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  1. Survivor of The Center not unlockable.

    I imagine it's going to be fixed in the next Xbox patch, as the one that recently came out on PS4 fixed Survivor of the Center
  2. Ragnarok spino spawns

    I've found Spinos in a couple of the lakes south of Green Tower, so maybe check there. I listen in on the Ragnarok Development Streams on Twitch and I know the guys who make the map have said they are going to address increasing Spino spawns (and a couple of other spawns) so hang tight
  3. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Would you consider making classic fliers an option you could check for player dedicated and single player servers?
  4. I saw Jeremy's tweet about it yesterday too. Thanks for taking the time to respond and address the issue though. You seriously rock!
  5. Kind of annoying that someone asked a question about the achievements and mentioned the Center one, when it still doesn't work on Xbox and PS4. Getting tired of submitting tickets, tweeting devs etc. Would like to see a fix for that achievement before new ones are added to the game.
  6. [PS4] No Eggs??! HELP.

    Yea, the method I described works fine for me. One other thing I want to suggest is to idle in the vicinity for half an hour to an hour - I believe if you're away from where your dinosaurs are they go into stasis and don't lay eggs.
  7. survivor of the center trophy

    I submitted a ticket for it and was told that although the trophy is there on PSN (and XBL), it hadn't yet been added to the game itself. I was told to keep an eye on the patch notes for any updates regarding it.
  8. [PS4] No Eggs??! HELP.

    Set your dinosaur poop interval multiplier to 6 - that will mean the dinosaurs poop less and give eggs more frequently instead of poop (I believe the settings instructions when you hover over this say that lower numbers = less poop but this is incorrect, we recently found this out on our dedicated) Make sure you have mate boosted pairs of dinosaurs or just get more females than males. Tame an Oviraptor, fill its inventory up with Stone to weigh it down and set it to wander to get an extra egg pheromone. Having dinosaurs up on ramps can help as the eggs will just roll down. Hope that works well for you and increases your egg production.
  9. Wyvern Not Spawning Ragnarok

    I've seen Wyverns in the trench on Ragnarok dedicated server, but not many. I think there were 3 in there on my last flythrough. Noticed an issue with them just randomly dying though with their dead body just dropping down into the lava. Wish I had taken a recording as it was weird.
  10. 3 Achievements not unlockable.

    1) This one has been glitchy for some time. If physically retrieving all artifacts didn't work for you, try using an admin command to spawn in the artifact crates and collecting them that way. The other workaround is to delete your save and game data and try again. 2) What way did you kill the first guardian? Also, did you check it's inventory after you killed it? I had issues on PS4 with the Dragon trophy not unlocking even after killing it 5 times. Turns out I was a) killing it too fast and b) not checking its inventory when it died. Some people have also reported the achievement not unlocking if they were mounted on a dino when the guardians were killed so also bare that in mind. 3) This is currently unobtainable for everyone on PS4 and Xbox One. I put a support ticket in about it and had the following response
  11. Ragnarok Phantom Grounds....

    I know what you mean. Playing on dedicated server, I seemed to be consistently clipping through the ground. It fixed itself when I logged out and back in, however there are definitely areas of the map where the clipping is not accurate. I've noticed wild dinos randomly disappearing and wonder if it has something to do with the clipping, as we have not yet dino wiped the server.
  12. Griffin on Xbox one

    Spotted one today whilst flying around dedicated server. It was around 45,60 I believe, around where all the sandstone canyons with the waterfalls are - went off to the side to pick up a red drop and it was flying around the tree line. Check at the edges of the sandstone cliffs too if you haven't found one already.
  13. Day Zero: Server Information

    Before you start attacking people, maybe you should realize that information was edited into the first post AFTER people had all posted asking. Seriously, SMH
  14. Day Zero: Server Information

    Will the update to bring Ragnarok to PS4 and Xbox go live at the same time? Also, will this bring Otter and Phoenix to console too at the same time?
  15. Survivor of the Center Trophy

    I'm just hoping now that this trophy is fixed for both PS4 and Xbox with the official release patch.