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  1. Mensana21

    Teddy Bears 🐻

    Because the pink one is “fabulous” while the regular coloured one is simply “especially cute” ? 😁
  2. Mensana21

    Is new DLC maps coming for mobile?

    Yeah, I think they could do like a "Ragnarok" or 'Aberration" map, just like they did the Island Map on Mobile. Is this coming @WarDrumKeys ?
  3. Mensana21


    He's just saying 'let's have fun and reach the Tek things' but unfortunately, I don't think they are available on Mobile yet...
  4. Mensana21

    2 suggestions/requests

    @ScreamingViolet And yeah, you got very lucky !! Now, with all these new Maps and contents, the real challenge is to not loose your job and boyfriend if you have one ! So how was the week-end ? Also have you experimented any bugs/crash on PS4 ? Haha, I thought sausageheads was a funny Austrialian locution or something' ^^p And don't you try, I know you don't feed any of your dinos Gurl !!! "And im not impressed that PlayStation have the audacity to charge so much to be able to play games online. Ughhh! " Yeah... And have you seen the price of the new pan ? US$ 10.99 for a virtual fry pan that does the exact same thing as the free tranq bow ? I just don't get it...
  5. Mensana21

    2 suggestions/requests

    I meant "In utero" and Nevermind. I usually love games that are highly realistic, scary, or weird. I've escaped all kind of Escape rooms available as well. ^^) On PC - I think mobile version are available too - , I would suggest Obscuritas (scary !) and Fran bow (for that cool weird vibe). ^^)
  6. Mensana21

    2 suggestions/requests

    Indeed, not so many people have voted for In Vitro, but it's a French site that mainly focus on films analysais (or at least that's what I take it for). The comments are generally very well developed and relevant. Judging by the comments, I believe that the majoriy of the members, or at the least the half, study or work in the Industry. Personallty I use this site to keep in memory my appreciations of the games I played for future research, etc. I did put some music and movies but it's not exhaustive and it's been a long time since I added anything in these sections, especially the music one. In fact, even my list of tops games is not up to date. I was just not expecting someone to look beyond the link above ! And speaking of the "good old games', you just made me realized that I forgot to put there Donkey Kong Banjo-Tooie, Pinochio, and all that stuff. I played Mario Bros on Nintendo 64 a lot too ^-^ Ah......
  7. Mensana21

    Kairuku not producing polymer ?

    Ohh ! So you have to level up to get access to Aberration on PS4 ? I thought it was a DLC to download. That's cool anyways, it's like a challenge then.
  8. Mensana21

    Kairuku not producing polymer ?

    Ohhhh. Thank you for this information guys ! I thought Kairukus were producing organic polymer just like achatinas and that I was doing something wrong with mine. Does pelagornis gather more organic polymer than Moschops ?
  9. Mensana21

    Kairuku not producing polymer ?

    Hello, I got a Kairuku but she's not producing anything. She's set on "wander", on the white obelisk platform. So for now I built an enclosure on Penguins's island so they can't escape and teleported my moschop in this pen. I put my moschop on "attack my target", kill all the kairukus and the moschop collects... I get a good amount of polymer, but I would rather let the kairukus live... How to make them produce polymer after taming ?
  10. Mensana21

    Crafting supplies now stack to 5000?!

    I think you just answered your own question 👆 Having a lot of structures can trigger crashes. By increasing the number of stacks, they reduced the number of structures the device has to render such as large storage boxes, smithies, etc. But from that same phrase above, I'm surprised you're not happy with this change. Personnaly I am extremely happy with this change. I'd like them to do the same for sap, arrows, etc
  11. I would have thought that the food check were made on all the dinos at the same time, so if the food check was not made, it was not made on any of the dinos, not just some of them. Also, a lack of "food check" from the game, if I understand correctly, would means that at some point there really was no food in the Dino's inventory. I know for sure that my dinos always had food in their inventory because I check often.
  12. Your explanation makes plenty of sense on Multiplayer servers, although I'd like to tell that this same issue happened to two of my dilos on Single Player Mode so I don't know about a "lag issue" in this case... I could see in "Their Stats" that the "Food" and "Health" meters were going down. In their inventory, they were plenty of raw and a few spoiled meats. If it was a "food check", shouldn't all of the dinos starved then ? All my dinos had food in their inventory, but only 2 dilos were starving.
  13. Mensana21

    2 suggestions/requests

    @ScreamingViolet Yes, I do have an xbox360 and a PS4 Pro. I've played a couple games on Mac too and a lot on IOS. You're right about the Ps4 version, there's more content. I might get it. Plus I think buying it get you the Ragnarok dlc for free. Do you have a xbox 360 ? a Ps4 ? @ScreamingViolet and the others, let me know what games you like, or have played countless hours on ! Feel. free to make recommandations ! You can find on this link pretty much all the games I've played: https://www.senscritique.com/Nietzschissime/collection/rating/jeuxvideo/all/all/all/all/all/all/list/page-1 The green numbers on the left are the appreciation I've given on 10. The number on the right are their average ratings. It's 10 pages long. The first pages are mostly games on IOS.
  14. Mensana21

    Megalosaurus questions.

    @Blackwolf47 If you went in the caves during daylight, maybe you walk near it without seing it. They curled up when they sleep and depending of their color, they can easily be taken for just another big rock.