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  1. Is any of the devs going to read that?
  2. Hello, How many slots does ark support? Is it 200? If no, what is it?
  3. That needs to run 24 hours a day. It isnt for free either.
  4. Hello, I got a 5€-off coupon for the hoster netcup.eu and I wanted to give it to everybody that wants to try hosting (or host) their own ARK server for little money and much power. Many other hosting companies (cough nitrado cough) are much more expensive! Since it is a KVM server, you can install anything you want (MySQL, unlimited ark servers, etc.)! You have 30 days to refund the server if you dont like it The coupon is: 36nc14956541780 The hosting company's datacentre is located in Germany, ping from sweden is 24ms, from russia it is 40ms I am using this server for my personal ark server (200 slots): https://www.netcup.eu/bestellen/produkt.php?produkt=2130 Make sure you redeem the code before you enter your email etc. ! You can redeem it in the shopping cart! If you have questions, pm me or comment (I can help you setting it up if you need help)! Telegram: https://t.me/florian2833z Greetings, Flo
  5. Hello, I want to host a few test ark servers on my local computer, but i dont have native ipv4 connectivity. How can I get ark to listen not only on tcp4 and udp4 but also on udp6 and tcp6 ports, so others can join my server?
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