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  1. So much negativity here I’m just excited to see my second Christmas event I enjoyed the first one so much this is my favorite event! And it has a new edition to it this year, the chibis I’m super stoked.
  2. I’m pumped for this event especially since it’s introducing these chili turds I’m gonna go full Pokémon on this event and catch em all>:3 also skins and bps are lovely.
  3. Yeah I would’ve loved placeable pumpkin patches or just different types of looking pumpkins like white ones, big ones, little ones, odd shaped ones etc. same with gravestones so we could build our own patches or graveyards that aren’t filled with all the same looking item. I mean I’m personally really into cosmetics so I’m sure there are a lot of people who don’t care about this sort of thing but I do. ^^
  4. The lag makes playing this server impossible:/
  5. My owls already died due to a crash earlier on I really hope I don’t get double screwed with an update.
  6. Server is offline and I have juvis I was feeding so I’m stuck refreshing waiting for the server to pop back up so my juvis don’t freaking starve! Starting to get impatient I’m really tired it’s 8 am for me...
  7. You may not care about these things but you aren’t the only ark player^^ besides I was very nice about it I’m not super upset or anything but if it still bothers you feel free to remove yourself from this conversation<3
  8. Spooky Piles Just thought I’d talk a bit while I wait for my valg server to resurface. But, I’m kinda sad about having spooky piles. Last night I was watching old fear evolved events to get me pumped for this one(it’s my first one) and I saw they had graveyards and pumpkin patches with scarecrows. Now don’t get me wrong I’m super happy to have the event at all but I’m just sad they took out a neat little detail like that. also anyone else hoping that they would add different grave stone shapes? Not a huge deal but would’ve been nice for decorating, maybe next year.
  9. Sorry fell asleep after posting this. Just wasn’t sure how extinction chronicles had started all I remember were new bionic dinos introduced weekly as well as different colored event dinos and of course the notes and skins.
  10. No event colors? I could be missing something so excuse me if I am but are there no event colored dinos in the genesis chronicles event? There were in the extinction chronicles event so I was hoping for the same here:/ I’ve looked around trying to see if it’s mentioned anywhere and I’ve found nothing.
  11. I also wanna know if it'll have colors like last year, but more importantly... Does this mean no Halloween? This would've been my first Halloween event on ark I was really looking forward to it but I'm worried it won't come now that this event is coming.
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