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  1. So, I do not even HAVE a TDR (Windows 7 reporting in ho!) in the registry to modify, so the supposed "fix" is actually something I CANNOT perform. I've been messing around with the launch options, but nothing seems to be working.
  2. Oh, in terms of movement mechanics this looks a lot like what I suggested way back when for the raptor's TLC. Looks promising.
  3. Correct. Of course, we do need people to keep the conversation going, the more the better.
  4. I mean, this thread was not just about extraordinary kibble. It was about tweaking the system to give a better experience. I would argue we still need a few dinos that "punch above" the tier of kibble they eat, for example.
  5. Well... it is a dino you are going to want to acquire as you play, due to its usefulness in boss raids if nothing else. Part of me wishes that if it is being allowed to produce extraordinary kibble Megalania would be allowed to as well, but beggars cannot be choosers. I would also like to see the Hesperornis's numbers (and possibly the mechanic itself) reworked so that it would actually act as a viable extraordinary egg source. As it stands, it still is going to have the aforementioned issues regarding how many fish it will need to eat, and is likely one of the creatures very few people like to tame and use. I actually like the concept behind it (it's entire gimmick is more or less based on cormorant fishing), it's simply not well implemented. I would argue that at this point it needs a TLC pass alongside the plesio, carno, and others. It might be tricky to properly balance, though.
  6. What is most worrying to me personally right this moment is that, in the latest community digest there is no mention of some of the kibble bugs. Big one that stands out to me is the issue of dinos not on Island/Center asking for old kibble for imprinting purposes. Not to mention the issues with certain dinos not taking kibble correctly (IIRC, aren't Rock Golems one of those?).
  7. At least Superior kibble has an "easy" on ramp with Moschops (okay, not easy, but it does not take kibble to perfect tame one). I would still like to see snails and maybe dung beetles fit in somewhere as gateways (Exceptional/Extraordinary). Regular in theory has Troodon... but Troodon's preferences when taming make this impractical except for a well established tribe. Compy requires prime meat or mutton to tame, but should work for simple kibble. Basic... has the Lystro, which loves rare flowers. I do think the system could work to an extent with the existing creatures, but in order for it to do so their preferences need to be reworked.
  8. I mean, it would effectively halve it. You're still looking at somewhere in the vicinity for 750 fish per 15 kibble if it does work, however. Assuming it stacks with the boost to fishing lay rate you saw with server boosted lay rate, that brings it into "viable on boosted rate servers" territory past a certain server lay rate. On officials... not so much. If Hesperonrnis were guaranteed to lay the golden egg, however, it would cut it down to approximately 187 fish per 15 kibble. It's something approaching viability.
  9. Just a thought, but has anyone tried to buff the goose using an oviraptor while it is fishing? It might change the calcs if there is a noticeable impact. Still not going to be good, but if there a similar effect to what @Onimusha759observed with boosted server lay rates, it may be worth a shot.
  10. Yeah, I reran the Thyla numbers. I do not like what I got. Assuming normal rates, with 15 kibble to tame a 150 and one out of three eggs laid will be golden... You end up having to feed the goose 1125 fish to obtain 15 kibble. With one out of four eggs being golden, that skyrockets to 1500 fish for 15 kibble.
  11. @Zahlea, from what he said, he wants you to take it back to land every five fish, unless I am reading incorrectly.
  12. @Onimusha759 , to my understanding they only can lay a golden egg every 25 fish or so. Is this not correct?
  13. People keep harping on about dinos becoming useless. I've heard this a thousand times it feels like, and I have the same reply each time. Each dino was placed into the game with the aim of fulfilling a specific role, a role it was to be used for by players. If players do not tame them because they are useless, this means they are not effective enough in their intended role and either need to be reworked to fulfill a different role or given boosts to enable them to better perform their intended roles. Not the kibble system's job to cover for that, that was just a band-aid on a wound that probably needs surgery.
  14. Offering constructive criticism and advice on how things can be improved is not the same thing as whining, especially when working within the confines of the new system. Also, while I do agree that the issues can be solved if all maps are available, the issue is that not all maps may be available in a cluster. Some servers may be limited to just one of the maps, for instance. Tweaks to ensure that the system works equally well on all maps are worth considering, I think. Make no mistake, I do support the new system. But there are areas where I think it could use some tweaks to bring out its full potential. Speaking of which... regarding spino eggs, they need to move up a tier. Having a creature lay eggs below its own class is self-defeating. As has been alluded to previously, this is also an issue with Megalania and Yutyrannus- though, they are trickier given their tier and the fact that it does not seem SC wants the eggs to be too easily obtained. I'm not opposed to bumping Titanoboa back up to extraordinary either. However, if they are restored, I would suggest a bump to egg lay rate.
