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  1. It is a mess, and I have limited time to spend messing with it. I actually preferred longer maturation times with multiple imprints, but now the best I can get is one imprint 15 minutes after hatching that results in 100% imprint after that one cuddle/walk/hand feed. Again, I haven't played with it that much, but if you search for imprint timers on here, there was a thread recently where others were sharing their findings.
  2. People are poops... this is why I only play on my own private server with people I know. I hope you're able to find (and rescue) your baby.
  3. I have been playing around with mature and cuddle interval settings since that patch, and I still can't get them right. What is your mature rate set at? Does the 0.01 give you a decent amount of time between cuddles/walks/hand feed whatever? Mine was previously 90 minute cuddle intervals, and now I can't figure out how to get it back to that without it being a single cuddle resulting in 100% imprint.
  4. I've always looked forward to the events, but it seems like they're causing more problems than they're worth lately. I'm updating right now... 24gb update for PS4 people... so excited to see what the damage is when it finishes.
  5. I'm updating my PS4 now and the update for it is 24gb.
  6. In my case, at least, the patch seems to have fixed the event. More event colored Dinos are spawning and I've finally found the skeleton Dinos... 2 trikes, 2 Carnos, and an alpha raptor in a relatively short period of time.
  7. I haven't seen a single one on the island or Rag...
  8. Hopefully we'll also get some skeleton dinos to appear with this patch too?
  9. Same here... event items vanish after exiting the map, and not a skeleton Dino to be found anywhere. I've checked 2 different maps - no skeleton Dinos.
  10. I decided to log back in to SP tonight and the spawns seem to be corrected - Dinos (including event colors) were spawning at normal rates again. However - still no skeleton Dinos anywhere. I flew around the entire island and explored quite a bit on an Allo too... not a single one anywhere. As an added bonus, all of the pumpkins and tombstones I had stored in my cooking pot magically vanished too. This is turning out to be a super fun event.
  11. I noticed the same thing tonight... I had several pumpkins and tombstones stored in my cooking pot, but when I logged back in tonight they were gone. I haven't gotten any bones yet because, despite searching high and low, with two Dino wipes, I have yet to see a single skeleton Dino.
  12. So I played around with the event last night on the Island in SP... I got plenty of spooky piles with the gravestones, pumpkins, and scarecrows, but I cannot find a skeleton Dino to save my life. I looked everywhere... nothing. I did a Dino wipe, thinking that might help, and now it seems like there's hardly anything spawning at all. Areas that are normally teaming with spawns, have nothing. The spooky piles are still popping up though. I flew out to Carno island and there wasn't a single Dino on the entire island except for a solo pelagornis. WTH? I'll try playing tonight on our private server (vs. SP) and see if the experience is any different.
  13. This. I will never play on official servers because of the douchebags... they're everywhere and you'll never get rid of them. Whether you enjoy pVP or PVE, you can host your own server where you can set the rules and decide who gets to play. My friend and I have done this since I first went online with Ark (played SP initially to get acquainted with the game). We have an unofficial server that is limited to just us and people we personally know. A friend of ours recently moved to California, and got her roommates interested in the game, so we allowed them in, and set up tiny little starter huts with some basic supplies for them as a "welcome" - we obviously play PVE. We enjoy the cooperative aspect of the game, building really cool aesthetic bases that can work with the environment instead of being "un-raidable", and having a happy little community. I get that's our thing, and there are people who prefer the PVP aspect - but it's just as easy to accomplish in PVP. Start a server, pick your rules, and invite who you want. Then you get to play the game on your terms.
  14. I'm so sorry for your loss... it's wonderful that you are organizing a tribute for him and bringing awareness with his passing. I have a friend who, miraculously, survived this disease with aggressive chemo. She got clear scans in February of this year - she was only 27 when diagnosed. It's truly an awful disease that doesn't discriminate when it comes to ruining and stealing lives. Again, very sorry for your (and the community's) loss.
  15. My Theri was an accidental/opportunistic tame on the center map. I was on a raptor when one started coming after us, so I decided to use the raptor's speed to try to tame it. I could run far/fast enough ahead to get a few shots off with tranq darts (long neck rifle) before I'd have to run for our lives again. I was on one of the islands, so we went around in circles a couple of times before I finally knocked it out, and it took forever to tame, but I have to admit, it became one of my favorite exploration mounts after I tamed it. I didn't know much about them when I tamed it, but quickly realized it was more useful and could keep me safer than my raptor.
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