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  1. BaumShellBeauty

    Disappearing building

    That’s terribly frustrating, thanks though, I appreciate the response. What’s weird is now even though I’ve destroyed everything around it, I still can’t build where I had originally. Most places only being 3 pillars high, with the highest part at 7 pillars. You would think it would just reset but even though those other structures are gone it still acts as if they are there, Makes it really hard to be able to build especially since that’s about all we can do since the game crashes every time we fly guaranteed, makes it hard to go anywhere, constantly losing gear and Dino’s gets old fast. One time we counted 14 crashes between the blue obelisk and the waterfall on the north west coast. Guess we will just sit in our 3 pillar high hut and stare at the walls lol. Seriously though, Thanks again for the answers!!!
  2. BaumShellBeauty

    Disappearing building

    I spent about a day working on some buildings. I left them to work on another building which was not attached to this building in any way and about 30-40 foundations away from this area. When I returned a large portion of my previously buildings were gone with a ton a red messages in tribe manager say “such and such demolished exceeded height blah blah blah”. I did nothing to this area, and originally it let me build the whole thing there no problem, so my question is does ark have some sort of mechanism built in like every 45 minutes it checks for offending buildings and then demo’s them? If so it really shouldn’t let you build in the first place. Now all that work is ruined and really my only option is to destroy the whole thing and start over, but not sure if I even want to attempt that if it’s just going to be destroyed a little while later.
  3. BaumShellBeauty

    No crafting stations

    The engram for Refertilizer was not showing up for me, but my husband has it on his so no worries. We run 3 clustered nitrado servers that are basically vanilla for the ton of friends we have met along the way that enjoy a regular ark experience but are sick of toxic public pve servers so we have are hands full mostly there. If we want a vanilla server experience we just play there which takes most of our time. When we travel, which is often we thought ark mobile would be fun especially since it offered the crafting stations and we wouldn’t have to reinvest SO much time and effort like on our main servers. Basically we were just looking for a quick fix and since we don’t ever play pvp, pve is toxic enough, we aren’t too concerned about people rebuilding quickly. We were just looking for a fun ark experience when we’re away from our main ark world that would be quick and easy. Something for you guys to consider for the future, we would be happy to pay extra for special servers that offered boosts and crafting stations etc. for those of us who have invested thousands of hours in our main ark worlds, that we could enjoy as well on the side. If ark mobile was all we played then yes maybe we would enjoy the vanilla experience and the grind. Or at least offer something that was extra money that was actually beneficial for people like us. Paying a monthly subscription and not getting the crafting stations which are on the free servers makes little sense for players like us, especially on pve. Offering special free servers that have the stations disabled now that would make more sense. Or maybe even offer private servers we could pay for and host etc. Thanks again for the quick responses and help, best of luck to you all!
  4. BaumShellBeauty

    No crafting stations

    Thanks for the response if it were wildcard I would have never got a response from them so I appreciate it. Yes we finally just Now figured out we spent additional money to have less features lol. Primal pass really doesn’t have much benefit does it , unfortunate. But yes we were trying every single server and had the crafting stations and then realized it was only on the primal one we did not so thank you I was just about to post we had firgured it out. We just thought by actually paying more per month there would actually be more benefit other then not watching ads. We never dreamed there would be less functionality. Also is there no refertilizer on mobile? thanks again.
  5. BaumShellBeauty

    No crafting stations

    This is all I get when submitting a ticket. It instantly marks it as “solved” and closes it.
  6. BaumShellBeauty

    No crafting stations

  7. BaumShellBeauty

    No crafting stations

    I had the crafting stations option visible in the menu. I had unlocked quite a few, but now that part of the menu in game is gone for me, it just dissapeared. I’ve submitted a ticket and have searched but zero answers to this, anyone have any thoughts?
  8. BaumShellBeauty

    Servers not loading

    apparently ALOT of people,are having issues after the update according to arks twitter so hopefully they address this quickly.
  9. BaumShellBeauty

    Servers not loading

    After today’s update we are no longer able to load into any of servers. Apparently their “hotfix” broke everything. It’s typical to encounter numerous issues after an update so we are somewhat used to this with wildcard just wondering if a fix is planned anytime soon?
  10. BaumShellBeauty


    All Nitrado Xbox servers are currently down. There is an up date on twitter about. No ETA to it being fixed.
  11. BaumShellBeauty

    Is Nitrado worth it?

    So far...NO! We have 4 xboxes and have hosted a couple dedicated servers for a long time on them. We have dedicated google fiber lines and ups backups etc. the problem is that we felt that there was just always a lot of lag and not a lot of control over the actual server or In the least a limited amount of control, and with Xbox we seemed to encounter a lot of Nat issues. After much research we finally decided to give Nitrado a try and figured we would be able to improve game performance since it wasn’t hosted on our internet, more people would be able to be hosted, and there would be more control over the actual game experience. This has not been the case at all unfortunately. The lag is far worse on Nitrado even with just one or two people connected. The game crashes ALOT more on Nitrado and has FAR more down time then we have ever experienced, we rarely had down time on our Xbox servers but it’s a daily occurrence with Nitrado and for hours at a time. We have LESS control over our servers now then we did previously and the server settings were actually way easier on our Xbox. Friends on PC use to be able to join us crossplay but no longer with Nitrado. And unfortunately this has nothing to do with Nitrado or is not any fault of theirs but there is ALOT of misinformation out there concerning Nitrado servers which sold us on the idea but were not really true. So, so far our experience with Nitrado is less then pleasant and makes us wonder why we are actually paying for this service when in our experience it’s far better just to use your own Xbox to host.