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  1. Sorry fell asleep after posting this. Just wasn’t sure how extinction chronicles had started all I remember were new bionic dinos introduced weekly as well as different colored event dinos and of course the notes and skins.
  2. No event colors? I could be missing something so excuse me if I am but are there no event colored dinos in the genesis chronicles event? There were in the extinction chronicles event so I was hoping for the same here:/ I’ve looked around trying to see if it’s mentioned anywhere and I’ve found nothing.
  3. I also wanna know if it'll have colors like last year, but more importantly... Does this mean no Halloween? This would've been my first Halloween event on ark I was really looking forward to it but I'm worried it won't come now that this event is coming.
  4. So one of my friends got back to me and it turns out that its PVE EU server 464 and its not accessible for him either I even tried typing it in seeing if maybe my character was deleted but its not on the official server list period anymore. WC please see this and fix our server I beg you I love ark I've been very patient and forgiving with this game I hope you'll get to fixing this soon...
  5. Glad to hear it might not be my character then
  6. Okay I'm freaking out none of my friends are online to help me figure this out but basically I can't get back on my server. I was playing on an official EU server and there was a crash, as usual, only this time the server never came back up for me and its been like over an hour. I don't know the server number so I can't look it up to see if maybe my character was deleted or if it's just not back up. It just keeps saying no session found under my survivor filter and im so pissed. I knocked out a 120 argy and was making kibble before the crash and its probably gone now but besides that my character could've been deleted! Which means all my dinos and hard work screwed for a 3rd time since Extinction was released!
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