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  1. issue is, when I play pve, I want to build like pve, not pvp. i've never had this issue, as my only extinction experience is pvp, but they should not be able to stop people from playing how they want to
  2. kill literally everything, that's all I know that could help
  3. ddosing is when you overcrowd a server with information, usually with a bot and a couple computers
  4. also, the first arg had people use outguess. I can't get that at the moment, cuz I'm at school, but if anyone can, try using it on the wasp image
  5. two things: first of all, I missed the first ARG so how does intercepting messages work? also, looking at the source code for the page I found this, which I think was found in the last ARG <meta name="description" content="GENETIC ANALYSIS RECORD 427B28D1 RECOVERED MESSAGE [LOG_TRANSMIT] I found a few behavior sub-routines in some sort of genetic archive I was able to access. [LOG_TRANSMIT] To integrate them I need you to jump through some hoops.MESSAGE ATTACHMENT">
  6. I disagree with ice wyverns being the worst, that title goes to poison wyverns, but they should be immune
  7. split screen doesn't need ps+, only online does
  8. he's likely going to need to upgrade more than just the gpu before long, i mean, he's using a 3rd gen processor, so he might as well drop a case swap in anyway
  9. ah. gtx 670, an old nvidia graphics card. you can look on ebay, half the time any scammer will be selling you a 670 and saying it's a 1060. if you look on sites like newegg, they will only sell up to date cards, and a good cheap but relatively powerful option is the AMD rx 580. all of this is irrelevant if you have a laptop tho. what are you using?
  10. I expect its a bug relating to them basically being reskinned rock elementals, causing a conflict.
  11. they're normally pretty slow releasing teasers, i expect more about 2 months from release
  12. make custom consumables based solely on food
  13. it won't. intel integrated graphics is trash, and an up to date dell latitude can barely get away with it. get a 670, you can find one for about $100 au. ideally, get a 1660 ti, or an rx 580
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