Aberration.

    We were still playing on our dedicated server up until yesterday, just having fun and exploring, finding good spots for bases and figuring out different things about the map. We actually bred a couple of Ravagers and got a really cool mutated one with a green stomach. We realized we were starting to invest time in things we might actually want to keep so we're now holding off doing anything until the update arrives.
  5. bugged obilisks?

    I may be incorrectly informed on this, but I believe the Aberration boss has its own terminal down in the underground area. I think the coordinates are at 42.7, 36.7 but it's a winding way down to it.
  6. Can we get achievements/trophies for the expansions?

    I believe in one of the Community Crunch Q&A's it was said that Aberration, Scorched, the next DLC and Ragnarok would eventually get trophies/achievements. Not sure if this is still the intention. I'd like to see these added in too but feel like should be more expansive than the one trophy/achievement we got for the Center.
  7. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    I mentioned this in a different thread but for Aberration I'd like to see a mutated pig. It could be smaller than the Daeodon and unrideable but you take it with you around mushrooms and it detects and gathers truffles. Truffles can then be used as the second best thing to kibble to tame Herbivores (in a similar way that Mutton works for Carnivores)
  8. Additional abberation creature idea's/suggestions.

    I would like to see some kind of mutated pig that you could use to hunt truffles. The truffles could then be the next best thing to tame herbivores (similar to how mutton tames carnivores)
  9. Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Direbear - Currently it's face is very rounded and cutesy, I feel the proportions should be more like how it's shown in the dossier entry
  10. Aberration PvP is Awkward...

    My bad, I meant Chem Bench and not Fabricator - have edited my post. The recipe to craft gas is already in there and you just need to add the congealed gas balls and green gems (if I remember right it's 20 of each)
  11. Feel like some creatures are missing?

    I'd say out of all the dinos you have mentioned, the Dilo definitely feels like it would fit the map. I understand your point about the Onyc too but I suppose the Seeker is kind of a replacement for that. I'm surprised Troodons have been left off also, the creepy vibe from them would definitely fit the environment.
  12. Aberration PvP is Awkward...

    You can trap them and knock them out with catapults. Less resource heavy than cannon. I know you mentioned fertilizer and oil issues, but once you have a Dung Beetle that is minimized (and they are pretty easy to find on the ramps down into the blue chamber) Also, if you're wanting oil to make gas, you can bypass the oil gathering and just make gas in the Chem Bench with concealed gas balls and green gems.
  13. Dedicated servers won't save anything Aberration.

    There's a whole topic about dedicated's not saving right here in the forum: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/282479-dedicated-servers-wont-save-anything-aberration/
  14. So is Aberration fun?

    Yea, I have to say I agree with you on the lack of new creatures - would've been great to have a few more creatures or even mutations of existing creatures. It surprises me too how some of the original dinosaurs have been left off the map when they would have been fitting to have (e.g. dilos) and yet creatures that don't really fit the environment (like the otter) have been left in.
  15. Dedicated Artifact Cave Glitch

    Last night I found myself in the artifact cave at around 90,50 on the map and it was packed full of dinosaurs that were not moving and didn't react when they were attacked. Now my husband is in an artifact cave at around 51,23 and again it is packed full of dinosaurs that are not moving. He even killed an alpha Karkinos which didn't move when shot with arrows. He tamed a Glowtail and all of a sudden everything surrounding him came to life and charged him too. Not sure if this is a glitch or working as intended? We are playing on an Xbox Dedicated Server - is anyone else experiencing the same issue?