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  1. I cant update it it take to long and I only have 20G internet to use
  2. I also looted a red supply drop and got an ascendant assault rifle which had less dmg then my other one but more durability so Im using it
  3. I bred my gigas and got 41% imprint on the baby which is good for my first bred giga. I then farmed the snow cave again and got another ascendant pump action shotgun, some ascendant ghille armor and some saddles for creatures I dont have
  4. They dont intend on hurting us they are friendly and playful, I like going to the redwoods and letting wild ones push me because I like the noise they make when attacking
  5. What the hell is flying pegomastax? also how are diplos and pegos annoying?
  6. I got a male giga in p+ and transfered it to my non p+ island so now I can breed an ungodly amount of them
  7. also I have been listening to advice, I only said I wasnt using rexes because I dont tame them since I prefer tactical and fast creatures over brute force ones, even though I use gigas which are the meaning of slow and clunky
  8. The diplos are not meant for the boss fight Im going to ride one without any other tames following me and push everything into lava then run back or grapple along the ceiling and bring them all through safely
  9. I have new dinos and more of them now, also I will use some of the suggested ones but Im not replacing my diplos, i will get more allos for the bleed damage
  10. Thats not accurate results though, you dont what dinos I have and dont have and cant assume their levels either
  11. Does GP stand for "gamer police" by chance?
  12. I will record it if I can I really wanna prove people wrong about my diplos
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