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  1. I’m not saying that for him it would be the exact same things, but for sure he would makes some things differently, for the better, and this changes the way the game is experienced. I’m French so sorry my English isn’t the best but I wanted to show that in this unfortunate event, there is still something positive for him if he plays again. I have lost everything too so I know I KNOW how it’s frustrating, but I love the game so I started over.. in the beginning I was upset, like waiting to reach level 18 to get a freakin preserving bin when I had electricity and fridges before, etc.. it’s upsetting. But when I got installed with the basics, I started enjoying the game again and doing new things, and it came before reaching my previous level. I actually didn’t reach my previous level yet, but I enjoy the game as much as if I did. What I’m trying to say is that I don’t ressent from not being the level I was because this time I made better choices and got everything I had and even more than my previous solo world. So if you loose your game, there’s still hope you’ll enjoy the game and it won’t take as long as it took you the first time. Hoppefully my point was more understandable this time.
  2. Mensana21

    How do you quickly kill Therozinos ?

    Lol i realize it was silly of me but I previously had dodos and it seems like for some reason the eggs became fertilized after being layed (I probably saw an egg that decomposed while another egg - fertilized - appeared and I though it was the same egg). The maturing process takes FOREVER. What the actual hell ! Like he wanted parasaur kibble, then pachy kibble, then lystro kibble, then again parasaur kibble and we’re still just at 51,9% of the imprinting process. And I used to think that I was a high maintenance chick !! I read somewhere that to use the industrial cooker, we need to throw the recipe sheet along with the ingredients. Do we need to put a new recipe sheet each time we cook or they are re-usable ?
  3. @KidOfArk Think of the endless hours of fun this free game brought to you. Is it fair to dismiss it like that ? Sure you lost your world, but you still spent endless great moments... Also, if you give another chance to the game, you’re going to be better than you were at your last level. For example, before I was wiped out, I was at level 72. I started from the begining and now at level 62 I’m more advanced than I was at level 72. Because of the previous experience, I know what I didn’t want to buy (the stone fireplace I bought thinking that I could cook meat with but couldn’t, for example, or the water reservoir, the feeding through, the wooden staircase, the ballista bolt) or buy at the right time (like don’t buy the repellent if you don’t have any pelt you won’t be able to make it anyways, or a ballista bolt thinking you can just shoot it with a crossbow, you can’t). As a direct result, I had more blueprints points to buy better stuff this time. There are good equipments that I got this time that I didn’t have before like the pump-action, the tranq darts, the craftale beehive, the sap-tap, the flare gun - which I though was only useful for multiplayers mode but turns out to be useful in solo as well. These new acquisitions change my gameplay from my first experience in a positive way. You gained experience and you know the map so you’d probably put your base at a better location, make better choices, tame some creatures earlier than you did before. I have 3 achatinas for polymer while I had none at level 72. I tamed a couple of saberthooths as soon as I got the tranq arrows (and bought saddles through the Tannery Station). This time I put my base closer to the water, on a more even ground than my previous base, and this new spot allows me to easily have a bigger variety of creatures (I’m at 46, 84 by the water: at a safe distance from the swamps but also near the mountains, so great metal source and stones + all the creatures that lives in these environments VS before when I was near the lava cave, just getting something a little exotic like a sarco for example would require a lot more time because of the travels back and forth, etc. Now I can tame 3-4 sarcos at the same time and walk them to my base in a couple of seconds. All this makes me a more advanced player than I was at a higher level. I’m sure that if you play again, you could say the same.
  4. Mensana21

    How do you quickly kill Therozinos ?

    What do you mean ? I put the male with the egg in a little pen but he didn’t touch the egg...
  5. Mensana21

    How do you quickly kill Therozinos ?

