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  1. I haven't played since before genesis dropped, what's the state of the game at the moment? Is it in a good place? And would this be a good time to get back into it?
  2. i've had success just forcefeeding 1 piece of food to restart them eating, but that was on unofficial p+, so i dunno if it works on official pvp
  3. however, as both are dependent on the same servers, if one us updated without the other it breaks the game for the platform which isn't updated. therefore, it is required that both update at the same time unless wildcard wishes to piss off the entire linux/mac playerbase. ideally, there would be different servers for each and use the crossark system like is done for ps4 and xbone
  4. @Luewen you don't seem to understand the issue. there are no certification checks that have to go through linux that windows does not also have. engines are irrelevant when talking about scheduling, unless the 2 versions run on different engines. the point that is being made by that comparison is that one company got their act together and the other didn't, so don't try to hijack the argument. Edit: and don't try the whole clientside thing as well. the clients both run through the same servers, therefore the have to be released at the same time. if they aren't, people lose everything due
  5. mouse and keyboard! can't wait
  6. to my knowledge, every event has boosted rates, that why they dont do evo events
  7. I expect its a bug relating to them basically being reskinned rock elementals, causing a conflict.
  8. it already is downloaded, you just purchased a the right to use it. if you kill yourself, HLN-A will appear in your inventory
  9. i cant play because I have school, so the 15 doesn't make sense
  10. solix414

    Season Pass

    and i cede to your point, but it appeared from your earlier point that you were one of those people.
  11. solix414

    Season Pass

    sorry if i came off a little rude. that info is found on all ps4 vouchers and is added by sony. it has no impact on the contents, just how long you can use the voucher for
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