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  1. Ark on Xbox has some really heavy text censorship. It's going blank because it's not liking the word "homo" as part of the homodeus skin.
  2. Recently came back to Ark after a long hiatus, decided to try out Extinction as never played it before. I used to get dashboard issues on Ragnarok but it's even worse on Extinction. Very disappointing.
  3. A quicker way would be to use the GMSummon command, as it would spawn in the dinosaur and auto tame them. Here is a good guide/checklist that might be helpful to follow: https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/5646-ark-survival-evolved/19-master-zoologist A friend of mine used this a couple of days ago and had no problems obtaining the trophy
  4. Direbear - Currently it's face is very rounded and cutesy, I feel the proportions should be more like how it's shown in the dossier entry
  5. It's available for everywhere except North American Store. I found a post from Jat in September where he said they were working with Sony to try and get the issue resolved, but it looks like it still hasn't been sorted for North America.
  6. Studio Wildcard have said that people who already own the Scorched Earth DLC will get discount off the season pass price. I also own the Xbox version and got discount off plus the additional sale price. I imagine it might be an issue with the Playstation Store? As I was told there should be an option to "Complete Your Season Pass" for people who already own Scorched.
  7. Yea, I'm experiencing that too. I was told earlier to go to the PS Store and there would be an option to "Complete Your Season Pass" but I'm not seeing it.
  8. I saw Jeremy's tweet about it yesterday too. Thanks for taking the time to respond and address the issue though. You seriously rock!
  9. Kind of annoying that someone asked a question about the achievements and mentioned the Center one, when it still doesn't work on Xbox and PS4. Getting tired of submitting tickets, tweeting devs etc. Would like to see a fix for that achievement before new ones are added to the game.
  10. Before you start attacking people, maybe you should realize that information was edited into the first post AFTER people had all posted asking. Seriously, SMH
  11. Will the update to bring Ragnarok to PS4 and Xbox go live at the same time? Also, will this bring Otter and Phoenix to console too at the same time?
  12. You get the manticore armor when you have beaten all of the bosses (excluding the Scorched Earth boss)
  13. You need to unlock the skin by collecting all of the dossier entries
  14. This is awesome news. As a solo player on an official server, having the 2x rates is definitely appreciated.
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