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  1. hello so heres what I'm looking for The 3 seasons, when they start to finish I don't really know how the days work, but sadly i haven't found any reliable information for this sorta thing, thank you
  2. Ok i need help and a video if possible would be nice So i am trying to line and level my elevators with the structures (like aberration surface build, i can show video or pictures) but have no luck Long ramps i also have no clue nor any idea how to do so, i would love to line up and match my elevators as much as possible, sadly they either over shoot or under, tek bridge i can do maybe but i have yet to find a way to use it alone
  3. hello you fellow survior scrub lords, today i wanted to discuss my opinion on certain dinos abilities as well as balance in general Lets start with abilitys, troodons as well as parasaurs ruin stealth and to make matters worse some brain dead scrub can just yet it with a flyer and your exposed, this also means any dino you have hidden underground will also sadly exposing em This alone makes dinos of this class (some more then otbers) complete useless, i like they can detect babys and enemy dinos or whatever but to expose players let along a hidden dino? Hell no, not ev
  4. Ah i see thank you so much, what attachments would you recommend?
  5. Sadly till wild card does something, it is hopeless for us console bobs
  6. with all the things you can put on please list pros and cons and why you think some are better then others, please include the following for pvp both for players and or wild dinos, also please describe how best they should be use Sniper rifle Ar rifle Advanced pistol Simple pistol Both saw off shotgun and pump Both crossbow, compound bow and normal bow (includes ammo types) Longneck rifle (includes ammo types) Flamethrower Rpg (includes both ammo types) Attachments include things like suppressors etc
  7. hello scurb lords! Without drains what do you guys think is the best? A cannon...or a giant bolt to the auto?
  8. hello fellow scrub lords! I want your guys opinion and knowledge of these things, please list pros and cons and if overall if they are worth it Advice and tips would be appreciated! 1: ied 2: knock out gas trap 3: large and small bear trap 4: plant species trap 5: alarm thingy trap (i have no clue what it does) 6: any other traps i have missed, i have no clue, thank you, the last i think is that plate thingy
  9. Hello you fellow scrub lords! I know there are commands you can use, but what are the best ones that reduce lag? I hate the lag, everytime on abb or even rag, I'll lag and risk dcing, as much as possible to the list what do you guys use to make the lag as little as possible? My xbox is a s sadly, so there's that, the light shafts plus the whatever are in xbox settings
  10. i see, so overall tek offers the best armor?
  11. hello fellow scrub lords, is the effort of double layers like walls, floors and the roof worth it? Also how does one do it right, some say with the wall go outward where some say go inward, this will for this to be simple, be looked at as metal level If it is worth it or so, besides autos are traps, vaults worth a shot at helping your base? Tell me your opinion, as always be safe out there!
  12. hello fellow scrub lords! I have a question and want your opinion! Which do you guys think is best and why, pros and cons would be nice And to be fair have two rounds, one is primitive Round two is the bps themselves....the best of the best possible bp, with that out of the way be safe out there!
  13. I think tek needs some buff, tek isn't cheap and as such shouldn't be a double edge sword
  14. hello you wonderful surviors! What do you guys think is best to feed dinos...even the babys, raw meat vs fish meat? Both cooked too! As for the prime stuff how do you guys gather them the best way possible?
  15. Oh i did watch it and i think i get it? Anywho it's just me trying to know what's base stats etc other then that the breeding video i think i get it
  16. hello guys, i want advice on what you guys think is the best strategy to not only get the mats for said boss fight But the dino for it and one for the boss itself, please a strategy for solo and a team, thanks!
  17. so how do you guys know what stat got what? And what do you guys use to help with knowing whats what Just picture i started my Frist generation i guess, also there isn't many x creatures like gigga etc
  18. hello you fellow scrub lords, i wana know what you guys think is better And if custom food is better why? What makes them special?
  19. Thank you all for such helpful tips! I am so thankful to meet wonderful surviors, that video even though i do not fully understand it i feel like i could I think i will do Dilophosaurus for a test to understand, sometimes i work best when someone gives me an example to work off on lol
  20. hello fellow survior scrub lords, i wana know what i should know about breeding and the best way to understand them For me i never tame anything below 140 no matter what, so for the sake of simple lets say i tamed 1 wild male and female and both being 150 when wild Not sure which dino is the easiest to understand so we'll just say mana as i roughly know somewhat about them, now with that out of the way I'm sure this could apply to the rest of the dinos....so anyone understand how that system works plus how you get the mutations? Thanks!
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