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  1. Says on wiki that bombs explode on contact- creatures touch bomb, creatures die.
  2. Fighting the cave is a bad idea, a frog can jump over all the creatures and outrun them easy
  3. Just go to the level 270 and look at it so the green outline appears, but dont look at the bad quetzals otherwise they will get the xp.
  4. On my single player easy I used a 100% imprinted frog with 700 life and 300% melee. I placed spikes at a few spots and I jumped over everything else.
  5. I found two (not at the same time) in the corner of the map by herbivore island, at mid to deep depths.
  6. I got mine after the rex hunt pursuit
  7. Ok I will find you my display name is the same as my forum name
  8. Any recommended areas to spawn to join the mega tribe?? Is there a discord server for the USA MEGA TRIBE?
  9. The snow cave full of yetis has the mosa dossier
  10. qdzs1

    War quetzal

    Auto turrets do not function when placed on platform saddles, but manual turrets like the minigun or the cannon can be used.
  11. qdzs1

    Growth Pheromones

    Yes, that makes the game "pay to win". Just spend money, buy amber, get the pheromones, and you can breed dinos at an extreme speed and get an army of dinos that usually are very hard to raise, like gigas.
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