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  1. Jerry25712

    Giga Mutation

    Omg its got 120 movement speed, I wish mine were that fast
  2. Jerry25712

    We Need New Maps

    what annoys me is that in p+ you get glass and lumber and mailboxes for all you pointless needs
  3. Jerry25712

    Increase giga spawns in far northern snow mountains

    are kidding, six wild gigas would be great I'd kill them and rip their hearts from their chests or tame them but I dont need to now that I can breed mine
  4. for me its 20% before crashing some times it works but I want to make the settings all wierd so the world has no ocean but it crashes on 20 %
  5. Jerry25712

    Crystal & Beaver Dams

    crystals spawn on mountains and snow on pgms, I dont think beaver dams can since beavers cant spawn without a river
  6. Jerry25712

    Any Ideas On How To Stop A Spam Builder

    place a c4 on his doors then when goes outside blow him to kindom come
  7. Jerry25712

    Megalosaurus In The Island Caves

    they fall through the ground I have never seen one on the island and Im on xbox 1, in pcms they spawn on mountain surfaces
  8. Jerry25712

    Why are gigas so stupid?

    I will give you lv 1 giga for lv 350 100% imprint dodo, lol
  9. Jerry25712

    Why are gigas so stupid?

    its when they are wandering or wild that they are most stupid if one is following you they are pretty dumb and if youre riding it its your fault
  10. Jerry25712

    Best Dinos for tek cave?

    Flyers dont go into caves
  11. Jerry25712

    Best Dinos for tek cave?

    I cant update it it take to long and I only have 20G internet to use
  12. Jerry25712

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I also looted a red supply drop and got an ascendant assault rifle which had less dmg then my other one but more durability so Im using it
  13. Jerry25712

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I bred my gigas and got 41% imprint on the baby which is good for my first bred giga. I then farmed the snow cave again and got another ascendant pump action shotgun, some ascendant ghille armor and some saddles for creatures I dont have
  14. Jerry25712

    Why are gigas so stupid?

    I agree, I live in the snow outside the snow cave and I had my carnos wandering around so they could hunt, 2 of them drowned under an iceberg
  15. Jerry25712

    Why are gigas so stupid?

    a dodo could fight better then this giga