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  1. Excuse my language but how the hell did wild card screw this up, i had a good giga i worked soooo hard for, almost max levels into melee


    I use the tp and lord and behold i lost my giga, twice 


    I would expect this if the game just came out but it's 2021 wild card....i broke many nights, unhealthy as all hell to 100% imprint a giga because geuss what, they suck if it isn't 100%


    I'm so pissed about this, they had all the time and resources and is it fixed? Nope, good luck getting your giga or any dino back for that matter and wait almost a week and maybe you will get a replacement and by replacement i mean a useless stat giga


    825 was my old stat giga, it sucks that wild card has yet to fix this as well as meshing and the doss that plaques the game, my warning to everyone is this...never tp with your dinos


  2. I will be short, the devs really need to get their act together, i sadly fell victim to a mesher and nothing has been done about it


    But god forbid if we put turrets in the mesh to stop cheaters, this is outrageous and not right, something must be done about this issue 

  3. Hello you cheeky dirty scrub lords, today i will be discussing my personal opinion that is rat holes and all the pros and cons


    In my opinion, rat holes are not cheating, i rather deal with someone who is in a rat hole then a mesh base, as a mesh base can easily go anywhere to strike you or your base, have turrets in mesh to shoot at you etc


    The devs i feel do not understand ark and pvp at all nor the difficulty that is pvp, pvp now days is cruel and you will be punished for every mistake 


    People will do anything to raid you, doss you...inside you, heck mesh your base on alt accounts and so what if they get ban? They will just make more accounts to flood 


    Rst holes for the most part are well hidden, more easy to defend/work with, with 100 turret limit there is very little you can do, all someone gotta do is toss 1 dino to drain turrets and gg you just got rekt


    Rat holes offer safety for solos to a bigger tribe, devs think tek structures is king when in fact it is a double edge sword and as such metal rains king and queen 


    PROS: safety, hidden in most cases and much easier to work with, players likely will have to crawl etc and can not toss dinos out easily or walk in with one


    CONS: sadly as good rat holes are, you will not have the luxury of building how you want sometimes, all rat holes are unique and different, some are to small to work with while others are...just bad due to the map


    Conclusion: while i understand pvp is well...pvp, rat holes are fair play, it's kinda like boxing all the nodes on abb to stop trolls from stealing your bats


    It isn't against tos in my opinion as your not meshing, meshing is more harmful then a rat hole could ever be, my rule is this, if you can fit a rep in it then it is a good rat hole


    It is an issue i believe in communication between devs and players, you can lose your whole base and the devs will likely not care, your 700+ work gone in one day


    They treat the game like it's gg ez get gud kid, i personality feel there is no such thing as balance in this game, but this is just my opinion, what do you guys think?


    Let me know!

  4. Hello you cheeky suicide rocket runner scrub lords! Today i will discuss changes as well as ideas that would make ark more...interesting, give me your opinion and thoguhts please!


    Anti cryopod dish: since crypods are the meta, theres no stopping someone tossing a soaker into your base! Any enemy who tosses a crypod within line of sight of the dish will be destroyed, any that are in range but it can't see will disable the ability for enemies to toss out their cryos


    Dish makes it's present known and is easily destroyed like glass, range is similar to a tek shield, if your crypod in your hand turns red it means your in range


    T.C.S: short for tek counter systems, your tek structures need protection! This bad girl will fix your issues, any tek shots from a tek rifle or even rail gun will be intercepted as well as any other tek related weapons, however it will NOT engage surviors or tames, only counter their projectile 


    Any enemies within it's range will suffer a special debuff, tek weapons will deal significantly less damage, overheat more quickly and any tek suiters will lose the ability to use their suits, will get a warning however 


    T.C.S is glass tier and must be well placed, can be fooled by flares and drains element faster from gens


    Ap rounds: for when 1 dino that can soak one tower was stupid, ap rounds have a better chance to pen dinos but the ammo cost is 3x the arb and fire mode is increased, will show a green light to let others know of it's new fire mode


    Bob wire and slike walls (changed): spike walls will now harm and cause bleeding to dinos and surviors, even if they are not on their tames


    Bob wire, a spike wall ment for surviors, works exactly like the spike wall for dinos, however can be curshed by heavy class and certain medium class dinos, small and certain medium dinos will get harmed by bob wire


    Bullets may still fly through 


    Camouflage: the last of my idea, Camouflage!!! Similar to a drake, grants the ability to make your base go invisible (range up to you guys) turrets however have a slight delay...device is glass tier and takes more damage to sniper rifles, sniper rifles within a certain range can expose camouflage 


    Another version although primitive, better deyes, gain the ability to add things to Camouflage your base with the environment...however structures in Camouflage take slightly more damage...


