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  1. I have placement collision set to true and still can't build in ruins. I have unofficial PS4 server. I've tried everything people have said online and nothing works.
  2. Jadeplaysgames isn't a clickbaiter. He doesn't make loads of videos about nothing. He's normally real close to what's actually happening, not wild claims.
  3. I get fire wyverns now but they all want to fly into the same wall. Also each time I do a Dino wipe I get 1 nest, if I take the egg another won't appear till I wipe again. Then just 1 appears.
  4. Good to see bugs are being worked on, maybe I can finally get to keep my map markers.
  5. I have had a similar thing happen. I was climbing a rock cafe so I could get on the roof of new build with climbing picks. Suddenly everything disappears, then it's asking me to respawn. No body marker, no nothing everything just gone. I think it might be due to them trying to stop meshing, but some spots are too close to the surface.
  6. I found the rex egg kibble uses focal chilli. But you need to put the prime fish in from old recipe, it doesn't use it just needs to be in.
  7. for those still wondering about the stacksize on console i found this https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/1739980540122123082/ Yes its for pc from when they got the same update I have tried it and it works! only problem I have found is cooked meat doesnt change but even prime meat can be changed. Just incase i'm on PS4
  8. I play on PS4 and have my own server and I can't find any of the stack settings. Anyone know where they are?
  9. Ok died today and I came back with my bionic skins. ?
  10. I agree the crunch seems to have become just copy and paste. But S+ is their next big thing and even though it seems to be taking ages. They are trying to make sure it's as good as they can do before update. Face it if it was rushed out a buggy mess people would complain, now it's taking time to be ready people are complaining.
  11. Yeah, I was so hoping and the ini files. So far all the changes they post for the pc are awesome, can't wait. Then we find out we have to wait months for it, if ever.
  12. The changes and new additions for s+ have restored my faith in you.
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