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  1. yep i agree 1000% i have 2 neighboors who are semi new to ark on pve. there freaking base is hugeeeee and they got about 300 tames in there yard. lags my whole area to hell and back and its 100% the base size and tames out is 100% due to them not having access to cryopods. i can make them now for them but like now i have to spend my time doing that and the base is already built. if they knew it wasnt gonna be till they had a replicator before they had pods they said they wouldnt have built that huge. its a giant fully enclosed 2000 stone wall if not more dino pen with a behemoth gate with 100 of tames jammed in it. which i dont blame them , without pods you need tons of space for tames. if they could get pods by leveling and buying an engram on the island my server wouldnt be such a laggy mess. i could make pods all freaking day every day and not be able to cover the map. and before pods it was so bad on that server if an event came you had to shoot dilos and dodos to be able to hatch or tame anything pods are the greatest thing brought to ark in a game functionality and quality of life way. it should not be walled off behind a replicator and a extinction transfer.. which i hate transfering my char. i just have multiple chars cause i know at least 5 people of crazy high lvl that have lost chars that way. just make it an all map engram. high level so not every bob can have them at lvl 3 but fabricator made. that alone would make ark run much smoother especialllly on highly polulated maps like island.
  2. i definitly like the account connected imprints. i found out long ago you needed boss kills to use transmitter even if you own one.. i got 4 characters lol i do not trust transfering my char and because i dont wanna do rag boss 4 times on 4 characters i just flat out gave up on ever having transmitter. anyways its super annoyjng because i have to have multiple sets of everything and raise some things in a very odd way. like i still have to transfer wyvern eggs to my island server and then raise them there and send milk cause otherwise they will be imprinted to my SE character lol and i have to do the same for extinction now. and then like for example i got an event wyvern on SE and i wanted him on the island cause hes cool but now i dont get the imp buff lol?? its not a massive deal on some creatures but on like boss rexes and especially lighting wyverns and gigas used to kill titanos.. that rider buff goes a long long way. the only way i know to stop a wild titano is bredgiga and lightning wyvern. doing 30% less damage against 230k suckkkkss doing the math that basically adds like 70K hp to the titano so i gotta have imprinted gigas and wyverns for ea h character. and i dont at allll trust transfering char. i know so many people that claimed it was safe a year ago that do it all the time. and almost all of them have lost a char since telling me that they do not replace boss kills or lvls. they just place you back in your tribe and attach imprints assuming you have 3 members to vouche for you which i do not im solo.
  3. not pve lol you wipe my last year of work and im out and so are 99% of the player base of pve pvp is one thing thats all fighting and combat and all that. pve is basically mine craft for semi adults.. some of us are adults even thats what pve lives for. caving group bossing breeding colors and stats. its essentially a never ending progression that people put insane amount of time into. wipe pve and i guarantee nobody i know who no lifes t is game would ever play again lol
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