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  1. My server disappeared and hasn't come back. Ally other servers are up and running but my island server is gone. I've reported it numerous times and still nothing has been done. What server you missing?
  2. I believe if your going to make rates 2xs then ALL should be 2xs. Meaning breeding/maturation as well. I don't think that's asking too much. I'm not asking to be more than that because that's what we have the Life Event for. But 2xs everything besides breeding/maturation just makes it unbalanced. This is my opinion.
  3. Unplayable Lag/disconnect/crash I'm not sure what is going on but for the past two days Extinction server 986 is unplayable. Not only does it kick you from the game and make it impossible to join back. Sometimes that server disappears for about 10 minutes. Then you manage to get in and you have huge lags (not the normal lag) this lag makes it unplayable. It's the definition of one step forward, two steps back. Not sure how to report this so figured I would post here.. It's actually doing this to me as I'm writing this and won't let me and my husband back in.
  4. If you prevent people from getting into their servers while you take care of the jerks, I hope you take into consideration people's tames, timers, etc. Like, stop progress so no one losses stuff.
  5. I can safely say I am way beyond disappointed with this event as far as bone spawns and colors. Dull Orange, brown... Normal colors. I have yet to see purple and blue... ?
  6. Thanks for the extension. Was hoping to at least have a two day extension on colors as we got it later but timers is better than nothing.. ?
  7. I hope but doubt you have taken into consideration the fact that even disabling auto decay timers the dinos still need to eat, the kibble still needs the fridge which in turn needs gas. Bad enough, that these players had to lose a character due to the rollback but now face an empty base... Hope it all works out for them.
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