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  1. Outlaw13

    Community Crunch 168: Valentine's Day!

    I play on PS4 and have my own server and I can't find any of the stack settings. Anyone know where they are?
  2. Outlaw13

    Paid for bionic skins missing !!

    Ok died today and I came back with my bionic skins. 😁
  3. I agree the crunch seems to have become just copy and paste. But S+ is their next big thing and even though it seems to be taking ages. They are trying to make sure it's as good as they can do before update. Face it if it was rushed out a buggy mess people would complain, now it's taking time to be ready people are complaining.
  4. Yeah, I was so hoping and the ini files. So far all the changes they post for the pc are awesome, can't wait. Then we find out we have to wait months for it, if ever.
  5. The changes and new additions for s+ have restored my faith in you.
  6. No sound effect when moving items into or out of inventory or storage.
  7. Outlaw13

    Missing paid skins

    Duplicate thread how do I remove
  8. Outlaw13

    Paid for bionic skins missing !!

    Same here. Gone from servers and solo. Tried dying, nothing. Still says there installed when I look on PlayStation as part of my downloads. (Made new post as I didn't see this one, trying to remove it now)
  9. Outlaw13

    Missing paid skins

    Logged on today to find on my extinction solo game and my day server that the paid for skins are missing. There not on Dino's or in the storage, I just killed myself and they don't spawn with me either. They still show as part of my account on PlayStation but in game are gone.
  10. Outlaw13

    Lost inventory while sleeping

    Thanks Forza only think keeping us from official is 4 years taming speed, but we may just end up there anyway.
  11. Outlaw13

    Lost inventory while sleeping

    As I say was mainly asking if there was a known glitch in the Tek pod that lost your gear, then found this was the reason. If you have Tek pods and are Inna tribe try it out. Stand on pod look through face plate, at a certain point will let you access Inventory. Thanks guys.
  12. Outlaw13

    Lost inventory while sleeping

    @d1nk sure does. @Wazzamaniacyeah that's what we thought. The first 2 raids were annoying plus with the don't be a jerk rule we found after, I thought why not just leave a sign saying we found a way in. You already know where we are. A couple of days again I turn round in 9000+ Tek armour 2500 hp get killed by a naked guy in 2 hits with a sword. know we know why they were so friendly to each out when we first got on, it's the same 4-5 tribes. Just in the time we've been on we've seen guys join, ask DILO? Then leave after a few days.
  13. Outlaw13

    Lost inventory while sleeping

    @Wazzamaniac We tried it if you look through the glass at just the right angle you can access Inventory.
  14. Outlaw13

    Lost inventory while sleeping

    Sorry hit my post limit, then forgot to check back. We are on unofficial. We had failed to see a hole at the back of the cave (face palm). It was the admin tribe that had raided us. The problem with this is their server rules state new players/tribe get a 7 day grace period, this was on day 2. Instead of leaving a note they stole our gear, same again on day 3. On day 4 we set trap at the hole we had now found to see if we could get anything on the tribe log about who it was. Night 5 they hit again but we kill them 5 times ( were offline) with raid protection of 15mins I believe, it takes them 3 hrs. Night 6 they hit again with 3 other tribes, 2 members come on into this try to fight back. Everything destroyed most times dead. The biggest issues other than the grace period- their rules say don't be jerks take only what you need. Don't kill passive set tames. Don't raid same tribe within 5 days. It seems they turn raid protection off at weekends, hence the 3 HR raid, nothing in the rules to say this happens. If I'm correct today as I post just past midnight will be the start of our day 8. Admin may not have used cheat but have broken all their own rules. Thanks again