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  1. I bet that WC isn't even going to glance at these comments but I am still going to rant anyways. I bought a freaking Xbox one s, specifically so that I could play Extinction. I am 13 years old and 200 bucks is a ton to 13 year olds. I thought that maybe WC would actually release one of their games on time but I guess we were all wrong. The reason I even bought the stupid one s was because their already glitchy game wouldn't even load in and crash on my Xbox one. Well be lucky to have the freaking game by Easter. PC thinks that they're safe but theirs will most likely get an announcement that there plat has been delayed too. They better give something to the console community. Instead of that retarded ARKaeology event they should have been doing something that was actually useful instead of making stupid skins that no one wants. GET OFF YOUR LAZY BUTTS AND ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING! You should all be required to work extra hours. The GM's will say its the "internal policies" which is straight bull crap. Good job, WC
  2. In the picture with all the drones and stuff there is a robot lizard thing on the right side of the screen
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