    That is all can't wait to hear from you guys! Remember these are just my ideans and or opinions! It was alot of fun!



  5. 4 hours ago, Keynote378 said:

    this is why I quit ark and started playing warframe instead, I played for a year on pve and a few months on pvp, warframe is free to play on all platforms and is 5000000x the game ark is, and its fun to stream. try it out. trust me.

    Thank you, perhaps I'll try it out

  6. It's sad, with all the meshing going on the damage could be your whole base


    With soaking being op as all heck, you think the turret limit would go away but no, i feel as a player they do not care for us surviors


    I could lose my base to a mesher and i won't get help, it's almost pointless to catch meshers as they will not use their main, with the amount of cash you could potentially make who cares if you get ban


    Just use another account and do it again, good luck holding out with only 100 heavys because your hours of work will get rekt by sum troll in less then an hour at most

  7. Well late or not, it's a complaint that hasn't gone away, ironically the devs wana tell us the players how pvp should be done


    Yet they are not the ones dealing with it

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  8. Hello fellow scrub lords, today i will discuss my opinion on the current issue that plaques ark, regardless if your a mega, alpha, some bob on the beach who insists living by giggas and rexs in a thatch hut, this affects everyone


    Heavys were a lazy attempt to "fix" the lag that autos caused, back in the day it wasn't rare to find like 200+ in a base, the only thing that sucked was ammo and boy did eveyone hate to do Maintenance on a tower


    In case you don't understand, it has to do with turrets "scanning" even out of render, instead of doing it the correct way the devs decided having them all scan at the same time was the best course of action


    Heavys are stupidity way to expensive and to keep up to maintenance, when it comes to pvp every little thing matters, there shouldn't be turret limits to begin with and if they want to, then give us turrets that actually work, special turrets if you will, that way it sloves the issue


    Because even with the best turret tower it will and very quickly get clap

  9. Hello fellow scrubs, today i would like to discuss my opinion on the enforcer and what improvements could be done as well as buffs, feel free to add anything opinion!


    In ark i believe everything has a pro and con, the enforcer is no different 

    PROS 1: it can be argued that the enforcer is the most mobile and flexible dino, no other dino can match the versatile of this thing!

    PROS 2: it can telport and in doing so you can avoid any damage! 

    Pros 3: because of it's mobility and telport you can use this guy as a excellent mobile backpack, slap what you wana take with you, their Ai is excellent too, rarely will they get stuck, excellent combat potential against  Corrupted dinos, double damage and damage resistance 


    PROS 4: excellent dino to scout and responsible damage, perfect for hit and run tacics, levels should go to hp, weight, movement and stam and melee depending on how you wish to use it, no fall damage and can climb! Also can color em!


    PROS 5: no need to raise em! Also (i advice cheap only) could be used as an effective suicide runner with c4 to drop a tower if need be, enforcers combat wise work best in a pack and as an escort if your on a giga, 


    CONS 1: sadly as great as it is, it has no saddle and doesn't benefit from crafters at all, what damage you take is the full raw damage the dino will take, also class wise i would put this slightly above a raptor

    CONS 2: they will eat element dust only (not sure if they eat shards or element) and thus a user must have a healthy supply of element dust, if damage a scout could perhaps heal the enforcer

    CONS 3: lastly the cost, a really nasty good enforcer can be expensive, replacing could be very hard should you be careless 



    What do you people think!? Let me know and be safe people!

  10. Hello fellow surviors!!!!! Hope you all are having a wonderful day/night!

    I'm looking for not only advice but what you guys think the best tower is possible, mainly a box tower vs a circle one, this includes of course normal gen to tek and any turrets and their use like tek turrets and what not


    Shield may be included too, can't wait to hear from you guys!

  11. On 2/16/2021 at 11:32 AM, Piffguru said:

    Maybe im misunderstanding your question, but it reads to me that you are asking what real world weapons that the in game weapon designs are based on? I see people just listing the uses of weapons and what they consider to be the best etc. Maybe elaborate on your question a bit.

    Ye, nice that i got other answers but mainly I wana know what these weapons and its ammos are based off of in the real world like the pistol ammo looks like 9mm etc

  12. Hello everyone, just want yalls opinion on something, I'll list them!

    What i wana know is what do you guys believe the weapons/ammo are based off on etc!

    Fab sniper

    Assault rife

    Revolver and pistol 




    Can't wait to hear from you guys!

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