  15. I actually tried posting the idea to Reddit earlier, but it failed to gain any traction. Needless to say, I do support these ideas.
  16. I would favor allowing snails to lay eggs and allow those eggs to be made into extraordinary kibble, personally.
  17. Gabriel, you are deliberately cherry picking from the arguments that have been used- and there are plenty- to create an easily knocked-down strawman. This is called arguing in bad faith. What seeing this tactic tells me is that engaging further with you will not be productive. RE: Spinos, definitely should produce exceptional kibble. This feels like an oversight- creatures producing eggs which tame the tiers below them, but not their own or higher, doesn't really serve a purpose from a progression standpoint. In this particular case, however, it serves to notably bottleneck Aberration only players: I would think a spino should be more readily obtainable before a rock drake. Or to be specific, before your first rock drake. RE: Extraordinary: These all seem to be "novelty" tames in some way. It's the only common thread I can see among them. That being said, Tek dinos are not inherently better than their flesh and blood counterparts, if my understanding of how they work is correct. Only if they both spawn at the higher levels they are capable of AND those stat rolls go into useful stats.
  18. Ark Digest Question: What are the plans moving forward? Are there TLCs planned for the remaining EA launch/early EA creatures in ARK, or are there other mechanic reworks planned?
  19. ... Yeah, if this is going to turn into yet another debate, not going to engage. You will sure as hell not convince me, and I'm sure as hell not going to convince you, and if I try it's going to turn into both of us writing novels in this thread and cluttering it up. We have both made up our minds, that much is clear to me. Regardless, there is going to be a livestream involving this and the S+ integration tomorrow. I do not think I will be able to attend, but if you want to engage directly I would assume it is as good an opportunity as you will get.
  20. Definitely in agreement RE: cooking pot slots. Edit: From a quality of life and gameplay standpoint, the new kibble is certainly an improvement over the existing system and it's haphazard lines (lines which break on one or more of the extant DLC maps and require taming virtually every egg-laying animal in the game). This is where gameplay takes priority over "realism". Taming is a massive part of the game. As a result, you want the kibble system, which provides the most cost effective and time effective way of obtaining tames, to be accessible and to make sense from a gameplay perspective. Arguably, the new system is a good attempt to do just this. Again, suspension of disbelief. If A) we accept that we can create giant floating satellites containing their own gravity, multiple ecosystems, weather, and a respawn system (which is canon) B) not just once, but hundreds or even thousands of times, C) said ecosystems consist of genetically modified variants of long-extinct animals from Earth's history and even entirely fantastical creatures, and D) That humans can digitally transfer themselves between these satellites, E) the fact that herbivores and carnivores share their kibble within a tier can easily be handwaved for the purposes of gameplay, without much difficulty. This is especially true considering that diets in game are not always consistent with what is known of the animals' habits in life.
  21. You're too simplistic. Very few animals are strict herbivores or strict carnivores. Very few. These animals typically have the word "obligate" in front of their dietary preferences, and even then that often does not stop them from sampling. Many animals we think of as carnivorous will partake of vegetable matter. Likewise, many animals we think of as herbivorous will partake of animal matter. Both are easy to find with minimal searching- easiest way to find the former is probably to search "Alligator + Fruit" in Google, easiest way to find examples of the latter is likely typing "Deer + Eating + Meat" into google (although I will be quite surprised if it does not offer you something more specific before you finish filling it in). Alligators are mostly carnivorous. Same applies to cats and dogs, although cats are much more carnivorous than dogs, to the point where classifying cats as obligate carnivores would not necessarily be wrong1. Bears are much more fluid in their food preferences for the most part (obligate carnivore the polar bear and obligate herbivore the panda say hi), so they get classified as omnivores. However, specific populations will lean more towards the carnivorous side of the spectrum or the herbivorous side of the spectrum, even within the same species. Regardless, the "realism" to the kibble is frankly beside the point. For suspension of disbelief purposes, kibble can be kibble, and what it's made of in specific to fit a creature's preferences does not have to matter as long as those ingredients are edible. They just happen to prefer kibble which reflects how easy they are to obtain from a player survival progression standpoint. Which, for a game like this, is the best way to organize it IMO, since it reflects the expected gameplay. Gabriel, I am somewhat confused whether or not you have perused the available information on the kibble rework at this time. If not, here is a link to the relevant information regarding the beta. It should still be accurate as of this writing. If yes, disregard this. Also, for the future, it would be appreciated if you did not supersize the font in your posts, it makes them difficult to read. If this is for your own benefit, however, please disregard this. 1Pelleted food which is too high in vegetable matter is actually not healthy for cats for this reason. They will still eat it and even like it, however, because like us they will not necessarily make the best dietary choices when presented with said choice. Cats are anecdotally fond of marshmallow flavor/ marshmallows for some reason, for example.
