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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss... it's wonderful that you are organizing a tribute for him and bringing awareness with his passing. I have a friend who, miraculously, survived this disease with aggressive chemo. She got clear scans in February of this year - she was only 27 when diagnosed. It's truly an awful disease that doesn't discriminate when it comes to ruining and stealing lives. Again, very sorry for your (and the community's) loss.
  2. My Theri was an accidental/opportunistic tame on the center map. I was on a raptor when one started coming after us, so I decided to use the raptor's speed to try to tame it. I could run far/fast enough ahead to get a few shots off with tranq darts (long neck rifle) before I'd have to run for our lives again. I was on one of the islands, so we went around in circles a couple of times before I finally knocked it out, and it took forever to tame, but I have to admit, it became one of my favorite exploration mounts after I tamed it. I didn't know much about them when I tamed it, but quickly realized it was more useful and could keep me safer than my raptor.
  3. I recently started hatching deinonychus on Valguero and also thought they were eating way more than any other species I've raised... I thought maybe it was just their species, but maybe not? I guess I just assumed they were twitchy little things, so it would make sense they would have a higher metabolism and food consumption rate than my bigger dinos.
  4. Out of 4 eggs, I ended up with 7... first two eggs hatched an 85 female and a 100 male. The other 2 eggs were both 145, so now I've got 3 male and 2 female, all level 145, but all the standard black/brown. The first two "singles" I hatched are a drab olive green and brown. These are the first eggs I've stolen and hatched, so I haven't started breeding yet either. I suppose I can keep trying for some other colors with the wild eggs - it's not like there's any shortage of them. I'm just worried about how many I'll ultimately end up with, since it seems like multiples from a single egg isn't that unusual.
  5. I noticed that with mine too... the three that hatched from one egg were all male. The "twins" that hatched from the second egg were both female. Were your eggs wild or from tames that you bred? I've been having a hard time getting anything but very basic, drab colors.
  6. Good to know... I seriously thought it was a bug, especially with it happening to both eggs. Thanks!
  7. Deinonychus... Triplets? I'm not sure if this is a glitch, or if this is supposed to happen sometimes, but tonight I hatched 2 deinonychus eggs. Both were level 145 - three babies hatched from the first egg and 2 babies hatched from the second one. So... instant pack - 5 for the price of 2? Has anyone seen this happen before? Definitely not the worst "surprise" I've gotten from Ark - but a bit frantic none the less.
  8. The only time it bothers me anymore is if I'm flying and I poop on my bird... I always feel very awkward about pooping ON my bird.
  9. Maybe lay off the shrugs too...
  10. I have seen black ones before... not solid black, but the main bodies were black with some other color accents. I've never seen a white one - very light grey sometimes, but not actual white. Don't feel bad about collecting Dodos... I hoard a lot of small creatures - lystros (Dino-puppies), otters, and jerboas. I think they're adorable, and whenever I see one about to get eaten by something I feel compelled to save it... and I end up with a new pet. Not sure why I've not taken to hoarding Dodos too.
  11. This is exactly why I won't play official - I mess around with builds in SP and have an unofficial server for just me and a few friends that I know personally. Humans are a crap-tastic species... I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I can't even imagine how I'd feel if it happened to me.
  12. On the island, I've found them in 2 spots generally - in the south east, sort of diagonally across from herbivore island (lat 70, long 80 - "ish") and in the south west (lat 83, long 18 - "ish"). I haven't been on Valguero long enough to find one on that map yet.
  13. I place the first one where I want it, then place the second one and move it a little towards the first one until it "auto snaps" wherever it wants to snap. Once it snaps where it wants to, then I toggle through the snap points until I get the desired angle. Sometimes I will have to move it around a little bit before it auto snaps, but it only takes a little movement and it will go where it wants to go. I play on PS4, if it makes any difference. When I occasionally play on Xbox it works the same way too.
  14. I use them all the time - my OCD appreciates my walls and fences beings level across the top - you just have to toggle through the snap positions, which takes all of 3 seconds.
  15. As someone who's actual name is Jessica, I respect this. Also, I have an Ovis named Hollis Hornsworth and a black terror bird named Black Betty. A friend of mine enjoys playing the song (of the same name) every time I take her out.
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