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  1. Also -- historically speaking; the ice-age really brought a lot of struggles and challenges to our species for survival. Some of the culture(s) found warm patches of land through expedition or were already plotted on them. Others had lived through the ice-age by hunting and killing animals for food, armor, and warmth. Keeping life on this map should be highly challenging to the point that there should be some buff(s) and de-buff rework done for both creatures and survivors. Ice age accounts for extinctions, genocides, and more; historically speaking. I want nothing less of a game. (balance the maps spawns like aberration?) (add de-buffs to creatures so that they too, experience hypothermia?)
  2. Something to take note of is that while the official arks struggle to keep a player-base on the pvp platforms, the pve economy in ark just tends to inflate infinitely. I think that neither game mode suites the title entirely. It would be great to see something new come about that introduces variants of games through pve-conflict. There is just so much that can be done in regards to making pve-conflict possible on a server. Frozen earth sounds like a great start---fight for resources and defend your post in areas that players are not suppose to inhabitate and then deal with the life of a citizen in areas that players are suppose to inhabitate. Where there is resource--there is PvP.
  3. Language is programming: (Linguistics) Extra rounds at the purple drop(s) are not bonuses--they are deductibles from a tax. Notice: The weapon damage and the durability of the ascendant tek sword. The base stats; primitive variant found on ark wiki. [ Metal Sword, 298% -- We have obtained quiet a few. I didn't get that screenshot. Don't think that I need too. (Placeholder) ] Numbers 154% Tek Sword: 308 Base Melee 298% Metal Sword: 268.2 Melee 770% Character Melee * 308 Base Melee = 2,371.6 damage out. 770% character Melee * 268.2 Melee = 2,065.14 damage out. Purple Drop Loot: (Notice, everything that can be improved by blueprint.) Steam comments regarding or hinting at Purple Drop Caps: Statement -- Purple drop "bonus rounds" aren't "bonus rounds" if the purple drop does not give but rather restore; on extinction Tek Blueprints are Taxed. "bonus rounds" are technically deductions of said tax. The tax on the tek tier blueprints was used to create a cap that is not achievable in standard play. (Nothing is free.)
  4. I wanted to share this, commented by Sikaflex and then bring forward that at the time of the post the kibble system was new and therefore subject to revision, alterations, and edit unlike some of the in-game content that has been around for a while. I'd be taming and breeding while you guys have an almost-free pass to get just about anything you could want. Ark launched/released to be a sandbox and more. Ark was to be hard and unforgiving. Ark has received rewards for that. I think we kinda experienced a what we should have vs. what we do have situation--- Kibbles should be assigned classes and a classification of a kibble should be good for tames (for example TherizinosaurusEggKibble Implements SupperiorKibble) while TherizinosaurusEggKibble could not tame a therizinosaurus and imprints still required specific kibbles as opposed to a classification of a kibble. It would have to be another kibble in that class that can be used to tame it efficiently. (bred and imprinted creatures still end-game). That would re-create the x, for y, to do z pattern for tames and then make breeding even harder-like it should be. It would make farms fewer but still needed. We don't need a generic kibble-we need a classification for kibble, the classification focuses on tames. the specific kibbles focus on imprints. All Bobs Deserve Dinos. All Alphas Deserve Boosted Dinos... Topology... Have to rely on A to get B in all taming situations... No change to ingredients from the legacy kibbles... --Opening a discord to discuss what the kibble system is and what it should be prior to making an implementation to publish it on steam and within the ark community. Like structures plus, mods are often thrown into the game. https://discord.gg/UPhkpu you are invited to Ensignia. (Fresh Link)
  5. Submitted for all intents and purposes of demonstration.... Additionally: on a server their are tribes named with cliche's such as 'Tactical AFK'.
  6. hard and challenging does not have to test patience and be time consuming but the x, for y, to do z.... that was where the difficulty was. your right in that regard. time-consuming... not hard. I alt+tabbed to visual studio during much of the 'waiting' process behind the play. That is what the previous kibble chain offered..... so yeah-that critic didn't address loss to sophistication. I do wish they could have simply boosted game-time a tad... maybe 1-day every 15 minutes to imatate a constant 2x? I do and standby with the community in the regards that something had to be done. Was kibble-rework right? I think doing NOTHING would have been even more wrong.
