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  1. I got mine after the rex hunt pursuit
  2. qdzs1

    Growth Pheromones

    Yes, that makes the game "pay to win". Just spend money, buy amber, get the pheromones, and you can breed dinos at an extreme speed and get an army of dinos that usually are very hard to raise, like gigas.
  3. If they do add a wyvern it should be a mobile exclusive cave that's hard like the tek cave but at the end when you get the artifact it will tribute for a wyvern egg and asc gear
  4. qdzs1


    Also if you kill a Male in front of a female or kill an argy in front of them they will respect you.
  5. qdzs1

    Quetzal on mobile

    High melee=250 plus. A much easier strategy is to place dino gates and roofs around an obelisk or revival platform and kill then revive the quetzal. A level 16 Male took 23 amber which isnt hard to get.
  6. In my mobile game I did the swamp cave and got some riot armor blueprints. Got a bunch of polymer and rode my angler fish to collect some pearls.
  7. qdzs1

    Mid game tips?

    I live at the top of the volcano which is a great spot because no creatures live there and there's loads of metal and obsidian. I also have a base on a tree platform in the redwoods, one in the southern islets, and one in the far north not far from the northwest cave.
  8. qdzs1

    Mid game tips?

    There is no drops in mobile but you can request your tames to your new place but it cant bring things this way. I'd reccomend a frog for caves as it can outrun pretty much any creature and can out jump any creature. In addition its really easy to breed and imprint. I would strongly agree to skip the dolphin and go straight for a megalodon. Then, you can find a Basilosaurus and it's an easy passive tame. To stay underwater use Lazarus chowder.
  9. Lol scrub just tame a Basilosaurus it's an easy passive tame and it's really op
  10. Is this your first trip into the cave? My first trip got me from lvl 74 to lvl 80 but I've done the cave at least 6 more times and I haven't gained a single level. Also, were there dragonflies? These give a lot of xp to kill but won't respawn. I have probably 35 black pearls, 6 from fishing, 1-2 from sea scorpions, and 28 from killing a squid. Also you only need 3 pieces of scuba and 2 ghille to survive but I personally use 2 scuba and 3 ghille with enduro stew, blood packs, or bronto eggs to keep alive though sometimes when all I want is the artifact I dont use any as it takes like 5 minutes to get the artifact.
  11. Feed it an entire stack of narcoberries as it will stop the paracers torpor from dropping for 5 minutes
  12. I killed an alpha raptor with a diplodocus, trike and parasaur
  13. I believe in you and your diplos, you can do it!!!!
  14. Was out exploring and found this monstrosity, too bad it's too big to be fished.
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