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  1. I tried but not sure if I'm doing it wrong, could you show a video?
  2. Does anyone know how to clone the space whale? Pvp If anyone knows i would be thankful!
  3. Doesn't this make the item almost useless?
  4. Hello i have tried to use this on the lamppost, metal rocks etc and it doesn't seem to work at all! What gives?
  5. Thank you all so much! Any more tips or advice i would love to know!
  6. Mainly on scrap, what do you guys believe is the best way and with what dino vs tool Also for what map, genesis or Extinction?
  7. Hello fellow survior scrubs! How useful is this tool vs tameing the water dinos with it? I heard they can capture eels and dolphins but not sure of what it caj exactly catch...
  8. Hello fellow surviors! I hardly see anyone use the mining drill, is there a reason for this or are they bad?
  9. Many thanks! Of course i ask because wiki has been wrong a few times...
  10. Hello surviors! Best dino for getting hide, even tools!
  11. Many thanks bro! Do people actually use it? I'm the type that literally lets nothing go to waste and so far i gotten alot of scrap metal Not sure if its better then metal...never uses scrap before
  12. Hello fellow survior scrubs!! Whats the best tool and or dino to get scrap metal? This includes tek dinos, light poles, enforcers and so on Yes before you lovely people ask, this is Extinction!
  13. Big oof So i geuss rex wisw, tek wins!
  14. Thank you! I mean dinos that you can have of that Like rex for boss fights etc Which type you guys think is the absolute best? That's what i mean, sorry!
  15. Tek dinos Abb dino Genesis dino Which ones are the best? For example anky to rexs etc, over all Which special dino has the best? Same for basliksik if possible, i can't wait to hear from you wonderful people, leave nothing out!
  16. Hello, this cute AI is quickly getting very annoying, is there a way to stop her from talking at all?
  17. Hello, been hoping a dev or someone would give me a concrete answer Is blocking off the nodes against tos? It is sooo annoying to put bats back in due to trolls! Is this only for pvp or both?
  18. Hello fellow surviors, does anyone know the best way to find these bps? I would be thankful! Also whats the best stats to level up on enforcers?
  19. Anyone got any advice or tips to find a alpha reaper? Best surface to find em? And if possible to do solo what dino would be best?
  20. I am not sure if this works but do they give you water/fill your water tanks? I heard a friend told me they do
  21. How are people getting away with this, you mesh on an abb and gg ez clap All the hard work you put up gone all because somehow someone can mesh, i rather deal with rat holes being a legitimate base then a mesher How they do it especially on an abb is something i don't understand how they do nor how to even coutner it, fat rip What advice you guys have against these people? They ruin the game!
  22. Thats sad as it's super cool idea, it could help with pvp so you don't have to expose your name etc
  23. Hello fellow surviors! For some reason i can't figure out how to get the radio to work (yes i know but i wana use it for giggles and the cool factor) Plus when i plug and unplug my mic i get the mic thing on my screen then i don't anymore, any reason for this? Thanks! and merry late xmis!
  24. Could you show a pic, cords of what it looks like?
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