  7. (SYNAPSE) : It was an insanely hard game. I can agree with that. You wanted those five scorpions to tame good Rexes. You wanted 30 Megalosuarus to tame good Theriz. You wanted x, for y, to do z. If you didn't want then these agendas would not have been fulfilled. Have you ever met someone dealing with nostalgia or something who simply wished that they wanted to play? It didn't work out for them did it? Willing to do less and have more.... that's the patch.... Isn't 'will' the fun part of the game?
  8. I'm not rediculous here, can't deny... I wanted to play the 6k hours that I played the game. was a long and challenging game. Otherwise--I would have left around 800 hours or so like many others.
  9. Coming from the axiological standpoint -- you can't need something that you don't want. https://medium.com/swlh/you-either-dont-want-it-that-badly-or-you-want-it-too-much-157de462fe8a
  10. you just don't have to tame as many things that you don't actually want. If you want something, then your gonna do it, your gonna get it, regardless. Coming from the axiological standpoint what was achieved is they removed the want for those things. Its no longer necessary to reach the end-game objectives. This notion is basically the notion that one did not want to play the game that badly....
  11. Since that resolve--I never ran ark smart breeding out of the debugger nor have I made any 'fixes' to it because the application has reached a stable state now.
  12. We're clear/done with the game. It seams like someone in tribe logs in to make sure that things are set and maintained in-case more content gets release. For the most part--its pretty chill. We are out playing other games or moving on with our lives in our individual ways. I didn't forget an event / conflict that was resolved though. I ascended/got like 4k more hours after that circumstance, I mean you guys made things right. 2017--Visual Studio Update--Incorporated 'Asynchronous' programming and issued patches to resolve bugs with those extended features. I was working with the Ark Smart Breeding application before receiving a global ban that was later-deemed to be a false flag and apologized for by the company. The fixes made to the program and optimizations applied to how it screen reads and takes screenshots. This issue took 6-months to see a resolve. Had it been hack shield or some classical anti-cheat I would have either been instantly back in the game with a slap on the hand or I would have been permanently banned with no way to file a ticket or acquire support of the issue. Hence "Hackshield Crises". The issue was frustrating for what it was--accounts were banned, slippery slope on forums, etc. Jat--Responded through private messages on reddit with a resolve, restoring my forums account, restoring steam access to discussions, and he purchased my season pass. In that thread--the public/open scrutinized how long it took to fix a banning after wiping about 2k hours worth of work... I've responded...... Thank you for the season pass....
  13. I can almost-agree but we no longer live in the world where its pick and chose because nobody but microsoft can do what you really desire out of a video game. while confronted with these real-changes to the way that content production works people helplessly bicker because one person (who probably achieved what they had with everything short of a bachalers) wont do the work to bring their ideas to life for them. The reason why is because the only thing stopping cry-babies is a side of the ball-park that they aren't familiar with. If you announce your departure from the game with a complaint about the game despite your 5k hours... and want nothing to do w/ how it inspired your views... because 'everyone else should make this for you' and 'you just can't' despite the SDK was released...... despite UE4-s blueprints.... I mean --- yeah -- accept change or don't accept change. if your going to cry about it then do something about it. Its not the 90's anymore. Some of the most solid studios had a reason to cry Y2K? Let me tell you-- the 'big' league is no longer major. That is how SWC made it. Ride or Drive. Destination is Choice. Literally: the successor to ark (UE4) is just about design and go....
  14. That is still progressive. "tranq a bunch of stegos as low level as possible and tame them with berries so you can kibble tame a good argy." It changes... a lot.... gigas eat mejos now (imprints).... I can feed a theri its own period and wind up with more taming efficiency... that is simply 'broke'.... It would be better if therizinosaurus egg kibble had classification superior, was still therizinosaurus egg kibble, and therizinos could not be tamed with therizinosaurus egg kibble while babies keep their comforts system.
  15. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetris_(Atari) your making an invalid association between the product Tetris and its sales. 1988 -- the Atari..... Games now come in many flavors and are available on every operating system do to a) the nature of UML (unified modelling languages) b) the nature of intermediate compilers/high level programming languages and the more.... My point is you'd never play 'Tetris' on a 'SEGA' just like you'd never play 'Mario' on an 'ATARI'.... Atari ------------------------------- That's legacy now! and so we forget....
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