  22. Just want to note that, for the record, superior kibble does require prime meat jerky, and with the tames in that tier you'll likely be making plenty of it. Nearly everything in the tier is extremely useful on one or more maps. On another topic, if reducing tediousness is a concern, then you could just roll the requirements for the soups into the recipe while removing the water requirement to avoid accidentally making either soup while making kibble. The main thing I see, however, is that the soups appear to be there as gatekeepers to make it harder to mass-produce Exceptional and Extraordinary kibble unless you are well-established, due to the fact that five (5 x 1) and ten (5 x 2) units of crops are required. At the point you are ready to tame a quetzal or a giganotosaurus, however, filling the requirements should not be difficult- your crops should be sufficient to take the hit by this point. The issue is that the recipe could appear overwhelming if the aforementioned solution was adopted. Considering that everything else in the recipes is easily obtained by five minutes respectively on a leveled herbivore and a leveled carnivore mount, I would suggest keeping the crop costs from the recipes, incorporate them in the kibble directly, and incorporate stimulants into one of the recipes and narcotics in the other. The main speedbump, the crops, will still be present. Most likely, this will not significantly change the difficulty in mass producing the kibbles from the existing recipe from a resources standpoint; cooked meat and berries may as well be unlimited.
  23. ... Dolphinsong has a point, so I'll drop the debate. On a feedback note, for a creature that is found on all maps, is useful, but not too easy to tame and maintain... why not allow snails to lay eggs, and allow those eggs to produce extraordinary kibble? They require veggie cakes to maintain, so a player needs to be at least somewhat established before taming them. They create cementing paste passively, meaning they are already extremely useful to have around without the ability to lay eggs. They do not take up much space- you can keep them in your house if you so desire. And they do not require kibble or even eat it, meaning they offer a way in to the extraordinary tier that would not require its own kibble. In the same token, dung beetles can fill a similar role if allowed to lay eggs. However, considering they only take feces to tame and maintain, they may work better as an alternate "access ramp" into exceptional or superior kibble rather than extraordinary. Arthropleura could also fill a gateway role if allowed to lay, as they are found on all maps and do not require kibble... but they are not particularly useful, especially not to PvE players. I know some people do tame them, but they are very niche tames. I do think Oviraptor would make a workable gateway, since they are already useful for their passive egg production buff. However, they are not present on Aberration apparently- for them to be a workable gateway, they would need to be added. Their preferred food does make taming them something of a PITA, however, with their appetite for Giga and similarly troublesome eggs- depending on the tier they are meant to be a gateway for, their egg preference may need modification. For animals within the tier system that could serve as gateways to the next, I think Para and Anky are both good candidates. Both are useful- although the para's alarm function's usefulness may be dependent on base location- and both are found on every map. The difference is that while Ankys are relatively compact, Paras are not, which is a point against them. Another point against paras is that dodos and dilos are not found on every map, which means either one or the other would need to be added to Scorched Earth to compensate if para eggs were switched to simple kibble. An alternative would therefore be to move raptors down to basic kibble. They are compact, they do have a use as a speedy scout/expendable bodyguard, and they are on every map. From there, either raptor or para eggs can be bumped up to provide simple kibble while still allowing for a basic kibble provider on all maps. It should be noted Pegomastax does provide simple kibble eggs without requiring a kibble. However while it is tiny and extremely space-efficient, I suspect most players hate them. Furthermore, their usefulness is non-existent in PvE, and limited at best in PvP. It is also not present on Aberration. Edit: On the same note, Morellatops eggs should bump up to regular as Trike eggs apparently are: They fill the role of a trike, and would likewise make for a good gateway into the regular kibble tames from simple kibble. RE: Tek Dinos being a tier up in kibble, I'm not sure that should be the case. My understanding is that is only the case due to the ability to spawn at higher levels than their non-Tek brethren. Considering the rarity and the way level is scaled by default on official maps, I think that is not necessarily the best course of action.
