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  1. Hi ive came back from 1139 extinction to 644 island to feed dinos and then i tryed to go to scorched to feed the dinos over there but now i can transmit to any server i tryed my game in another xbox but still wont work its been 2 day now can some one please help me
  2. If you could look im on 24 we got 5 new tribe jounded in the last week
  3. Yer time and money spent on season pass and other dlc and i have to start again y tick delelet leg before the new dlc gets releced dont see y we all have to pay for the game season pass the have to pay more money to be able to play your game thats just money hungry that cear more about the money not the bata players
  4. So there are 6 of use would like to now if thay are deleting all leg servers or just cutting the list of them and y cant we get a list of servers to go to or is thete a way to open the up the transmitters so we can go to dedicated for we dont have to keep moving and injoy the game not strees about when is the next cut and is it me again please help the players that have be playing for years the server is 24 i play in the day and 2 to 5 play at night
  5. I just read the statment about the server delete list and its a big lie the server im on has 4 to 5 in the morning and 3 to 4 playing at night so i dont know what there on about 0 to players if thay looked at the server not throw darts at a list to servers to delete