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  1. pack of deinos with high stam will eat health at little-no risk. level nothing but stam and enough hp to survive one hit, go for muts as well, all stam.
  2. solix414

    Next TLC?

    yes please! wildcard, get onto this!
  3. bronto. i'm currently working on a nomadic city on a pve val raft will get eaten by leeds unless you're on rag
  4. there is no such thing as a level 200 player, also, on pve, you can initiate a tribe war, which is basically pvp between two parties who mutually agree
  5. ooooor, you can build with metal only corrupted dinos can break that, if you stay away from extinction, nothing hurts
  6. uhh, its been a thing for a while now. also, y'now necro sry mods
  7. if you are on PS4 you can buy the Tek costumes
  8. you can jump as the raptor pounces to dodge
  9. i'm on a 5.5 unofficial valguero and the only issue is the lack of beeswax, but not sure if that is rng or not
  10. i had no issues playing. everything is still there. just cant get any beeswax
  11. i haven't had it happen myself, but yes, it's a feature.
  12. and i cede to your point, but it appeared from your earlier point that you were one of those people.
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