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  1. dstarr

    Selling in game items

    Yeah I imagine not many sellers get banned (at least I hope not) until the players meshing and teaming are dealt with. Gotta keep those priorities straight
  2. dstarr

    Selling in game items

    Yeah I imagine not many sellers get banned (at least I hope not) until the players meshing and teaming are dealt with. Gotta keep those priorities straight
  3. dstarr

    Selling in game items

    Understood, makes a more sense when you put it that way. Just wondering why they have this rule on official and for what reason.
  4. dstarr

    Selling in game items

    ***To be clear, this is not a question about the rules and I am not planning to break these rules*** Throughout my time playing ARK I have come across MANY players to have sold in game items/dinos to other players. I was wondering the reasoning behind this rules and wanted to express my personal opinion of them. Now as to why I believe this rule should be changed. In no way is it possible for this game to become "pay to win" as "pay to win" scenarios are usually when items are sold by the game itself to players creating an unfair advantage that only money can buy. If the sale is from player to player, time has already been spent taming/breeding that dinosaur or getting that item. There has been no unfair advantage. It is the same as trading in game items between players. Now I also understand the point that it can cause people to go towards the game itself in the case that they are scammed but ARK cannot be responsible for out of game transactions.Yet another thing to think about is how it can positively affect the game. Imagine how many people would start playing or continue to play if they can have the dream to sell dinos to others. It can also keep people playing as not everyone has the time to spend hours on end taming that certain dinosaur or grinding for that certain structure they want to build. Being able to come home from work/school and be able to buy some turrets so you can survive the night for once. Another point is the fact that unofficial servers are allowed to sell dinos that they SPAWN IN! This idea is completely pay to win and people have even been scammed by server owners which completely takes down the counter argument of people going after the game for being scammed since this already happens. If you are going to allow server owners to sell spawned in items but not allowed players to sell items they worked for? This makes no sense. In another sense buying/selling is just like trading, except it creates more of an appeal to new players! If someone can trade a blueprint for a dino why cant they trade money for it? People are not paying for a specific item, they are paying for the time and effort it takes to complete a task in order to achieve that item. I would love to hear some other opinions on this and why you believe it should be and stay against the TOS, change my mind! Or if you agree with me, leave a comment as to why and your personal experiences! (Keep it formal) Sorry for such a long read, but maybe this can start a change in the game with benefits for many to reap. Thank you! (Please do not lock, this is simply a discussion and not a complaint of the rules.)
  5. dstarr

    Is this allowed?

    it was great found it hilarious
  6. dstarr

    Is this allowed?

    I recently came across a smalltribes server that was COMPLETELY owned by the alpha tribe. They wipe every tribe on the server each friday unless you bend the knee and offer up 250 c4 per week. They offer "protection" as said on their website. Yes... they have a website. https://drakeempire43.com/ Is this something that is allowed? Or would this be considered teaming since they are purposely wiping all tribes that do not give them FREE c4 (not a fair trade) in return for protection(allies)? Would love to hear everyones opinions! Thank you (Personally I find this hilarious and love the idea of it, just wondering how the community feels)
  7. Throughout my time playing ARK I have been on MANY unofficial servers where the owners actually have websites for that server where players can buy dinos, items, blueprints, resources, and etc. Yet once you join an official server many say it against the rules to sell dinos from player to player. Yet what's the reason for that? I don't see how it could cause any harm for the game. If anything it could be positive. Allowing people to play more, spend money causing them to want to invest more time and buy more expansions! If it's allowed by server owners on unofficial why is it not allowed on official? It's the players own choice to spend money in return for another persons service. They aren't purchasing a digital item, they're purchasing the time and service of taming/breeding a dino for them. If anyone can achieve that item for FREE you are only paying for the service of another player collecting it for you. Hoping to see if this is allowed. Also added in my honest opinion of it If Joe wants to buy/sell items why not! It doesn't affect anyone else. Not everyone has the time to tame a giga for hours on end. So why not be able to pay another player for the service instead!