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  1. The problem is that mega tribes are slamming the small tribes for no reason. You can say its pvp all you want but when i have max turrets on my base and ive done almost a year of work just to be raided by one steggo and a quetz how is this fair balance?
  2. Im blaming game design not players homie
  3. Im a little upset. Mega tribes are "running" servers, and this is ruining the game for those of us who dont want to constantly get screwed by joing them. I just want to play pvp official but i cant even go a week without getting stomped back down. Plant x is pointless anymore, 100 auto turrets cant even stop a steggo for some strange reason, and heavy turrets are alright but somehow a quetzal flew straight up to a base with 100 heavys with over 1000 bullets in each and blew through my wall from inside the quetzals platform box. It wouldnt be bad if i could be on constantly like everyone else but i have a full time job. Does anyone have thoughts on this? I find it unfair that im limited on turrets but that limit is literally costing me bases left and right. Ive got 3 friends that i had convinced to buy the game but i just told them not to because i dont want them grinding their life away for nothing like myself. Can we please get a better balance on this?
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