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  1. xbox and ps4 require multi button inputs to whistle, so we don't have that problem
  2. search whatever you want to drop, then press on the drop all button next to the search bar
  3. oh, i thought of an example of another company doing something similar! minecraft java edition! there were several servers where you had to pay to play.
  4. the king titan was an issue. i assume he could just rip the arks apart and stop the cleansing process
  5. i think his point was that servers use arks intellectual property, but honestly, im not too sure. emulators aren't illegal anyway.
  6. i don't know the official standing for this, but as far as i can figure, it's perfectly legal. if it wasn't then places like nitrado wold have shut down a long time ago.
  7. i find the sweet spot for boosted servers is around 5x. fast enough that it's possible to get built up but not so fast that you miss the struggle of actually getting there
  8. i was more along the lines of helping through advice. skipping those earlier steps is why I never join my friends on their 25X servers.
  9. there are few aggressive flyers, so it's safer edit: also faster
  10. aaand you've missed the point. note that he said it is ok to ask for help, not beg for dinos, and to simply pay forward some help that you receive to make the game fun for everyone, not that you should go around giving 2k metal and a lv 150 imprinted giga to all of the beach bobs
  11. i've had success just forcefeeding 1 piece of food to restart them eating, but that was on unofficial p+, so i dunno if it works on official pvp
  12. however, as both are dependent on the same servers, if one us updated without the other it breaks the game for the platform which isn't updated. therefore, it is required that both update at the same time unless wildcard wishes to piss off the entire linux/mac playerbase. ideally, there would be different servers for each and use the crossark system like is done for ps4 and xbone
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