    @BadlyExisting To be able to shoot 12 arrows in it’s face, you were either well positioned or you’re very good ; they are fierce and Fast. But HornyWannabe has now a Mohawk of arrows ˆˆp
  6. Mensana21

    Dear Developers

    Nice, very nice post @ScreamingViolet ! I spent endless hours playing this game. Even though I’ve lost everything at the last patch, I built everything again and I’m still addicted and playing... I love this beautiful game and I think the devs made a truly awesome job. Sure, there is still bugs reported but to me it’s - and by far - the best game of the entire AppStore. In the near future I would love to see dlc available on iOS like the Ragnarok or Aberration map, even if not perfect; because even imperfect, your game is much better than any others. Thank you so much!
  7. Mensana21

    Honey 🍯 on mobile

    How do you guys collect chitin\keratine from beaver dams ?? I only get wood, mushrooms, cementing paste and rare flowers. @ScreamingViolet To speed up the sap collection, make and install 5 sap taps in the redwood forest: they collect 20 sap each (each tap has only 1 slot, and makes 1 stack of 20 saps).Try to install them so you can reach them from the ground, it’s going to be easier to collect the sap later on. You will need to craft a beehive as well (level 59) and install it in the red forest. Again, try to install your beehive so you can reach it from the ground... then put rare flowers in the beehive’s inventory. I think it takes 45 minutes to produce 1 honey. Once you have the sap (& the other ingredients such as savoroots, rockarrots, longrass, stimulants) and you’re ready to take the honey from the beehive, you only have 30 minutes before it spoils in your inventory - you have more time if stored in a dino’s inventory.. so take an even amount of honey pots, put them in your mount’s inventory, run/fly to your base, put the honey in a fridge and proceed to make the veggie cake, 2 honeys by 2... I made my first veggie cakes today too and just tamed my third achatina. ; -)
  8. Mensana21

    How do you quickly kill Therozinos ?

    lol you guys cracked me up... @spiderjockey4321 I totally get you, I was always hugging the wall & avoiding to make eye contact at all cost with these but......that was before I got the pump-action shot gun, as suggested by fellow survivors below. It works like a charm ! One thing though ! When you'll get it, don't make this new feeling of invincibility blind you lol ... I had just tamed a Rex and an Argie, and as we were running back home (me first) there were 2 TerrorZinos in front of us that I just ignored and we were maybe at 20 seconds max from the base - when suddenly I read on my screen " Your Rex has been killed by a Horny Wannabe" .. I quickly turned my back to see what the hell is going on behind me and I'm like fbeuwobvuwbefupgrrrrrr but I could still see my brand new Argie in the air so I'm like ok at least I have an Argie.. just to see this Argie suddenly falling down in the water, completely dead. - __- Moral of the story, get a pump-action, and don't blink, EVER. @HavelockVetinari I too have noticed that my Jack the Ripper is always in the front line when there's some "hapening" around my base ( generally along with the dilos). They are indeed very quick. Reading your message inspired me to get a female and create a Family of Krays. Only problem, Jack - who's been very horny as expected ^^) - doesn't fertilize the eggs !!!
  9. Mensana21

    What do you feed your itchys ?

    Hello @ScreamingViolet I play Solo too. I know, for loosing sight of some of my dinos for a relatively long period, that they can sustain for quite a while without any food. I currently have 40 creatures and I'm tired of feeding them lol I may just do like you do. I once bought a feeding trhough but I never installed it because I didn't want my dinos (especially my females) to wander around ; I wanted them placed in a way that I can see all the eggs at the first sight. If ever I use the feed through it's going to be for males only.
  10. Mensana21

    Tribe forums for mobile?

    I like this! Haha ^^p
  11. Mensana21

    Tribe forums for mobile?

    See @Rakkasan, I even wrote here before asking for you on the server.
  12. Mensana21

    How do you quickly kill Therozinos ?

    Just to précise, I can kill it if prepared, I also have tamed one. My question is really about killing it when you're taken "by surprise" if I can say, like on your way to do whatever and bam, you need to suddenly deal with the maniac chicken obsessing over you lol So it's really a question about what you choose to carry on you ( = weight limit) and what (and how many) tame you usually go out with, I guess.
  13. Mensana21

    How do you quickly kill Therozinos ?

    These maniac chickens freak me out when they stop walking all the sudden and lower their head... They have a pool of health and they run fast. Do you know a very effective way to kill them fast ? A gun in particular ? My saber slice pretty much everything but not the Therizinosaurus unless I have tames around to help.
  14. Mensana21

    What do you feed your itchys ?

    Well I still never see them eating but I found where to look for their stat food in real time.
  15. Mensana21


    Do the wild ones respawn after we harvest them ?