  24. You know what, I have some time to kill. I'll humor you. Also, I will note you outright lied just now when you said I did not address it, because we did indeed argue this song and dance several weeks ago. You already used this argument. A) I'm sorry, but guess what... the content is indeed still raptoring there. If people want the achievements, at minimum they will still need to tame a variety of creatures. You are still going to interact with them in the wild, they are still going to be there. You still need to deal with the Achatina's acid spit, purlovias are going to jump you, baryonyx will stun you if you get in the water, etc. As I also have noted many times, it's not the kibble system's job to make people want to tame these things. As has ALSO been noted, we do tame creatures that are not "meta" out of personal enjoyment. Again, I tame the goddamn moths, possibly the most useless flier in the entire game. Other have noted "sub optimal" mounts they favor as well. A)Progression is also still present, because guess what? The tiers are arranged from starting, to early game, to midgame, to endgame. The only thing that is lacking is an "Entry" to all those tiers from the previous tier (there is one: trike, for entry into regular from simple), and even then most tiers have something that can be tamed without kibble that is at least moderately useful, or at least takes up next to no space. What this comes down is "If I'm not forced to play this way, I would not play that way", which is frankly an incredibly damning argument. You are complaining that players will not follow the specific progression you want them to follow, and also implying that you yourself see no reason to follow the existing path if it did not already exist. This speaks volumes as to how you perceive these tames. That they are "useless". You know what? From a meta standpoint, you are absolutely right. However, here's the rub. Those tames were placed into the game to do specific jobs. If they are not doing those jobs, it is not the purpose of the kibble system to rescue them from obscurity, it is time to update them so they do their raptoring job. And, as I stated previously, there will be people who tame them regardless. All of them, even. Even the ones that don't produce kibble. That's fine. Furthermore, you still need to progress through the survival mechanics in order to tame these in the first place. A lvl 1 beach bob is not going to roll up and start taming gigas the moment he spawns on the beach, he's going to need get to the point where he can actually survive the attempt first... which, if he is solo (which is my assumption here) means he is going to need to build up to that. There is one thing I agree with you on here, which is that the kibble tiers need "gateways" into them that do not require their own kibble. This is to make progression into each tier feel natural on a typical playthrough, and as I noted in my comments on the updates something needs to slot into the extra large egg space that does not take its kibble that is not the basilisk. As I also noted, it should also be useful in its own right. B) Again, people will tame what they like or what catches their eye. There is a huge market on PvE for color mutations, to my understanding, for example. People will tame them to get mutations or to get something to breed for their stock (especially during events with themed dinos). Heck, not long ago I saw a post by someone on the reddit who appeared to have nothing but Equus that they bred for color mutations. Earlier in this thread someone mentioned that they knew someone who used diplodocus simply because they hit on one with "jackpot" level health. I use moths. Someone else mentioned they preferred sabers to wolves. Ark has a massive playerbase, and each and every creature in the game was requested to some extent back during its Early access phase. Each animal does have a fanbase to some extent. Well... maybe not Icthyornis and Pegomastax. This also whips straight back to my point about your argument being damning in its own right. If removing the necessity of taming a bunch of undesired dinos means they end up not tamed... that means that they were not desired in the first place, simple as that. Forcing people to tame them is not good gameplay, and it is not content. It's making them waste their time doing something they do not want to do. What this is setting up- and what I dearly hope follows- are TLC passes to revamp the less desired dinos to at least fill their intended niches better. You yourself are the one saying no one wants them, so the logical answer is to fix the tames themselves. Using the kibble system to cover for that is just bad design. Frankly, they will still miss out on the content as it is in vanilla because no one will bother to use them anyway- that is your argument. Aside from the special tames who have unique taming mechanics like Troodon (And thus do not use kibble at all!), taming them is barely any part of the content they offer. I'm fairly certain I've discussed most of this with you previously. It also applies to the exploration part of the argument. You're playing on Ragnarok, which is a map with no story collectibles to hunt down (which offer a pretty nice EXP buff in the bargain). However, Ragnarok is instead a huge map, filled with plenty of hidden Easter eggs. This is something you can do, because there's lots of cool stuff on the map, from Shrek's hut to hidden dungeons. That's still there for you to find, and you're likely to get into danger trying to find and experience them (IMO, Ragnarok would be the perfect map if it only had story collectibles). However, if for you there are only four or so creatures you care to tame, and you have no interest in exploring the map outside of that... the problem isn't the creatures, it's you. By choosing not to explore the map, you are deliberately cutting yourself