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  1. Fresh Ragnarok(pvp)1/24 server added to the cluster PS4 Cluster Name: Johto Island Cluster 50x Johto Island Cluster:10/15/19 Ark TV Cribs YouTube page: https://youtu.be/hk-nSb5tw2A Discord: https://discord.gg/xwdTTDd PS4arkservers:https://ps4arkservers.com/server/2922 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/266480320536694/?ref=share PVP Cluster •Maps: Ragnarok ORP(Easter Event) Ragnarok PVP(Summer Event) Val(Winter event) Aberration(Fear Evolved)Longer Nights Extinction(Extinction Chronicles) ⛴The Island(active events) Genesis(upon release) 50x XP, 30X Taming, 25X Harvest, Boosted Drops, Perfect Imprinting, Long day/Regular nights, stack mods, 500 Turret limit, crafting mods, raid bases, drops parties, craftable element(replicator/player), stackable resources, faster flyers, oslightly increased player damage, buffed DODO’s/Pegos/Penguins ect...beds are uncraftable to keep players to stop meshing/spamming(tek beds are in drops), very mature/responsible players. 06 player’s tribe limit: player lvl 130 Dino level 300 3 Admins on the cluster(please contact admins on discord, if anyone is trolling/bullying you for your first couple of days). We also do weekly events. No Server Wipe(abandoned base removal) Johto Shop: The shop currency is Bushberrys. They can be found in drops, boss loot, admin raid bases as loot, given out as event prizes and of course they come in donation packs. Or you could just go raid someone Donation packs also available! How Do I Join? 1. Start Ark Survival on your PS4 and click Join Ark 2. Set Server Filter to Unofficial PC Sessions 3. Set Map to Ragnarok if you wish to Join our Ragnarok server. 4. Search For “Johto” in the Name Filter. 5. When our server “johto island cluster 50x” appears, click on it and click Join You can also check the Add To Favourites to join the server quickly in the future! Let’s grow a positive community together
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