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  1. I am on PS4 and no download yet either... I just checked for updates about 5 minutes ago, and nothing.
  2. Same here... moving meat from my inventory to the grill caused mine to crash tonight. Also, (at least on PS4) every single time I log off, when I log back in I have to re-allocate all of my character's levels/engram points. The points are there, and it says "level up is available", and I have to re-allocate all 104 points and re-learn engrams. I swear these problems get worse with every event they do. I like the event colored Dinos, but it's getting to be not worth it.
  3. Same problem on PS4 - every Dino I ride it puts me into a standing position.
  4. Yes, this is happening on every Dino I ride (playing on PS4Pro) - if it's a smaller creature, like a wolf or horse, it looks like I'm standing "in them" with my legs in their body and my torso coming out of the saddle/creature.
  5. Textures not rendering after Summer Bash Update This happened once before with an update too I think... but it's back with this update. Textures on building structures and Dinos are poorly rendered, or keep rendering in and out of "focus".
  6. I was wondering why I was standing on (or in - in the case of wolves and horses) everything that I tried to ride.
  7. Unfortunately, you can't tell until it hatches. I have yet to get one... after several egg collection raids and hatchings. Even with multiple event colored adults flying around when I snagged the eggs, I haven't managed to hatch one yet. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough - assuming they are rare - but I've tried to get one the last few events with no luck.
  8. Somehow I missed that... well, I amend my previous advice. It actually all still applies, except for the flying to the ceiling part.
  9. Don't feel bad... I hoard Jerbies too, and otters - they're too cute. I have noticed a very low concentration of event colored Dinos of any species in this event compared to last year. Also, the bunny oviraptors are everywhere this time around. I feel like they were more scarce last year. It's kind of a let down - the easter colors are always more interesting than the other events.
  10. Have you tried destroying your cooking pot and building a new one?
  11. If you're sure it is still alive (check your log - it would say if it died) you can always go out on another Dino - another flyer is easiest - to look for it. I've lost a wyvern before and it's stupid how far they can go before stopping. Sometimes they will also fly up to the "ceiling" of the map and just hover there. Another tactic I've used is to fly around the general area that it went missing and spam the whistle/follow command.
  12. This is happening on PS4 as well... in my case, my level 104 character was suddenly level 1, but the points were still there to be allocated - it just said "level up is available" and I was able to put the points back into health, melee, etc. What's really fun is that every time you log off and then restart the game, it happens all over again. I have a couple of private servers with friends, and a SP game for all of the maps that I screw around on for building, etc. If you are in SP or on your own server, you can enable "creative mode" until they fix this. That's what I've done... PS4 pl
  13. I had the same problem after the easter update last night... my level 104 character was back to level one, but with the 104 points to allocate. All engrams were unlearned and had to be relearned with the points I got from reallocating my level points into my character. When I logged back in today, it was reset again. ANNOYING. It seems the personal settings not saving bug has just become the character level/engrams not saving bug. I haven't had time to log into my private server to see if it's happening there too, or just in SP.
  14. I was ELATED to see that the settings bug had been fixed... however, now when my character is set back to level one every single time I start the game. The points are all there (I was level 104 before this) so I can re-allocate them, but seriously? That's almost as annoying as having to update my personal settings every time I start the game. Jesus Christ Wild Card.
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