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  1. Has anyone observed any other strange things that have not already been mentioned here?
  2. No 2x breeding, sounds good -- back to playing other games until the Extra Life event. Star Citizen is coming along nicely
  3. Ya the last couple ive tamed have been ridiculous first was 20 min per feeding second was 35 min each feeding both are longer then dododex shows for the entire tame and thats only to add the next kibble its crazy Watch a couple youtube vids on it
  4. It is likely just a mistake, dont worry, im sure theyll fix it soon
  5. Look up tropeo tame on youtube - - It doesnt have to take as long as it is taking for you
  6. Good, nobody wants you here. Go play The Isle if you want a dino simulator, this has always been a sci-fi game.
  7. Actually the official release date is "Soon™"
  8. FRM17

    Hmm sharks?

    There are sharks in the picture for the same reason they used 10 people in Tek Suits with Tek Rifles to demonstrate how to tame the Ice Titan prior to Extinction release; wildcards vision of how to perform any given task is often very far from what the meta ends up becoming, but that's fine, figuring out the meta is one of the best parts of the game
  9. I've had mine since the event started and the only thing I've done differently from my tribemates (who lost XP) is store my chibi in a vault before signing off every day, try that perhaps!
  10. We did it with pretty weak random rhinos most of the time, 900 melee, 1k Stam, 6k HP. The important part is to do drive-bys, just sprint by and hit his feet but don't actual stay there and keep attacking. And when his ice aura comes up, just kite him around for a bit until it wares off if you're worried about getting frozen.
  11. We had our theris bug out on the obby and finished alpha dragon on island with 1 deinonychus, 1 daeodon, 1 yuty, and 1 rex. We also have killed ice Titan over 30 times with rhinos instead of gigas purely because it's more fun
  12. Pros: - Chibis (great idea), new currency - Raptor Claus, motivates people to get out of their bases - 2x taming, harvesting, breeding, XP in one event - Many more (most have already been listed) - Overall I thought it was an amazing event and I was shocked that you were able to pump out 54 new dino models, a levelling mechanic, and all the old stuff we love from previous Christmas events, while also working on Genesis, not to mention it was right after a great Thanksgiving event and Extralife event. Great job Wildcard Cons: - Chibi levels resetting every se
  13. Just to follow up, in the Extralife post (ark news) they stated "As an added incentive to raise money and awareness for a great cause, we’ll be revealing unseen content from the new Genesis DLC as we inch further towards our goal."
  14. Yeah but I still believe theyll show a good amount of content, its a really good way to generate interest in the fundraiser
  15. They showed us like 60% of the stuff we wanted to see from Extinction during the last Extra Life stream, with a similar release date (slightly earlier), I don't see why they wouldn't this time
  16. Winter 2020 .. that means December 2020 right? Not January/February 2020? Its just odd that they'd be ambiguous and say "Winter 2020" instead of "December 2020". Maybe they said it because they're not sure if they'll make it by December, but even then "Winter 2020" no longer be a valid estimate.
  17. 11,800ish hours last time I checked Help
  18. In a completely friendly community you wouldn't need to worry about people turning it off, so I assumed you meant a community where there were a lot of friendly players but also some griefers.
  19. You would give the pin to trusted people when they need it and not to others? How's that hard to understand? It provides a method of having actual public teleporters without running them constantly, because you can just give trusted tribes the pin and they can run it with their own element shards if they need to. Also you can't turn off the pad, just the generator.
  20. If you put 1 rex in the middle of the arena and keep every other dino and player on the side by the terminal, manticore will 100% land on that one rex. It's just a pain to run back and forth, but this is the method we've used for months on alpha rag and have been using it for beta Valguero as well. Keep in mind this rex is very likely to fall asleep after the fight, so if you're doing multiple consecutive fights you'll need a replacement for him. Manticore won't land if it has too many targets underneath it, nor if those targets are moving, it'll just constantly readjust. Kind of like whe
  21. Instead of having a huge amount of memory to work with like on PC, wildcard has to make this giant, "no limits" game work on console because console players spend half as much as PC players on their gaming platforms, if i spent under $1000 and could still somehow play this huge game i'd be thrilled, regardless of relate date.
  22. You would just box it in and pincode a door lol. 200IQ
  23. Increase Harvesting Rates on CrossArks I've really enjoyed playing on CrossArk's ever since they came out. They provide a chance for more casual gameplay without megatribes and some clusters really thrive from it. They also provide a place for PvE players to go when they don't want to deal with the typical pillaring/structure spam issues on PvE servers. With the introduction of classic PVP and small tribes their population has really taken a hit. Meanwhile, new players are trying to start up on smalltribes servers due to the increased rates but they're all getting insta-wiped because
  24. Example: People asked for wyverns and Griffin's to be breedable. It's in the top 5 game suggestions. You responded with a complete dismissal of the idea, no attempt to make it work, even though it's one of the top 5 things your players asked for. Wyverns don't need to be breedable. That makes sense. But stating that Griffin's are an end game tame and would require a nerf to be breedable? Let's look at the numbers Mana only has 125 less base hp, but gains ~20 more hp per wild level and ~1% more hp per domesticated level, plus its breedable and has a saddle. On top of this, as s
  25. Actually listen to what your fans want. Ever since the game suggestions page got an update I've seen so many good suggestions coming in, there are quite a few bad suggestions as well, but they are typically much further down the list due to their lack of votes. It's really nice to see wildcard responding to our suggestions via their community crunch, it's great to finally have some acknowledgement. That said, the reason nobody actually posted here before the page rework was because they knew you weren't going to actually take their advice. As each community crunch is released,
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