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  1. I bought my friend ARK as a gift, I live in Japan and my family and friends live in the USA. I use Ark as a way to interact/visit with them. After hours of trying to get my friend to join us, I found a peice on the internet that said Hot Spot Internet can only access OC servers as of October 2017. My friend lives in the middle of no where and hot spot is the fastest internet she can find. My other friends and I play Primitive plus. And OC does not have a Primitive server. Please help her join us!!
  2. I know it's almost a year later, and I can't find the source, but I found that hot spots can only connect to OC servers. My friend had hotspot and we were trying to play together to no avail. I only play in North American servers. After finding this info, we tried EU... Didn't work. Then OC... This one worked. After hours of trying to figure it out... Finally we were able to play together. ARK please fix this issue. My group of playing primitive aberration... Which is only NA. And we want my friend to join our tribe.
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