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  1. waiting on the next new line tobe released myself
  2. some are using velons now too i think
  3. i had this on the island i was shooting forward what i want to know is why some people get a replacement and other get a copy paste saying blah blah sorry blah blah no we cant help you even with your proof in pics
  4. ended up taming a 145 so basically just dmg yea, i only found out myself with extinctions release lol
  5. mate of mine tamed 300+ to get a pair
  6. i use bary and thyla for caves , you could use a megatherium for farming chitin they get quite alot and get a damage buff when they kill a bug
  7. pretty sure all events start at the same time so you really should've known and picked it up sorry for your lose though
  8. lol and yea just imagine not noticing and running off todo something then bam dead dino
  9. so females without mutations can be added to the pool without fear of stuffing anything up i was told not to but not sure why
  10. thanks for the info RageQuitter i am also trying to learn this breeding game and found your imput helpful
  11. wouldn't him knocking it out and taming it be interacting?
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