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  1. Everyone here's whining like a little bitch, Jesus Christ. If you asked something nicely and they didn't change/implement your suggestion, do you really think they will if you call them out? Don't play if you don't want to. I'm not at all a fanboy of WC, to the contrary, I disagree with a lot of choices they make. But it's their game. Calling out the people who wrote up this post will not do anything but piss everyone off. They're most likely not in charge of making the changes y'all want anyways. That being said, I agree that there some important flaws that should be addressed. Meshing being one of the most important ones, it takes out the challenge of raiding. Wildcard, can you please either fix the map, or hire active moderators? I know this has been said a million times already, but hey, worth a shot.
  2. Because he doesn't live anywhere near where we do. It was a wooden base because we had nothing. The beaver was just to collect berries, as it was one of the few easy tames around. Guess we differ on that aspect. I understand all your mumble jumble about removing the weed and being a victor, but tbh you should leave noobies alone. Especially since me and my friend are not aggressive at all, just looking to have a fun time with a bit of a challenge. I do not mind getting raided in a (fair) fight, but not when the raid is completely unnecessary. His loot consisted of 12 metal bars and some thatch. Our base was 1 high, meaning he knew there were no chests inside.
  3. Well this is great. We had a wooden base and a level 25 beaver on a place that could only be reached by bird (once settled we lost the bird but there were Dino's there etc). Then when we had a 2x1 wooden base set up this douche comes in with his PT and kills our beaver and our bed, making us unable to get back to our base untill we tame a bird from scratch. This is great lol
  4. Well fortunately I'm a pretty experienced Rust player, so I was able to learn the basics fast. I'm already understanding most of the things tbh, there are so many resources on the internet that help out.
  5. It was on PS4 on smalltribes19 the island. But the two of us transferred to a server on the center, and I've had atleast 4 different people/tribes help me out with various things. Honestly surprised at how friendly the people are on this server! We're having a hard time though but we'll manage.
  6. That's so sad. I can really emphasize with that solo dude. It feels the same for me, I ain't giving up. I would also never join my opponents, lest they were real chill all along. Well, at the moment I'm just gathering metal in a 3x2x1 base. I'm going to either move out to a new location on The Island, or transfer to a The Center server. Not sure yet. What are pros and cons to TC? I was told there are a lot less "grieffers" on TC? But also that it's more laggy so idk
  7. Hello there! This is my first post here so excuse me if it's not in the wrong subforum (I figured this was the place but hey, everyone makes mistakes). I bought ARK last week, and am in love with it so far. I've been getting constantly raided, but I'm learning from it every time. I usually play with a friend of mine. I'm playing on a small tribes server. The past two days we've been grinding hard: we had a poopty hidden base, where we were preparing for an instant build out. Yesterday when I went to bed, we had made all the props made to build a 4x4x3 metal base with 3 floors and an air lock. We also had 2.1k iron set aside to craft turrets (we couldn't get a lot of silica pearls yet). For these turrets we had prepared 1k bullets On top of that we had a spare 2k iron in case we needed to make something. I went to bed really satisfied with all the hard work we had delivered, only to wake up today to everything gone! I find PvE lame, but am in no way a warmonger. I like competition but also like to just hang out. Now today I was told by someone that we should get off this server, cause the alphas will simply keep on wiping everyone. I have a level 67 character so I want to transfer it, but I don't know where! Hence why I made this post. I was wondering if anyone knows of a small tribes server with actual friendly alphas that will just let me be? Thanks a lot! ~Bremfm
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