out from this content. This is actually a really bad mindset for a sandbox game, because by not doing things you aren't forced to you miss out on a ton of content. The Fortnite comparison is also spurious. This is not nerfing them into the ground, it is removing them being a necessity. What you are saying would be more equivalent if they took all the dinos not named Quetz, Giga, Rex, and Managarmr, gave them 0 attack and 1 health, and then released it. A more accurate comparison would be if the guns all required a certain number of kills to unlock the next one, and then that was removed and replaced with however they actually do it- are they on the map like with the old Halo games I assume? They're still there, but they are no longer a necessity. People will pick and choose what they like, or whatever they are good with. The stats have not been altered, only the method of obtaining them. That is far more in line with this rework. It is not being gutted, it is being altered. That it does not work your way does not change this fact. As I have noted previously, I only play PvE. It is not an honest argument that this change leaves little to do. It frees ups space for different builds, which is something it directly impacts (kibble barns are in no way small). However, breeding is still present, and that is a big part of PvE, solo or not. The map is still there to explore, and you did not really refute that. Only that you do not want to take the risks to explore it unless forced to. That really is how your argument comes across to me. Hell you yourself said "look for caves"... that means you are exploring the map! So you are still getting that content. Again, comparison to WoW is spurious. Technically, yes, you could immediately start riding around on gigas, and from a certain perspective that is true... if you join an already established tribe. Your ability to craft the necessary supplies limits your ability to tame whatever you want right off the bat. You still need to work to that point. WoW is another game I have no real familiarity with (only MMO I have played is MHW), but I would imagine it would be equivalent to attempting to raid the final boss with your starting gear. Technically, you could do it and get the drops needed to craft the highest level armor. Realistically, it's not going to be that easy. Finally, let me note something. Unlike the female Megaloceros, everything else was at least designed with a use in mind. I would not compare anything else in the game to it. Really though, most of what I've done here is just rehash everything that's been said before.The most original bit in this post, compared to your previous posts, were the fortnite/WoW analogies. Rather than calling me a liar, you would have been better off simply saying you had not been persuaded. Note that if you reply, you are not likely to get a reply back until Saturday or Sunday, if I do. Most likely Sunday. Edit: Note, had you simply said that you had not been persuaded previously, I would have let the matter drop and left it entirely to Noodle and anyone else who jumped in to persuade you. That being said, you insulted me by A) professing ignorance of the previous debate you took part in and B) using that to call me a liar. Especially B. Honestly, I probably would not have bothered to write this otherwise, as these things take me a long time to write. Which is why I did not bother to write one up last night or, indeed, put anymore than the bare minimum of effort into it given the time at which I had to post it.
  25. On that note, I had some thoughts I wanted to comment on regarding the recent updates to the beta. First, extraordinary kibble. Going off of Noodle's work, it seems the eggs which offer it are golden Hesperornis, Rock Drake, and Wyvern eggs, with Titanoboa eggs being relegated to large (superior) status. Assuming that the old test data we used for feedback was not borked in someway, this represents a sidegrade I'm not entirely sure I'm comfortable with. Let's face it, golden hesperornis eggs are a pain, since they require 25 fish (may be wrong, I've never tamed them due to distaste for their mechanics and thus used the wiki) before they can lay a golden egg. This means you would need approximately 375 fish eaten before you can tame a 150 Thylacoleo. On Scorched Earth and Aberration, obtaining Extraordinary kibble is far easier past a certain progression point- low level wyvern and rock drake eggs can be sacrificed to make kibble. Extinction, which lacks either resource, is in the same boat as The Island in this regard, with the flipside of not having nearly as much water for Hesperornis to hunt in. This means both the "starting" and "endgame" maps (from an ascension standpoint) have more difficulty obtaining the top tier kibble. While the former may make some sense (The only Island creatures which take it being Thylacoleos and megalanias), it's somewhat odd for the endgame map to have more difficulty obtaining this resource which I assume will be used in imprinting as well as for taming than the tow "mid game" maps. There is also extra large eggs having only one representative (basilisk) which is not a kibble tame, and it is exclusive to one specific DLC map. Not sure how to comment, honestly. All the creatures in this tier are really good, end-game and/or boss fight tames for the most part, and I can see why any of them shifting down a level in kibble preference but not egg size might be a problem. Perhaps bump oviraptor into the tier, since most will want at least one anyway for the effect it gives? Not really sure what to do here, honestly, but I feel it does need an "entry" tame that will give the eggs that most will tame and use anyway. I would also possibly suggest bumping Anky eggs up to large as a suggestion, since that gives a very obvious path into that particular tier.
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