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  1. Congratulations wc you really have made history. Game looks awsome cant wait to get back into it after launch.
  2. What ever happened to alpha flyers coming in? That was a thing last year at some point.
  3. The game isn't even released yet so changes happen without cause or reason to us thats what we agreed to. And of course its for money the game doesn't run on raibow light if wc cant attract people to play on official servers and pay for the game where exactly do you think the upkeep will come from? How do you attract new players when the hard core gamers have payed already... You make the game more accessible and less grindy so people are more interested you make it more exciting so half the work means more time to kill raid fanny about with others.
  4. Well clearly not everyone was happy. I have played pretty much from day1 and you know i like the change i dont spend my 3 hours of game play doing just one task i can now go get metal and wood build and on occasion raid the game plays at a far better pace. You also have the option to go unofficial im sure you could find a die hard hard core gamer like yourself that runs a server or start in yourself?
  5. The change was made because not everyone has time to sink into the game and dont want unofficial. It promotes pvp
  6. I disagree x2 is a good balance bare in mind that the primary game play os pvp making the rates higher promotes pvp in that its not so damaging to loose that has been the bigest reason people quit playing you destroy their base and they just quit. Now they can build back up and its not such a hard ship whichs is great nobody wants people to be driven away from playing especially not wc. Tamming times have always been madness for people who have jobs kids etc this balaces that. Big tribes will always have more no matter the rates this at least makes smaller ones have more of a chance
  7. Yes they do i did it to a 140 bronto today the skin was in its inventory
  8. Hopefully it chews off its victims heads like the real thing that would be fun.
  9. Id like them to change the ants to more like termites with a mound and stuff atleast then they might look like they have a place instead of running into random nests with no purpose. They would look much scarier aswell. Termite soldiers look badass
  10. MORE GIANT BUGS PLEASE! Love bugs! Queen ant would be nice! Or locusts you could ride and fly/glide.
  11. It would be cool of you could enter your animal on ark like the waags in game of thrones books.
  12. Hornedfrog85

    Surf's Up!!!

    Looks awsome wicked fun
  13. Hornedfrog85

    The Titanic

    Extinction server possibly
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