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  1. This seems to make sense... the row that was destroyed when I destroyed what I thought was the problem ceiling was the one that ran along the "seam" of the two platforms. I wish you could connect platforms with a bridge or catwalk then, so they could be far enough apart to not interfere with each other.
  2. A pelagornis was the first thing I tamed when I went to the ocean biome... I was wondering the same thing. What on earth happened to them??
  3. This is still happening for me... the only thing that prevents it is to not quit the application when I'm done playing. I just exit to the main menu and leave the PS4 in power save mode, never quitting the application. This will keep my settings, but eventually my textures will get wonky and I have to exit/close the application and restart... then reset all of my personal settings again. Getting SUPER sick of this.
  4. I have also had the same issue... I'm wondering if it has to do with where ceilings are snapping, since one time I destroyed the ceiling next to the one that was saying "too far from platform" and it destroyed the entire two of ceilings. Sometimes destroying and replacing works, but on my last one, it didn't and I just eventually gave up.
  5. The GFI WyvernMilk cheat will work on console, regardless of whether or not you're in creative mode... In Single Player at least. If you're on a private server you'll need to enable cheats first, then it will also work. Note... the GFI WyvernMilk 1 0 0 path will give you exactly one wyvern milk. You can change the number 1 to 5, etc and it will give you the number you specify. If you want to go the "honest" route, if you keep killing all the wyverns off, eventually an alpha will spawn. You could also try going to a different map to find an alpha - they are quite common on Ragnarok in my experience. Otherwise, find any female Wyvern, lure her into a trap, knock her out and take the Milk from her inventory... wash, rinse, repeat until you have what you need.
  6. So, I "fixed it" for now... I think the texture rendering was due to the fact that I hadn't quit the application in a couple of days (in an attempt to preserve my settings and not have to reset them every time I logged in). I fully quit the application and restarted it, then the textures were back to normal - of course my settings reset, but the textures were back. This is honestly incredibly frustrating... I don't know exactly what my settings were before because I hadn't touched them in quite a while. I just knew what my Dino's stats should be (approximately) and trying to manipulate the settings to get those values is back is beyond frustrating. I am over Ark until they patch this.
  7. Textures/Detail On Dinos and Structures Since a couple of days after the Genesis update, the textures/details of Dinos and structures are not rendering fully or look fuzzy. I made sure my graphics settings were what they used to be (the updated wiped all personal settings/rules) and they were fine. I had never really messed with those to begin with. I'm on a PS4 Pro... anyone else noticing this? I swear it just started in the last day or two... not immediately after the update. Initially they were fine, but now everything is rendering strangely.
  8. For whatever it's worth, I transferred an X-Rex off of Genesis last night to the Island map. It was in Single Player since I was just messing around with a few things, and I haven't tried it on our unofficial server yet, but it worked.
  9. If you're able to use creative mode, it will allow your character to fly (double tap the jump button). The you could fly yourself right up to it and get back on it? I'm not sure about PC or other console, but on PS4 if you hold down the left bumper (L1) it will make you fly faster too.
  10. I didn't want to make fun of the original poster, since I'm sure it's quite annoying to have your house fly away on you... but I was laughing my ass off at the thought of someone's house flying away. Maybe one of the reasons I never felt the need to tame a Quetz or build on one's platform.
  11. The "Mission Terminals" or whatever they are, seem to act like obelisks/city terminals... they have the ark creature and data slots like an obe. I haven't tried to move anything to the Genesis map yet, but that would be my guess as to where to start.
  12. If you can get close enough to it, can you whistle it to you? Otherwise, there's admin commands as SnowboundGem mentioned. If you can't use them, could you tame another easy flyer like a Ptera and chase your house down?
  13. I thought the same thing... the bog is supposed to be "easy" but I die to insects 2 minutes into the game... spawn back in and same thing happens again. I finally got away from them, but how am I supposed to craft anything to armor or defend myself if I can't go 2 feet without being swarmed by bugs or grabbed by a damn bloodstalker. I do not consider the bog to be a starter zone.
  14. I've also noticed this problem... I thought it was just something I would need to reset after the update, but when I started up again today all of the settings (harvest rate, difficulty, etc) were back to "stock" and I had to change them again. It seems like every time you log off, they reset.
  15. I'm on PS4 and downloaded fine... I play around on new maps in Single Player first. Some people seem to be having problems getting in to SP, but I was able to get in without any problems.
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