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  1. ZA Ark Life 10x PVPVE Clustered maps S+ Hi guys, I have run a clustered server for over a year, and have recently branched into a 4 map cluster. We host Extinction, Ragnarok, Crystal Isles (newly voted to add), and Hope (which is all expansions built into 1 map, allowing players who do not own the expansions a chance to have those dino's and enjoy). Our community is player-driven and very friendly. Owners take all suggestions and ideas from players to help increase, and make for an amazing gaming experience. We host a lot of events! -10x rates -PVP is 4 hours a day -New map to launch is being voted on -GENESIS added the moment its launched! -Friendly community, always willing to help, with admin who go above and beyond to help players out when needed EVENTS: -Random color events -Weekend events include double breeding, double harvest, double tame rates. -PVP events with prizes. NAME: ZA ARK LIFE RAGNAROK PVPVE 10x S+ Cluster CONNECTION INFO: DISCORD: https://discord.gg/VbTGR8 Feel free to Private Message me with any questions, and we look forward to gaming with you!
  2. Hi guys, my question to you is this... What is the best way to design your defenses against someone bringing in a titan from extinction to raid you. How do turrets hold up against them? What is the best strategy? Thank you so much for any help and suggestions, I really appreciate it!
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