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  1. And what actions follow up?
  2. CrossArk13 Valg - Travel to and Ark Data transfer disabled since Feb 17 - Base will disappear Can u pls check Cross Ark13 valguero server? Since more than 10 days, its impossible to travel to this map ... u cant download ur char. How can I maintain my base if I cant travel there? Will u give me back my de-spawned structures and Dinos? Can u pls react before all is gone???? Thank you!
  3. Cross Ark13 - Impossible to play on Center since Feb 23 Since Sunday evening its impossible to play on Cross Ark13 Center: - disconnects every 3 min. - black screens after re-login - no access to inventars after re-login - no bed to spawn after downloding char Can u pls check and resolve the issues? Edit: Ok, should nobody say the is no reaction on bug reports here ... If I post questions like "Does someone feels responsible to react on this reports here?", the post gets deleted immediately and I get a warning from the moderators. So, only action on reported bugs is a warning for the paying customer? Are u serious? I ask the paying community to stop accepting this ZERO SUPPORT STRATEGY!
  4. WC ... what a noob SW company Dudes, what u deliver is 6 ft under. Never seen such a unprofessional SW company. Your server performance is crap, ur support for paying people is ZERO. And tonight? U take performance from the actual map virtual machines to get Genesis done on same servers???????????????? Disconnects all 3 min???????????????????????? I made a ticket and a bug forum entry about disabled transfers on valg .... ZERO response. U spit already into the "early" players (payers) face and shoutdown all servers w/o any chance for the players to transfer chars or dinos. Now I started again from scratch on non-legacy EU-CrossArk13. Have bases on center and valg ... but on Valg not longer anymore ... as u just disabled transfers, like in the valg start. So I loose again my stuff, just because u soooooooooo NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB? Close your company and do real work. U totally incompetant for doing SW business. Believe me, I know how this bus usually works. Thanks noobs!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Not able to travel - character transfer disabled - EU-PVP-Valguero-CrossArk13 Since days I try to travel to EU-PVP-Valguero-CrossArk13 from other maps in the cluster. When arriving you can create a new character only instead of spawning with your char. I started a base there and cant visit it. All stuff will auto-decave soon. Thats rly poop. Edit: Saw now that "ARK Data Download" is disabled on this server. So can u enable it again pls? ... man you can not always spit into yout players face. I recently came from legacy to start new ... as we lost all ... out dinos, our chars. Now I started new and again all on Valg will disappear as Im not able to care for it! Action pls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Join the tribe Become member and play with us on CrossArk13
  7. very true and unprofessional
  8. Why there is not a single answer/reply from WC support????????????????????????????? This is amazing ignorance and missing appreciation of paying players. Congrats Support Team!
  9. good my 255% dmg giga imprint was just in front
  10. 9 officials and 3 legacy officials available sine 20 min. ... but nothing more
  11. doesnt seem like servers come back ... what issues u have with this deployment?
  12. Expierienced the same while traveling between ext and ab. Now I have also a clone of my main account and both are able to travel. Question: You think its a risk to go on playing like this and maybe mind-wipe one of them to crafter char?
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